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Thread in 'Competition' started by Amnesia, 5 Feb 2007.

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    The time was 3:16.20.
  2. Ai


    Very nice Kevin!

    Combo ranking:

    1    rednefed        384084
    2    Ai              361226
    3    cyberguile      356088
    4    KevinDDR        355338
    5    colour_thief    345804
  3. Oh yeah, before I forget again, 465,217 @ 03:13:10.
    ~700 points short of taking the PCB record. Hopefully I can get some more good combos going next time I play, I'd really like to sweep the rest of the board records.
  4. Welp nevermind I did it now. :p
  5. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    -the next one who beats my score --> fuck you
  6. Glad to hear you're still honoring that rule. ;)
  7. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    It is really time I come back here and kick your ass all of you dudes !!:o
  8. [​IMG]
    I would like to take my place above the bar now, Amnesia. 乀(◐‿◐乀)
  9. o_O
  10. Ai


    Excellent Kitaru, a big congratulations! I was really hoping to be the next one, but I've been slacking off for a while now so I don't deserve it quite yet I guess. Can you describe the game? Looking at the combo score I doubt there was a bravo involved in this game. Nice time.

    Combo ranking:

    1    rednefed        384084
    2    Kitaru          361836
    3    Ai              361226
    4    cyberguile      356088
    5    KevinDDR        355338
    6    colour_thief    345804
    About 8 months ago you posted in this thread asking for advice and you've already achieved what I have been unsuccessful at for years. Do you have any advise you think might help? Or should I just play more, panic less at crucial moments and get lady luck at my sides? Do you try to keep the 8th column low besides the 9th one? ^^
  11. No bravos, just pure chaining zen. Unfortunately, I don't think I can impart any useful advice as to what makes the best combo stack. I just went for what felt right and got consistently solid combos to come out. One of my first section combos linked a second tetris for a slight early lead. The rest of the game had nice, long combos, as well as minimal effect from the DelEven.

    I'd say it was just a overall well-rounded game of Normal. I usually get stuck in that 390~410k area because of misdrops or combos cut short, but I was able to avoid doing anything too silly this time around.
  12. I'm starting to train and stack the way japanese player stack in Ti easy, almost certain it's a good idea to get high scores since double combos get so much point in tap normal (even though two tetrises in the same combo is even better lol)
  13. If you're talking about MOM stacking, it's probably better just to do a simple 2-wide since the twists don't net any extra points -- and, in fact, will probably add unnecessary extra frames (compared to a simple DAS+IRS->droplock) that will only serve to lower your speed multiplier for line clears.
  14. Just some overall tips...

    I've found two-wide to be the optimal solution. Perhaps leave column 8 a bit lower than the rest so you can put J's and L's with the flat side up or down to keep the rectum in the correct "direction" if you have an S or Z coming up.

    Randomizer awareness is key, but you'll have games where you never get the right pieces.

    Don't forget horizontal I placements.

    536858. 300 @ 3:14:63

    Could have been a bit better if I didn't mess up at 299. See that hole in column 6?

    Anyway, that felt good. No bravos, but when every piece goes the "right" way during your combos, that's how it's done. Getting lucky.
    Combo score before time bonus was over 400000, definitely. Probably in the neighborhood of 404k.
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  16. Ai


    Woah nice play rednefed. The combo score is an amazing 404040 points! It's crazy that even more was possible.

    I had a quick look at the Normal ranking on the TETRiS-HOLiC site and you currently rank 3rd. JUN is at the top with 614459 points and the second best player has 573824 points. I'm not sure whether the latter score was achieved without bravo (but possible since the clear time is 02:56:50!). JUN mentions in the comment section that he was blessed with a bravo. I remember reading somewhere that an even higher score was achieved by a Japanese player, but I can't find the post. ^^
  17. new pb


    beaten... nobody except myself :D:D:biggrin:
  18. Ai


  19. [​IMG]

    Picture taken by a french player on the very last day of the arcade game center, Shibuya Kaikan (which had opened in 1979 T_T )

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