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Thread in 'Competition' started by Amnesia, 5 Feb 2007.

  1. Ai



    I messed up big time at the end so I think I can get over 300.000 if I have a great run. Thank you for your latest replay colour_thief! ^^
  2. Ai


    Getting closer to 300.000.

    Sorry for the triple post. ^^
  3. Hah, it looks like you buried the second item and never used it.
  4. Ai


    Indeed. Stack was low and not really clean so I just used the item to build onto it in order to save some time. ;)

    Still pretty slow time compared to most other people.
  5. gila

    gila Unregistered


  6. What's the secret? :\ There's a huge gap between us in the 350k crowd and anyone over 400k.
    I can clear the mode in about 3:30 to 3:40 now, but keep ending up with 330-345k points.
  7. The "secret" is to get big combos, but you're probably already doing that. You just need to make the bigger. [​IMG] I made a youtube video playing 2-3 games to show my strategy:
  8. [​IMG]
    Combos be damned! [​IMG]

    ...okay, I admit the game ended with a triple-tetris combo. However, for the most part, I focused on speed.
  9. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake


    Ah.. [​IMG] It is not as easy as beginner tamaya dude.. [​IMG]
  10. Amnesia: [​IMG]

    What keeps killing me is if you get an S and a Z in your combo after another, cutting your scoring short. Without hold, it's kind of up to luck (and randomizer management) that you can get those 6, 7, and 8-combos.
    But hey, new record, by some 700 points.

    Score of 355833 @ 3:45:88
  11. Another 500 point increase, but a special note on this playthrough: I played 0-200 stacking like you would in Master mode, except I followed up with more line clears after tetrises if I could. Playing this way is faster so I can cash in on more time bonus. After I triggered the special piece at 205, I went combo style again.

    Score of 356287 @ 3:37:86
  12. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    Randomizer management tip: Perhaps you could try starting your combo with an S once you've recently seen a Z. They'll be in the history, and it's only about 1 out of 3.5% that you'll get something from history as your next piece.
  13. Muf




    The second ever green lined Normal mode performance by my apprentice md`. Armed with a Sanwa modded Namco stick he's still got loads of untapped potential!
  14. Muf



    I was actually just testing a tinymame build with the new psikyo dynarec. Just happened to be a new personal record. It seems I should play this more, I wasn't playing remotely optimally.
  15. gila

    gila Unregistered

    whoa, another record for today! it's not going to move me up in the leaderboard, but hey, i'm bored, so here's the pic!!

  16. Now that I have S9'ed Master Mode I return to where I started. [​IMG]
    400,000 still eludes me.

    386388 @ 3:30:21
  17. nguman

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    Not my personal best, not yet I'm going to improve though.
  18. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    what's with the blue smiley face [​IMG]
  19. Ai


    Over 300.000 for the first time and I did it with style too. ^^ I can maybe even do better if I'm a little more lucky with the combos, but for now I'm more than satisfied with this result.

    Time is not bad either, but still far from fast compared to the top players. I can play faster and get just under 4 minutes, but getting high combos is a little more difficult then.

    rednefed you should be able to get over 400.000 easlily if you aim to get a high number of combos. Just stack as high as possible and try to get your way back down by comboing as much as possible. The higher the chain the better you will do. This is extremely important close to the end where you get a huge amount of points. You can get close or over 100.000 just at the end if you do it right and are a little lucky with the tetrominoes. Also make sure to get the stack as low as possible before you use the second special tetromino.
  20. I don't get lucky. That's why. Always S and then Z. Or Z-S, with no T's or J/L to clean it up.

    397764 @ 3:30:25


    408349 @ 3:37:35
    Beat Rosti by some 500 points!

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