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Thread in 'Competition' started by cyberguile, 25 Dec 2007.

  1. Was training my master mode using the level cheat (coz I got a lot of problem doing tetrises only after 700) and thought of this little "competitive" training mode.


    As you can see, I reached S9 at 8min59 using the 700 level cheat (I think it's a pretty poor time)

    Maybe we could take a little competition for those who train like me: who gets faster to S9 ? (a bit like the death 300 survival competition)
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    Using the level locked at 701 only?

    I'd assume so, seeing as 801 would give a pretty huge advantage due to the multiplied, but you didn't specify.

    I'll try this out when I have time.
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    well, maybe we could do a ranking for 701, one for 801 and another one for 901.

    I've got the idea with 701 coz I'm training on 701 ^^
  4. Amnesia

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    Re: [TAP] "Training mode" Ranking

    Hey..That is a good training.. [​IMG]
  5. Re: [TAP] "Training mode" Ranking

    amnesia: I said who get faster to S9 [​IMG]
  6. Amnesia

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    Re: [TAP] "Training mode" Ranking

    I Know but it is HARD !! [​IMG]

    Putain je me suis nerv pendant 1h30 sur ce truc cause de toi..

    Meme en 700 j'y arrive pas.. [​IMG]
  7. Amnesia

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    Re: [TAP] "Training mode" Ranking

  8. Re: [TAP] "Training mode" Ranking


    Btw, I thought "hey dude ! you do this to train and clear more tetrises and what do I see ? Only a bronze SK medal in more than 9 minutes ?"

    So I tried and tried and tried and tried... and cannot get a silver SK medal at 701 [​IMG]
    Managed to get one at 601, but hell, that was hard [​IMG]

    So now, here's the deal for the ranking:

    1st: color of the SK medal

    2nd: rank at game over

    3rd: master mode time
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    Did a run before and got S9 around 7:30. However, I didn't even get a bronze SK, so I won't post it. [​IMG]

    I kept playing and got a bronze, and quit when I wasn't too far away from a silver, but I don't think that's really in the spirit of the mode.

    One thing I've learned is that I'm too much of a perfectionist with my stack. When I have a few lines with holes in at the bottom, rather than just ignoring them and playing over them, continuing to get Tetrises, I spend ages trying to fix it, which I need to stop doing.
  10. mfm005

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    Re: [TAP] "Training mode" Ranking

    ben alors!


    Lost because the game accelerated unexpectedly at 15:00:00 ! (and sorry about master time)


    mucho best!
  11. tepples

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    Re: [TAP] "Training mode" Ranking

    What you're experiencing is tetlag between games with garbage (vs. mode, more than likely in Tetris DS) and games without (single-player mode in TGM). Games with garbage place a larger urgency on drilling than games without.
  12. Amnesia

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    Re: [TAP] "Training mode" Ranking

  13. mfm005

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    Re: [TAP] "Training mode" Ranking

    (updated my first post)

    I'll try 800 tonight...
  14. Amnesia

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    Re: [TAP] "Training mode" Ranking


  15. Re: [TAP] "Training mode" Ranking

    Maybe the game has this feature nobody ever noticed: accelerating after 15 minutes
  16. Re: [TAP] "Training mode" Ranking

    It's definitely been noticed before. It's just that not everyone is aware of it. It's roughly Master 9xx speeds, but with useless DAS.
  17. Amnesia

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    Re: [TAP] "Training mode" Ranking

    Yes, I just tried..

    The game become impossible at 15min..

    But why ? [​IMG] Maybe another stupid setting to prevent young people to abuse too much time on arcade machines..
  18. Re: [TAP] "Training mode" Ranking

    Actually, the DAS is relative to whatever section you are on. If you have reached Master 900 when you reach 15 minutes, it doesn't really affect gameplay at all. Using the 15 minutes cheat on Master 0-100 is nigh impossible, however.
  19. mfm005

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    Re: [TAP] "Training mode" Ranking

    Silver SK, 4:48:48 @ 800, now 900 but I don't have any hope...
  20. Amnesia

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    Re: [TAP] "Training mode" Ranking

    4:48 !!?? [​IMG][​IMG]

    Pff.. [​IMG] A ce petit jeu c'est toi le meilleur de toute facon..

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