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Thread in 'Competition' started by Pineapple, 5 Oct 2006.

  1. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Sure !! When I saw the inp I thought : "Dawn it is rubbish !!"

    Bou and I could break the 4min !!

    c_t, I use the XBOX arcade stick from GAMESTER..I paid it 30, 6 months later I found the same for Bou at 25, and last months I bought it again at 17..I often see it in video game shop..

    I added later a piece of plastic (cut from a card) to move it in a 4 way stick, and to limit the movements..

  2. Here you go
  3. I just completed this DeHackEd, on what I believe was out third attempt.

    DeHackEd--------------- 300 @ 05:34:90 @ 300 -----------colour_thief
  4. [​IMG]
    The fruit of nine attempts, heh.
  5. K


    done in akihabara past saturday yup [​IMG]
    KAN ---------------- 300 @ 04:09:75 @ 300 -------------------- JAGO
  6. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Aie c_t... [​IMG] Now we know our next minimal objectif..

    He he... [​IMG] 4:09, we will destroy it and make a video..

    Bou on leur montre ?? [​IMG]
  7. KAN and Jago?

    That's like going to an amateur doubles match of Tennis and bringing Roger Federer as your partner [​IMG]
  8. K


    Thanks for me ! [​IMG]

    new records btw :

    KAN --> 3:48:25 <-- KIL

  9. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Aie...Aie.. [​IMG][​IMG]
    c_t on va avoir du boulot la....

    We are the only one here who can beat that !!

    Next time --> New World Record or nothing !! [​IMG]
  10. gila

    gila Unregistered

    omg that 3:48 is so fast. i wish i could check out such replay.
  11. K


    ah ah ah

    Each time we play together, Kan and me broke our previous record... We really enjoy our compatibility when playing in cooperation.

    But as we must pay for each attemps, it considerably limite our sessions length [​IMG]
  12. Code:
    colour_thief----------- 300 @ 04:51:01 @ 300 ---------------DeHackEd
    Completed this time on my machine.
  13. DeHackEd

    DeHackEd green Gm

  14. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    I am attempting a little demonstration to deduct the best potential time for two players with same SKill for the sub 20G..

    Objectif --> sub 3:20 (world record = 3:22)

    Info :

    -colour_thief : 0-100 --> 53,75

    -Amnesia : 0-100 --> 53,9

    (base : ~55sec --> 1,3 tm/s) <---- Ra(tm/s) = 5.Lv / 7.t

    Problematic :

    MASTER 300 --> ~2:45

    DOUBLE 300s --> ~???

    Main hypothesis :

    -no block at all at the end

    -no hesitation (perfect game)

    -instant sideway speed

    -no lost time at 300 (both at 300 at the same time)

    Data :

           | DOUBLE | MASTER |
           |     |     |
    Matrix size |  14  |  10  |
           |     |     |
    Tet/lines  | 3.5  | 2,5  |
           |     |     |
    Rate (tm/s) | 2.6  | 1,3  |
           |     |     |
    Levels    | 600  | 300  |
           |     |     |
    Line C D (fr) |  0 fr |  40 fr |
           |     |     |      
    ARE     |  25 fr |  25 fr | 
    I can't find these following values for the Double mode :

    ARE and Line Cl

    (hypothesis : DAS is including in ARE and lock delay is reduced to 0)

    Is it good for that ? -->

    Master 0-300 --> ARE : 25 ; Line Cl : 40

    Double 0-300 --> ARE : 25 ; Line Cl : 0

  15. I think you mean line clear delay, not lock delay. Lock delay is definitely not 0.
  16. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    ofcourse, but I start with the hypothesis that our drop/lock is 100% efficient !
  17. So do you know the right calculations?

    (300/3.5) * 2.5 = 215 pieces minimum to reach 300 in Master.

    (600/4.5) * 3.5 = 467 minimum pieces played to reach 300 in Doubles.

    (~234 per player)

    Also, consider that there are fewer fast time attack moves available because of the larger shared screen. Each player only gets 1 wall to DAS against and must more often double or triple tap. This will make tm/s slower than Master on average.

    If we use your estimate of 1.3 tm/s per player, we are looking at a clear time of 3 minutes. To get a clear time of 3:20, we would need a speed of ~1.17 tm/s per player.
  18. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Sorry, I had just put the hypothesis without finished my calculation..

    Maybe I will continue to think a bit later about it..But your result seems logical.. [​IMG]

    I am also thinking about the best strategy of building stack and lines, in the center in my opinion..It should reduce the tap tap tap inconvenient..

    To perform a "semi full DAS" until the center of the matrix is not so hard..

    There is no need to favorise a side for lines because we can play as fast..

    Anyway, 1,17 tm/s is not really impossible..If we admit our brains are 99% connected.. [​IMG]
    I am sure with an intense practice of 2 days, we can be almost perfectly synchrone..

    And I was expecting that edo bring his support also for the calculation..

  19. Another idea I had was to place the hole on the right, with lines cleared by player 2. BUT! Player 1 would use only very fast moves, and player 2 would use slower moves to place pieces in the centre. With the lines given to player 2, it would balance out.

    But I think that both of our ideas are biased in terms of thinking of a "long game". What is very important is keeping the screen low, so maybe the best strategy instead is for both players to clear any line, "freestyle".
  20. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Freestyle is better for top speed but it is a bit more open for opportunity to mistakes..mistakes of placement and mistakes of bad synchronisme..

    I like your idea, it is well thought, but the player who plays on the left, with 5-6 squares to build will often need to put away a tetriminos (to avoid mistakes) and can disrupt the organization of the right player..

    We are in the good way if we think about it now..We just have to practice TAP sub-20G before we meet, I will take 10 days or 2 weeks to practice intensively I think..I hope 3 days will be enough to set a record..

    The detail which scares me the most is my tetlag on your stick.. [​IMG]

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