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Thread in 'Competition' started by Amnesia, 29 Mar 2007.

  1. First M, finally.

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  2. TAP M! that's a great clear; especially for a first. way to go, icefox!
  3. Getting a little faster

    09-37-16 S9 orange.jpg
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  4. 7:41.55 :)
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  5. Um ok I think that's good enough for now. OL GM in 7:39.86

  6. [​IMG]
    no idea if FBNeo (FC2 version) is a good choice as a emulator and I'm aware that this is measly compared to higher ranked players but today I managed my first 500 in TGM2+ Master :D
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  7. OBS doesn't want to pick up MAME audio for some reason so sorry about that

    Getting very close now, M is suddently very doable and I've been clearing the roll in practice semi-consistently (almost 1/5 games the other day), averaging around 50s per session. Originally my goal for 2020 was only M but I'm getting the feeling now that GM by the end of the year shouldn't be too hard if I keep at it as I am now and work on my nerves.
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