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Thread in 'Competition' started by Amnesia, 10 May 2008.

  1. ha ha, awesome!
    this mode is surprisingly fun.
  2. Had a game that would have been S8 and 1 minute faster had I not gotten Hard Block when about 5 rows from the top. Died at 982.
  3. TGM2: TAP (Item Mode) S4 - 954 in 11:42:66
    I did'nt took a screenshot, but I'll upload the Replay Video later... ;)
  4. my first try on this mode:


    The big block in the last section killed my S6 :biggrin:
  5. TAP: Master (Item Mode) S5 - 999 in 11:44:80 (Credit-Roll Cleared)
    It was so fun, just watch that damn Shot Gun item at level 500 at the top of the playfield, that's bad luck xD
    But right after, the Free Fall item saved me xD
    Here's the video:

    Note that I used every item (because I think that's the idea in this mode), I just avoided (stupidly) a Del Even item and that was not fun xD
  6. Just wondering, is there an M-roll in this mode ?
  7. No, M-Roll is disabled when any mode code is used.
  8. If your luck is anything like mine, you roll Dark Block during the credits, anyway.
  9. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    -1--K-----------------------S9 - 999 @ 09:59:85 - Orange line
    Sois tu as eu le plus gros coup de chatte de ta vie à ce jeu et dans ce cas c'est domage tu aurais du le garder pour un mode plus pertinent..
    Sois c'est un mytho.>:(
  10. TAP: Master (Item Mode) S5 - 999 in 11:28:83 (Credit-Roll Cleared)
    Remember that I use every tetromino xD
    My best performance was S6, but the game didn`t saved properly and I didn´t take a screenshot, so, for now this is the record ;)
  11. One random game played at the stunfest thanks to Amnesia was enough to beat my record on this mode :)

    S8 10:41:43
  12. [​IMG]
    NO 20G
  13. Nice! Do you have a video of it?
  14. No, sorry!
  15. New record:

    S8 9:30:48

    Death Block + Dark block in a row at 950 was a bit too much for me to get S9 :sowsuser::sowsuser::sowsuser:

    Video coming soon
  16. What's that, got a problem with dark block?
  17. Time for an 8-month necro!
    I have a real board at the moment but can't capture video due to technical issues so I tried Master with items on a whim.
    S7, 999 (orange) in 10:06:41
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  18. Oh, is this the topic for all items modes?

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  19. And I'll go ahead and take first in Big mode as well.

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