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Thread in 'Competition' started by K, 23 Oct 2007.

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    take it easy [​IMG]

    i will put something online today [​IMG]
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    sorry i've got a lot of problem with my connection... it's 1AM norw and i must waik up at 6....

    i will explain next time i'll come online witch mean probably next monday...

    going to ski [​IMG]
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    So Digital have pretty well resumed the main idea.

    example 1 :

    The best way is only to concentrate on the surface, and i would say more : you should not try to memorise the block that compose the surface but more the empty shape that is just over. I mean, you have to know where are the free room for putting the next following pieces. But here it's an ideal way, and it might be different for peoples who try to challenge the shit.

    example 2 :

    The most easy way for our brain to memorize the surface is to stack as flat as possible. More it is flat more it is easy to remember. thoes examples shows "how you should stack" your piece to stay as flat as possible. You probably noticed by yourself that the ideal solution is on the upper side of the example instead of the bottom. We create holes but a (very) quick look on the surface is still pretty easy to remember... once we acquire exp we can handle "more complicated" surface but for beginning we better start with good basis. there is dozen of useful situation but i don't know them all you'll probably figure them out with exp...

    example 3 :

    At the beginning it's pretty difficult to build flat and refrain from habit of 20G "visible play" stacking. Worst are misplacement that can't completely change the surface in something unafordable... If you don't know well how is the surface (and i can assure you it arrive quite often) it's better restart builing flat on it, and just concentrate on the new surface. trying to throw randomly your pieces on hole by hoping recovery is impossible and furthermore the "brain concentration" you spent on it may totally make you forgot about the rest of the surface.... witch is the worst situation.

    example 4 :

    As always, you have to practice again and again and again and again, the challenge to let your brain acquire the needed experience. The point is that you don't really work your brain for photographic memory, but more on visual recognition of common pattern that come often ...

    so in fact this is not much difficult than acquiring automatism for playing 20G, when you are beginner... imo it's just another (insane) step on your understanding and learning of ARS and 20G...

    When you are moving the active piece on the stack, notice that it "may" help you to recall about the situation of the stack :

  4. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    I strongly agree with the 5 first pictures..

    But honnestly, I tried many times to follow your advice with the horizontal "I" to recover a flat stack,

    and I stay septic after 3745 attempts.. [​IMG]
    I have today enough skill in M roll to put this "I" on the good place..
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    edited my previous post, with better readable pic, and explanation (i hope) [​IMG]
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    Merci, tu fais tout ce que j'avais l'intention de me taper comme boulot [​IMG]
  7. Are Texmaster Special 999 D records eligible? If not, I believe my best in MAME in the invisible roll is ~53 seconds. I think my average time is around 40~45 seconds, but I'll have to do the average 12 thing to be sure.
  8. Amnesia

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    What !!? [​IMG]
    My god..How long have you practiced ??

    My average, if I count the failed attempts around 30sec, should be between 37 and 40..

    No new best one since my 52..
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    yeah of course ! why not, it will not change much as long as you play with standard TAP rules.

    congrats Kitaru, keep going [​IMG]
    i wasn't playing much m-roll since 1 month but i'm restarting and use 999D as well.
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    It is very interesting..Kitaru, you are a "mine d'or" of stacking technics..

    Your choice to focus on the stability of 2-3 lines thick is very good..

    I start exactely like you if I can't build very easily a tetris in the begining..

    Then I never remember why, but my stack disrupts after ~15 sec..

    And I get up until ~3/5 to stabilize again and do surviving until the end..

    Anyway, I was true..It is not necessary to be a Master M player to attack the m-roll.. [​IMG]
  11. Well, good thing I have a photographic memory.

    Imma gonna practice now [​IMG]
  12. Yep, the timer doesn't work properly when you level lock 999. It only updates on certain frames, and in actuality does not affect the real time at all. My records have a Gm in 00:00:00, hahaha.
  13. Amnesia

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    Hhmm...Fuck.. [​IMG]

    Do you realise that you are maybe less far than me from the Gm rank ?
  14. Altimor

    Altimor a.k.a. Ghett0

    My best is 35.90. I made a tetris in that run! You can see the video of making an invisible tetris here.
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  17. I just survived 1:00:37 in novanova, with 2 Tetrises!
  18. cdsboy

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    What is novanova...?
  19. Amnesia

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    2 tetrises ?? [​IMG]

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