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Thread in 'Competition' started by Amnesia, 5 Feb 2007.

  1. kapat

    kapat Unregistered

    it's not much


    but it'll do. i try not to do TAP, cause of the unusal framerates i get from it.

    SUGGESTION: in heboris, there should be a "preset" amount of game configs that'll mimic TGM1, TGM2, TGM3, blah blah. and have it show up in like a config note in a corner or something, so in JPEGS and stuff you can see what's up. and we all trust each other here. i hope.

    and totally...if i knew how to dev stuff or program or any of that, i would

    but i'm kinda useless. sorry.
  2. [​IMG]
    Does the time bonus scale in fractions of a second? If you finish in 3:30:50 do you get 1253 * 89.5 points?
  3. Nice, that improvement puts you ahead of Kotetsu and DeHackEd.

    The time bonus rounds the number of seconds up. So in your example you get 1253 * 90 points.
  4. rednefed: You should've kept going for 10 more minutes for the ultimate time: 13:37!
  5. my new best

  6. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    euuhh... [​IMG]

    Alors comme ca tu le fais en 2:55 toi... [​IMG]
  7. ouais mais j'ai fait que des tetris (d'o le score un peu bas)
  8. tried to focus a bit more on combos

  9. nguman

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  10. [​IMG]

    300 @ 3:31:40
    Score = 434695
  11. nguman

    nguman Unregistered

    I fast forwarded through the credits.
  12. Ai


    This is the best I could do in the few hours I played during the weekend. I am disappointed in myself as this is only a minor improvement compared to my previous personal best. At least I entered the top 10 on the leaderboard and I expect to get over 400.000 soon if I keep trying.

    Speed is nowhere near what I can do in Texmaster Novice Mode, but I'm slowly getting better. I've had some time attack runs close to 03:40 when not comboing. There have been a few games where I believe I could have gotten over 400.000, but I always managed to screw up at some point. In Texmaster I feel in total control from beginning to end and I can do the up-down motion without a problem. In TAP on the other hand I lose control when things get a little faster over level 200. Doing the up-down motion then seems to slow me down and I make a lot of misdrops.

    These are my score targets in Texmaster for very good games:

    - level 100: between 60.000 and 100.000. 60.000 is good when the stack is still high going into the 100 to 200 section. I've managed to get 100.000 before level 100 a few times with a low stack after level 100. This is also possible in TAP, but it's more difficult to achieve.
    - level 200: between 170.000 and 220.000. I can do it, but this happens a lot less than in Novice Mode.
    - level 300: between 340.000 and 400.000.This isn't as easy as in Texmaster as I have difficulty keeping comboing. Not lucky enough most of the time and a lot of misdrops. I have at least a dozen games with a score of 450.000+ in Texmaster so it's possible. The 2 special pieces are no real problem if you now how to deal with them fast.

    In Texmaster I finish most of my best runs in 03:40 which gives me a 100.000 time bonus in most cases. In TAP this bonus is limited to about 80.000 at the moment. So at the moment I can only achieve a score of about 300.000 without time bonus in TAP.

    I have also been experimenting with the bonus pieces "Free Fall" and "Dell Even" to see if there's no secret game mechanic for bonus points. But I didn't find anything unfortunately.

    Is it possible to fast forward through inp files?


  13. Ai


    FINALLY one of my 2009 Tetris resolutions has been achieved! ^^

    This is the best I could do and I probably won't be playing for a while. Maybe I'll try to do better again after playing some TAP Master Mode. I clearly need to improve my control over the pieces when things speed up a little.

    This was a lot harder than expected. This is NOT Texmaster Novice Mode is what I learned!!! ^^

    9--Ai--------------------------401671 pts @ 3:43:33

    Creepy how the O-piece is the next piece at the end of the game in my last 3 submissions.

    EDIT 2:

    Just noticed I messed up with my second screenshot.

  14. beaten my record:

  15. Ai


    Nice cyberguile!

    6--Ai--------------------------426505 pts @ 3:49:45
    7--DeHackEd--------------------415603 pts @ 3:07:63
    8--Kotetsu---------------------410658 pts @ 3:12:46
    9--Rosti LFC-------------------407977 pts @ 3:25:13
    Convincing comfirmation! ^^ I now believe getting 450000 is doable if keep playing. Look at that time! I wasted some time at level 299 because I thought another tetris would up my score a little more than just finishing as fast as possible. If I stack high and concentrate on clearing tetrises I can get sub 03:30 with scores around 350000 now:

    Still playing from time to time in the hopes a bravo will lift me over the 500000 mark. I once performed a comboing bravo at the start of the game and ended up with around 128000 before level 70. Too bad I got too excited an messed up soon after. So next time I get lucky hopefully it will be near the end of the game during a good run.

    Just for fun I compiled this ranking with the score one has just before the time bonus score is added:

    1    colour_thief    345804
    2    Ai              337542
    3    gila            331746
    4    Amnesia         325152
    5    cyberguile      324960
    6    rednefed        323178
    7    Rosti LFC       288942
    8    Kotetsu         275334
    9    DeHackEd        274014
    10   elph            264222
    11   Kitaru          235698
    12   Ken_P           225844
    13   Bou             218418
    14   nguman          201924
    15   statikeffect    199944
    16   Gaby            183594
    17   mufunyo         175626
    18   kapat           146904
    19   md`             117738
    20   schnappy        Score not available
  16. Muf



    md` finally took the time to screenshot the record I got at his place during the CeBIT weekend [​IMG]
  17. I like nice round numbers.

    441000 score, 300 @ 3:24:46
  18. Unsure about what the time was,
    score: 254157 pts
  19. I beat 30k.
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