Records: [TDS] Personal Highest Wi-Fi Rating

Thread in 'Competition' started by mask, 29 Jan 2008.

  1. Muf


    I've been getting that almost continually lately. I don't even bother to try to connect, I can only get on after like 30 minutes worth of trying. Sucks battery like hell too, and you can't auto-retry, you have to keep pressing the buttons.

    MAZINGER Z Unregistered

  3. Nice one Mazinger!

    Did you reset your data? I'd expect you to have more wins than that...

    MAZINGER Z Unregistered

    actually it was just my wins in push mode.

    i have nearly 9000 wins in 4p and 3000 in 2p. [​IMG]
    I had the chance to win few matches ( in push ) against a jap player around 8500 and win about 250 points !
  5. That's very nice Mazinger Z !!! [​IMG]
    Respect! Now you've reached 8000+ you should start practicing to reach 9000+ [​IMG]
    Nooo, just kidding [​IMG]
  6. By the way, Mask...

    I've noticed something, I think you've made a mistake in the list at #91.

    Now it says ----

    I believe that ain't right.
  7. congratulation MAZINGER !

    ahhhhhhh, indeed i made a mistake !

    Kevcel, thank you for pointing out the errors [​IMG]
  8. che_lives

    che_lives Unregistered

    \i havent played in a while.. want to play?

  9. OMG It's Che_Lives. We thought you fell into a manhole and died.

    1. My DS has been missing for about a week now.

    2. I'm now a constant 7700 player now.
  10. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    i thought he fell into a moonhole.
  11. che_lives

    che_lives Unregistered

    i had to move and its a long story... but look for your ds.. thats awesome you got so good!

    im still a 7200 player... i think its time to practice...
  12. che_lives

    che_lives Unregistered

    and you? are you now a 8000 player?
  13. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    very funny [​IMG] yes, i'm better than DIGITAL, blink, hmm, everybody here (i wish). my recent high rating is 7775 which i hit twice and couldn't pass. i couldn't believe it was the same number both times, and both times i lost [​IMG] (my highest ever is 7780). i guess i'm about the same as G-Fish right now.
  14. Phydeaux

    Phydeaux Unregistered

    As long as there's wi-fi connections accessible from where I have bowel movements, I'll be playing TDS.
  15. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    And as long as Nintendo still runs matchmaking services for its games. Sony shut down the Frequency matchmaking server.
  16. Muf


    Good to know I'm not the only one playing TDS on the toilet [​IMG] On another note, I got 6400 rating the other day. I'm back to 62xx since though, played a lot of shoddy games.

  17. Ok, i found it. and i improved my highest to 7866. if you want my FC just goole "[tc]G-Fish tetris friendcode" and i'll need yours.

  18. Nice one Gangsta_Fish [​IMG]
    Keep up the good work and try to reach 8000 if you can [​IMG]
  19. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    if you have bowel movements over water, you might be shit out of luck. according to every Verizon commercial i've seen wi-fi doesn't work around water. wi-fi only works when you're in a cage surrounded by depressed people.

    mufunyo gets wi-fi on the toilet...or so he says. hmm but mufunyo doesn't have millions of dollars to spend on commercials, so can he be trusted...
  20. Jan


    [Wi-Fi Name]Jan
    [Alphabet Name]Jan
    [Class]2p mode
    [Before rank/After rank]-
    [Your Best Wifi Score]7014

    I hardly reached 6600 before and suddenly got over 7000 today.

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