Records: [TDS] Personal Highest Wi-Fi Rating

Thread in 'Competition' started by mask, 29 Jan 2008.

  1. "i easily visualize your opponents can't stop peeing."

    lol that's a good idea.
  2. Muf


    Well, the main problem is I don't use kick T-spins. Ever. It just doesn't feel natural. So as long as I'm a) faster than my opponent, or b) my opponent doesn't know how to use t-spins, then I can win. If I get too much T-spin-triple garbage, I'm dead. I think I'll eventually catch on how to use them, but right now my strategy is to get a few b2b tetrises in short succession to overwhelm my opponent.

  3. For Tetris DS, to be over 7000, you really either need to learn t-spins, or you need to be extremely fast. For 8000 you need both.

    Just concentrate on practising doubles. Play slower against the CPU4, and just concentrate on making opportunities for doubles, so that eventually you'll just see the opportunities naturally. Most of the other setups aren't as convenient and have more risk involved, but if you can use t-spin doubles with as much ease as you can use Tetrises (and it doesn't take that long to pick it up) then you'll easily shoot up by 500 wifi points or more.
  4. [Wi-Fi Name][tc]G-Fish

    [Alphabet Name]Gangsta_Fish


    [Class]2p mode

    [Before rank/After rank]?

    [Your Best Wifi Score]7803

  5. oh, new records?
    I took it for granted everyone was tired of playing TDS [​IMG]

    i have just added your score to the list right now.
    then, i added latest Japanese records ,too.

  6. yeah, i think i'm the only TC member still playing TDS
  7. I play from time to time. I think I sat at 6803 last time I played.
  8. Muf


    I haven't been able to get onto WFC lately.
  9. kiwibonga

    kiwibonga Unregistered

    My current rating is 7442. I passed 7900 once, but I didn't stay there long... Unfortunately, there's not enough >7600 people playing to get a decent score... When you do play one, they tend to leave if they see you mean trouble... Then you'll lose the usual 1 out of 50 against a 6000, only to end up doomed in the 7000-7500 range... RAGE

    [Wi-Fi Name] kiwibonga

    [Alphabet Name] kiwibonga

    [Location] Montreal, QC, Canada

    [Class] 2P

    [Before rank/After rank] HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER!!

    [Your Best Wifi Score] 7900 < x < 7950
  10. Chaos

    Chaos Unregistered

    I'm still playing...i'm just rarely on IRC for everyone to know if i'm alive or yeah i play just about every day...

    [Wi-Fi Name]Chaos

    [Alphabet Name]Chaos


    [Class]2p mode

    [Before rank/After rank]-/124

    [Your Best Wifi Score]7690
  11. well i host all the time but never see you. anyway. new high rating.

    7855. I'll upload the pic later. Just take my word for now.
  12. Chaos

    Chaos Unregistered

    its the timezone dude...its hard for me to be up really late to get a game going...
  13. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    "As a new day begins in New York, the sun sets in Hawaii."

    - Tim McCarver

  14. Yo mask...I've got a new record for you...unless evidence is needed;

    because it was a year ago when I passed 7800, but I don't have a picture or something [​IMG]

    [Wi-Fi Name] Kevcel

    [Alphabet Name] Kevcel

    [Location] Europe, The Netherlands, Rotterdam

    [Class] 2p mode

    [Before rank/After rank] ???

    [Your Best Wifi Score] 7800
  15. i have an idea, everyone head to the general forums
  16. wow wow, since i neglected the renewal of list , the amount of work has increasing.... [​IMG]
    thank all of you for challenging.

    oh, i'm inspired that there is still great player like you in all means, i want for you to break 8000 baririer.

    then..., if i accept obscure record, i'm supposed to adjust it to lower.(e.g. TGM-Aika, kou ) so i listed your score as 7901 on leaderboard.

    no problem.. you needn't prepare pic.

    personally i think we don't have to show the evidence so as to declare new record on TC.

    i mean, eventually the point is that i myself am proud the way i am.

    well, moreover.... you don't believe this my picture is genuine, do you? [​IMG]
    i think that sticking at evidence is a formal and stupid. especially about TDS wifi rating.

    7800? oh, it's fantastic. i'll be pleased to add your record to the leaderboard.

    hopefully, i want you to do throw away textbook and challenge new record again [​IMG]
  17. wow, you sure do get happy about tds quick. lol.

  18. LOL:p

    I will challenge my old record, but throw away my textbooks...I don't think that will help me getting better grades [​IMG]

    So I guess I'll start training again in June/July...I can't wait [​IMG]
  19. kiwibonga

    kiwibonga Unregistered

    You guys made me want to play again [​IMG]

    But I keep getting "Unable to connect with this WFC ID" after 2-3 matches.. And of course it counts as a quit and makes my rating go down :-S

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