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Thread in 'Competition' started by Pineapple, 5 Oct 2006.

  1. DeHackEd

    DeHackEd green Gm

    Dark-Aries--------------- 300 @ 06:37.83 @ 300 ---------------DeHackEd
    First (and only) try was a clear!
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  2. Took 4 seconds off our PB, then another 2 seconds off of that.
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  3. World record is ours!

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  5. Some Doubles Games from the Meeting in Mainz

    STD&DHQ - 4:13:35

    STD&TLK - 5:29:95

    TGC&HCT - 6:09:73
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  6. ***************LEADERBOARD UPDATED***************

    Let me know if I missed any duplicates along the way, it can be hard to spot dupes in this because the player names could be reversed.

    Congrats to @KevinDDR and @TWF for setting the world record! And a secondary congrats to Kevin for breaking it again!
  7. Forgot to post these. Unsure if the second should be added as we've both done better with other players, yet still:

    Archina---------------- 300 @ 06:16:56 @ 300 ---------------Tomek

    Oliver------------------- 269 @ 04:40:75 @ 251 -------------Archina
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  8. [​IMG]

    "I need you to carry me through a doubles clear so I can finally get my initials on their board"

    Thanks @KevinDDR!

    At Victory Pointe.
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  9. aperturegrillz & FelicityVi 300/300 in 3:59:85

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  10. @d4nin3u was here today. This was the last game we played before he had to leave to catch his train after trying to clear this for hours. First Doubles clear for both of us! :D

    d4nin3u/FreakyByte 300/300 in 5:44:16
    (The stream looked really terrible and the audio got removed cause copyright, but I thought I'd post it anyway.)

    Performed on 61.7Hz shmupmametgm.
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  11. HCT and I managed to beat 6 minutes:
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  12. Finally have someone to play with! :D BEL has played for a few hours now and we tried some doubles. About seven or eight tries we both got into the 200's! :D They were on stick, I was on keyboard.

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  13. [​IMG]
    New PB for JBroms and me.
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  14. I'm a little late, but Qlex helped me clear Doubles in Eindhoven:
  15. With @Qlex at my small event last weekend.

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  16. [​IMG]
    Archina ----- 300 05:49:11 300 ----- Oliver (Video)
    Will update leaderboards once I've got some sleep. Gotta be up early! :V

    Leaderboard Updated!
    So many scores for clears! Let's see who else can manage this mode!

    Change log:
    Archina----- 300 @ 06:16:56 @ 300 -----Tomek
    JBroms----- 300 @ 05:08:81 @ 300 -----KevinDDR
    Aperturegrillz----- 300 @ 03:59:85 @ 300 -----FeV
    d4nin3u----- 300 @ 05:44:16 @ 300 -----FreakyByte
    TGGC----- 300 @ 05:59:33 @ 300 -----HCT
    EnchantressOfNumbers----- 300 @ 04:53:90 @ 300 -----Party Man X
    BEL----- 220 @ 06:33:65 @ 224 -----xyrnq
    JBroms----- 300 @ 04:43:68 @ 300 -----Caithness
    Qlex----- 300 @ 05:24:80 @ 300 -----FreakyByte
    Tomek----- 300 @ 06:04:06 @ 300 -----Qlex
    Archina----- 300 @ 05:49:11 @ 300 -----Oliver
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  17. Hi! Quick update here: I'm going to be updating the leaderboards tonight/tomorrow and I'm in need of everyone's help here. Can Everyone please verify if your scores are running on PCB, MAME 60Hz or MAME 61.681173Hz? For now every score unverified will be marked with a "???". The reason why I'm doing this is because some players deem 60Hz MAME scores to be 'illegitimate' as they are running slower than the original game (giving you a tiny bit more time to react.) Nowadays the up to date versions of shmupmametgm run the game at the correct speed so I'd ask you to download the version linked in the original post.

    Thanks for the help!
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  18. Oh shmupmametgm has that fixed?? Didn't know! I'm running a build that appears to be from 2016, based on 0.137. Which version did the 60Hz "slowdown" get fixed in?


    Nevermind, I apparently had realized this back in 2016 and just completely forgotten about it. However the one MAME doubles record I have was from before that bug was fixed (IIRC the bug was first discovered in 2011). I have a timestamped log of all of my records so this was easy to verify:

    DDRKirby(ISQ) + Kitaru = PCB - from 2013
    DDRKirby(ISQ) + Ineluctable_Entropy = PCB - from 2013
    DDRKirby(ISQ) + imiganai = Mame 60Hz (OLD Mame) - from 2011
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  19. The algorithm used to order the records is currently incorrect. From my investigation, I've found TAP orders doubles records based on the sum of the player's levels and completion time. Specifically:
    1. The players' level sum is compared against each record first; a higher sum always ranks higher, regardless of completion time.
    2. If the sums are identical for a record, the completion time is compared against the records, with lower completion times ranking higher.
    3. If a record is found to be identical to an existing record, it's always placed at the top of the records identical to it.
    The error only affects the ordering of records that don't have level sums of 600.

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