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Thread in 'Competition' started by Ai, 3 May 2009.

  1. Ok cyberguile, I got it. :) Soft drop only!
  2. ;)
    So you proved there's no need for hard drop :)
  3. Surely 777 proved it, but I think this shows you needn't be god-like to achieve it. :D
  4. Gold RE, youhou !
  5. Normal time attack


    Just found a strategy to avoid using both special blocks (but it's pretty difficult to force yourself stacking in such a bizarre way)
  6. Muf


  7. I'll try to do one ^^
  8. Died while trying to go for a last tetris lol

  9. What was your challenge? It looks like you were going for something special
  10. scoring ^^
  11. Ai


    I've updated all leaderboards and added the new challenges that have been played by Kitaru and cyberguile. I've also added a section time ranking and a cumulated section time ranking. Feel free to post your fastest times.


    The lowest score I've been able to get in TAP Normal is just under 41000. Since I don't have any proof of that performance I'll settle with the above score.

    TAP Normal Mode 43392 ^^

    An example of my play sped up. This game even has a bravo in the first section. ^^

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