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  1. Hi.

    I made another Tetris visualizer.

    Project page (Github) | Example | Editor


    So, this is a complete rewrite of TeDiGe (actually, I did two, this is the second), because the first version was too slow, nobody used it and didn't offer as much as fumen. And this version still doesn't. It lacks collision & wallkick support, proper keyboard control and an UI that isn't confusing as hell (I'm bad at this).

    What it *can* do, however, should hopefully at least raise some eyebrows. See the example.

    I've implemented a frame-based animation system (press play on the third example to see it in all its glory). It uses a little bit too much CPU to my taste but it's still usable on my config (Lenovo X220t laptop). There's also a slight memory leak with Firefox if you let the animation loop ad eternam, but it shouldn't crash your browser. Speaking of browser compatibilities, it was developed on Firefox and the examples page works fine in the latest stable Chrome and Opera (I'd even say it runs better in Chrome than in Firefox). Not surprisingly, it fails spectacularly on IE9. You shouldn't use Internet Explorer anyway. I'm too busy to install Win8 at the moment, so trying it on IE10 is not in my agenda. I'm curious about the result nonetheless (I think it *should* work).

    On the backend, Myndzi told my where to look to make a fumen converter. Thanks myndzi ! It semi-works: the inactive stack is flawless, but the active piece may be one or column or row off due to some difference in the coordinate of the active piece. Thread carefully.
    There's that joystick/button visualization that's kinda neat (totally stolen from THE_TOOL, thanks Jago), but isn't currently linked to the action button, so it is a bit tedious to add it to each frame.
    An other nifty-but-half-broken thing is the exportation to image. The exportation of a single frame is flawless (I extensively use the canvas element, and exporting an image from a canvas easy), but the exportation of the whole diagram to an animated gif produce poor colors due to the canvas-to-gif converter I use (everything is client and javascript based; no external server required).

    I'm kinda tired working on this, and I consider it sufficient for my needs (needs = writing silly stuff for an upcoming french tetris blog, probably another stillborn project). I may maintain, fix critical bugs and add features (and I am in no shortage of ideas) it if feel like it, but consider this release "as is".
    If you want to contribute, learn javascript and fork it. There's plenty of documentation about how I coded it; I hope it is sufficient (ask me questions if you like).
    I'd be happy to pull any modifications.
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  2. I've changed to way tedige-2 website is managed; it now mirrors the master branch of the project. It changes absolutely nothing for the end user, but for the developers it means that the JSDoc documentation is now available online.
  3. I've added collision and wallkick support. Also, the fumen converter should work better now (sometime the active piece would be shifted in the wrong places).
  4. K


    Example =


    There isn't a GitHub Page here.
  5. Shoot, forgot to edit that. Remove the s. As in, Example, not examples.
  6. K


    There is no support for IE6-7 ??!?
  7. Hi.

    I'm not dead.

    Tedige can do that now:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The interface still sucks though.

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