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Thread in 'Competition' started by Amnesia, 5 Feb 2007.

  1. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    There is something wrong on the normal mode clone..

    It is impossible that I beat my record with this game.. [​IMG]

    EDIT : ah ! offcourse there is no the 2 magic tetriminos at 100 and 200..
  2. Is the level counter supposed to stop at 99 and 199 in Novice in Texmaster? It doesn't. It only stops at 299. Is it incorrectly cloned? I haven't tried the original game.

    If Texmaster Novice scores are accepted, mine is 372619 @ 03:49:73... D:
  3. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    tex recorsd are definitely not accepted, and you are wrong, in normal mode, lever counter does'nt stop at 99 and 199.. [​IMG]
  4. OK, I see. [​IMG]
  5. Ai


    Played on 05/10/08. I have some times around 05:00, but the scores are far worse than this.

    Also I'm wondering what the difference is between times and scores highlighted in gold and silver?

    Is the score solely based on the amount of tetrises and other line clears one can make before reaching level 300 or is time also important somehow?
  6. gila

    gila Unregistered

    the score and time flashes white/yellow when you hit level 300, you just took the screen at that moment when it was "gold".

    general tips while playing NORMAL is to have your field set up in a way that you have most of the well filled up, then when "I" piece appears, you do a tetris, and then (if possible) some 2 and 3 line clears, because NORMAL is purely SCORE attack type game (but with the element of a TIME attack).

    you must also play clean and fast, because if your finishing time is less than five minutes, every second is worth of 1253 points, so if you do it in 3 minutes, you'll get huge SCORE bonus at the end.

    when the first ITEM block comes, try using it with only 1-line clear and so that in effect you won't loose any lines.

    when the second ITEM block comes, also use it with 1-line clear and your field must be as low as possible because there's a huge delay while it deletes the lines.

    so there [​IMG] there are some tips on playing this mode a few pages back too.
  7. Muf


    Sorry Ai, can't have you take my precious 11th place!

  8. Ai


    WOW now I feel very stupid! I did indeed find out there where gold and silver scores while checking my screenshots... -__-'

    Thanks for the tips. I think my score is pretty decent then, considering I didn't manage to get a time bounus. I'll try to improve my time.

    @ Amnesia:

    My time is 05:21:01 for what it's worth. I'm not that bad! ^^


    Noooooooooo! Why did you have to do it so fast. Couldn't you have at least waited a day or two before submitting your score! If it's war you want, then that's what you'll get! ^__^
  9. Muf


    Actually, I just hadn't played the game for a long time. I've mainly been playing Texmaster Sudden, and I've moved to a different button layout since my last record as well. Now I'm just having some input issues, if I can resolve them I should be able to get my time down and my score up.

    I'm not really that much of a competitive person, I mainly think I suck too much in most of the modes to even be worth including on the leaderboard, but I just so happen to be on the Normal mode leaderboard, so naturally I'm defending my position; it's bad enough as it is how far down I am, I don't want to drop any lower. [​IMG]

    Also, I noticed I didn't include the time in the screenshot, it was 04:15:25.
  10. Ai


    Wow that was a very harsh self-assessement. Do you have any idea how bad you made me feel just now! ^^

    I don't really care all that much. I just don't want to be the last on any leaderboard. That's all! And so far I managed to do just that! ^^

    Seeing your time I could well beat you again if I somehow manage to break well under 05:00, but of course that won't happen soon and by that time you will have sorted out your button problems and have a huge score.
  11. Muf


    I'm sorry if I made you feel bad. I would say it's logical though, I've been playing Tetris since November, and you've been playing since April, so I have a 6-month head start. Actually, you can intepret that as me being really bad, if I can only manage to outdo you by about 10.000 points, even with aformentioned head start. The conclusion here would be you learn faster than I do. And, my last score being in January, you could say I haven't improved very much the last 4 months either-- only 20.000 points improvement. I suppose I sound a bit like Amnesia now, setting high standards for myself, but consider it like this, I've been in touch with quite a few TC members since I joined, like colour_thief, jago, Digital, Rosti, and edo, who are all awesome players. After a while I just kind of adapted to them in the sense that I still consider myself a rookie when I see my own grades.

    Right now, let me set in stone the checklist I have for when I stop considering myself a "Tetris n00b" (see signature):

    At the time of writing the tally is:

    - 220.000 points in TAP Normal

    - 2 in TAP Master

    - Level 265 in TAP Death

    - S2 in TGM1

    - Horribly uncomfortable playing SuddenTi (not even using hold cause of the speed)
  12. Ai


    Don't worry about me I was just kidding. And I'm a bigger Tetris n00b than you, that's for sure! ^^

    Well you have to take into account that I have been almost only playing Tetris the last 6 or 7 weeks. I have played like a dozen of diffirent Tetris games. Not all as thoroughly as TDS, Tetris Advance, LockJaw and TGM.

