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Thread in 'Competition' started by Pineapple, 5 Oct 2006.

  1. Amnesia

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    To complete your post and DIGITAL's, we divide the work it 2:

    Bou : bulding and clear almost all lines..(to get bonus lines)

    Me : Bulding as fast as I can and check the good bulding of the total stack(check the balance of levels, manage the game and correct the bou's mistakes ==> that decrease my speed because of the reflexion..)

    Bou is too fast, sometimes I do few triple or tetris to balance the 2 levels..

  2. Well, cgwg and I just cleared it in 4:54:15 today. [​IMG] Our first clear together, and we've tried for it quite a bit. Expect a video, "soonish". [​IMG] I'm afraid it slaughtered our previous high score of over 6 minutes, Needle. [​IMG]

    Also I couldn't help but notice that there's a green line under the record... Could it be that surviving the credits earns you an orange line? Something to think about. [​IMG] Never give up!
  3. Amnesia

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    [​IMG] We can do it..I ...No..nothing..
  4. Crystory

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    i really like the strong team aspect of this mode. there are like 3 teams on this board now?

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    I loved the teamwork between you and cgwg. The shared zangis/wallkicks are fun to watch. I do that all the time when playing with my brother but he gets really surprised when I do them at high speeds.

    You guys nearly died a couple of times but miraculously got down since you were playing in sync. I envy you since my brother starts panicking at the top. [​IMG]

    Nice job keeping your levels so close. I often end up with a difference of 20-30 levels playing with my brother and have to actually slow down my stacking. [​IMG]

    The 20G portion was hilarious though. I wish there was a standalone mode for 20G Doubles.
  6. The video has been updated. Mono sound is now mono instead of coming out of the left speaker only. Play area was cropped and resized properly, making things more clear and giving a proper aspect ratio. Also the deinterlacing is much improved, somehow, even though I didn't change anything that should affect that.

    Any comments/criticism on the video editing is still appreciated.
  7. K



    the edition is far better than the first version.

    but the file size is still huge for 5 min

  8. I'm annexing this thread into the TAP records conglomerate. [​IMG]

    Unfortunately I only have a few entries. Please have a look at the ranking and let me know if you're missing! All unique teams will be accepted.
  9. Fine, but don't ask me to maintain it [​IMG]
  10. I dug up a once-upon-a-time world record printed in Arcadia magazine. Who knows if it's still the best... Sometimes they don't print improvements. The best is 3'22"76! We've got some work to do.
  11. [​IMG]

    lol >_>
  12. Amnesia

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    You can add this one : mfm & Amnesia @ 4:41:--

  13. Online attempt with Aias:

    251 (Aias) / 259 (kotetsu213) @ 4:54

    then we got lagged out.
  14. So far on Kaillera mine and Digital's best record is 5:30 (for both at 300)

    We had one looking to be about 5 mins, but we screwed up and lost.

    The lag probably doesn't help with the speed. I also reckon we'd be a lot faster if we had the ability to talk to each other.

    Still, it was only like our 6th attempt ever.
  15. Myself and Digital:

  16. Amnesia

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    WHOAHO !! [​IMG]
    Not bad hehe..

    It's not finished for me and Bou I think.. [​IMG]

  17. Bring it on.

    We'll just go faster [​IMG]
  18. Amnesia

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    [​IMG] Just to increase the second part of the ranking list..

    This new player is one of my padawans..

    His name is Dark2Master
  19. Amnesia

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