    But I feel I might have hit my limits for now. I need to make a choice on what to focus on. Playing too many version won't improve my play that much in a specific Tetris game. It's getting harder and harder to get better. Maybe I'm at that point where you found it difficult to up your game. I feel like I need to take some time off before being able to advance again.

    During my finals which will start soon I'll take it very easy and have fun instead of trying to be competitive. And we'll see what happens during the summer.

    Your goals are realistic. When do you hope to achieve what's mentioned in the checklist? Short term or long term?

    I hope I can obtain the GM rank in TGM. When that happens I'll feel like I actually achieved something, but that's long term thinking of course. Maybe next year?

    I see we're quite close in level. I haven't played TAP Death though. But I'm certain I'm not that good. Currently I can't play at all when the gravity is over 1G. I can only survive till about level 400 in TGM. Actually I start losing control at level 300.

    And about the elite players on TC. Well by the time we get better. If that ever happens that is. They will have improved that much more and will be competing with the top Japanese players. So let us not worry about them! ^^


    By the way I also want a TI!
  13. gila

    gila Unregistered

    i think you should focus on TGM for a fair amount of time, it will get you used to all the basics, the stacking, the moves, etc. it's the easiest one... then, of course TAP MASTER which is ALOT harder!!
  14. Ai: ... ement_list

    I wouldn't say that list is 100% perfect, but I put a reasonable amount of thought and research into creating it, and I think it's a decent checklist to work through.

    Ultimately I think you just need to find a balance between working on what you need to improve but also sticking to what you find enjoyable. If, for example, you vastly prefer Death over Master, then there's no reason why you should continually play Master to improve your sub-20G play. Once you've tired of Death you can always go back to Master anyway.
  15. gila

    gila Unregistered

    wow, that list is great actually! i'm right in the middle of it (have a few of TGM GMs but stuck on TAP S6s), except that i don't play DEATH seriously at all... and in that list DEATH GM is listed before MASTER GM, is it because it's a bit easier?
  16. Muf


    I binged a lot on Heboris when I first started, but now I've taken it down to an average of about 5 runs a week, mostly casual games of Texmaster Sudden.

    Over the short term I'll be happy to improve at all, but let's say in 6 months I kind of want to at least have checked off the two items about Death 370 and getting comfortable with Shirase. In the coming time I'll want to shift back to Master after a long period of Death practice, and reach S1 in TAP.

    My advice would be to practice 20G first, and then bridge the gap between 0G and 20G. For many people the transition to 20G (usually called "sub-20G") is harder to overcome than 20G itself.

    Actually, I mentioned Jago, who is already in Japan playing against the likes of KAN and 777.

    You don't need to clear the staff roll, and even then it isn't invisible.
  17. But at the same time, you have to survive 500 levels of mind-crushing speed. I'd say they're on roughly equal footing.
  18. Ai


    Thanks for your advice! I'm working on some kind of play schedule. And I've played TGM a lot more. I tried TAP this weekend just because I was curious! ^^

    I've seen the list before. I have already done the first four achievements. I'll keep working on progressing through that list as much as I can. And about high gravity training. Well once I get an S3 in TGM I'll start practicing 20G mode.

    Right now I have trouble reacting to the speed. Sometimes I feel as if I'm too lazy to keep up. And the quick thinking needed for stacking properly is not yet available. Also I need to figure out how to stack under these circumstances. I'll analyze more videos to get it right.

    People actually go as far as to move to the TGM holy land? 777 is the guy from the extremely fast TGM run and I've seen Jago posting on the forum.

    So are a lot of members in Japan or speaking Japanese? I've seen members link to Japanese website or even using them if I'm not wrong. I got interested in Japan a few years ago, but that has nothing to do with Tetris.

    I'm also curious about the TAP BGM. After a while this guy starts repeating something. Is it just me or is he really saying "I'll kill him". I must be wrong, right? O.o
  19. Muf


    Report, mask, Needle, emaame, and a few others are native Japanese. Jago is french, staying in Japan for TGM training for a year.

    Actually, it's "Come on, now", but the sound sample is really low quality. I have a remix where the voice is clearer.
  20. Ai


    Wow Jago! Talk about dedication! These guys are on a different planet indeed.

    By the way thanks for the list of native Japanese members. Could be useful!

    I knew that couldn't be true. I've heard a lot of weird things about Japan, but I'm glad this was just me! My brother actuallly thought it was "I'll help him".

    Keep playing and you'll get there! I'll do the same. [​IMG]


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