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  1. ryanheise

    ryanheise Unregistered

    Tessellate is a falling-block-style game hosted at http://hi-games.net/ where modes can be created by users.

    Tessellate supports fullscreen mode, joystick input, and skins/themes.


    • 40 Lines
    • 2 Minute Speed Run
    • 20G Japanese
    • Drill mode
    • Drill marathon

    Use the Tessellate Wizard to design new game modes. Custom games can also be bookmarked, causing them to be added to your personal game list:



    The Tessellate Engine is extremely flexible and is able to accurately simulate a number of other games. See the wiki for a list.


    Tessellate supports the following rotation systems:

    • Japanese
    • Japanese with floor kicks
    • Hawaiian
    • DTET

    Users can select from a number of themes, and also define custom themes which will be visible to others when they view your replays.


    Thanks to...

    I'd like to thank Caffeine for helping me to understand the rotation system from Hawaii, and Edo and Colour_Thief for helping me to understand the rotation systems from Japan.
  2. Oh noes, there goes my first place position. =]
  3. jjdb210

    jjdb210 Unregistered

    Pretty slick. One note though... I'm not sure what setting does it, but if I try to customize my keyboard options, it starts throwing a java exception:

    java.io.FileNotFoundException: http://hi-games.net/tessellate/themes/1 ... ------.zip
    at sun.net.www.protocol.http.HttpURLConnection.getInputStream(Unknown Source)
    at java.net.URL.openStream(Unknown Source)
    at Blox.a(Unknown Source)
    at Blox.d(Unknown Source)
    at Blox.run(Unknown Source)
    at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)

    I'm jjdb210 if you want to see the setting as they stand (assuming you have access to them).
  4. m:)

    m:) Unregistered

    yeah, that happens because the background image setting goes to --------------- whenever you open preferences.

    set the background image again to play.
  5. ryanheise

    ryanheise Unregistered

    It looks like a bug: when new users go to edit their preferences, the themes menu defaults to "----------" which is a menu divider rather than an actual theme! It should be fixed now for new users, but in your case, you'll need to go to your preferences and select a theme from the themes menu.
  6. Deniax

    Deniax Blockbox developer

    Congratulations Ryan with the release of Tessellate!
    I really like you idea of a "replay-url"
  7. m:)

    m:) Unregistered

    I played tessellate all day yesterday. it plays nice.

  8. ryanheise

    ryanheise Unregistered

    Thanks for the feedback! I noticed a few minor hiccups but I'm happy things are going relatively smoothly.

    I'd now like to set up a number of new leaderboards. Here are some that I have in mind:

    - 3 minute speed run
    - Hawaiian Marathon
    - Japanese Marathon
    - Japanese 20G
    - Invisible resistance
    - Big mode resistance

    But I don't know exactly what parameters would be ideal for each. I'll make a first attempt for each one using the tool and will post the game links here once they are done.

    For the last two, what would be more appealing? Should I use identical settings to TGM (i.e. just one level with constant speed?), or would people be more interested if I made a game out of it, starting more slowly and then increasing in speed?
  9. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    TGM credit rolls run for about one minute at a time. Perhaps making a game out of it would work if you increased the speed after each minute, much like the Rhythm speed curves of Lockjaw.
  10. I did have an idea a while ago for a "fading challenge", and although I can't remember the exact idea that I came up with, here's an attempt at making something interesting:

    Game starts with 20G, and roughly Master 900 speeds (although you may want to tame it very slightly... try ARE 12, Line ARE 8, Line Clear Delay 8, Lock Delay 20, DAS 6). Game is played without the TGM levels system, and instead is played with the clock being the main feature. After one minute has elapsed, a noise is played (something like a big clock chiming because it's on the hour), and "5.00" appears where the level counter should be. At this point, all blocks that are in the playing field have their fade counters set to 5 seconds. Any new blocks added to the field will also fade after 5 seconds. After another minute has elapsed, the clock chimes again. The number on the level counter then starts counting down, at the rate of 1.00 every minute (it counts down in decimals, of course). When a piece locks now, its fade time is set to what the "fade clock" says. Once the fade clock reaches 0 (which should be 5 minutes after it started counting down, and 7 minutes into the game), the chime sounds one final time. The game ends 1 minute later, with a message something like "ALL CLEAR!". That's assuming that the player even lasts that long...
  11. yup, what i love about this entire thing is its really easy to customize despite it being web. Only took literally 30 seconds to turn it from the default skin to something that resembles jono's.

    pro tip: you MUST ( [​IMG] )sign up to change key/are/clear delay. Coz the first time i played it, as a guest, i watched caffienes and i'm was thinking "why is there no ARE, when i play its impossible to get more than about 80TPM because of the ARE/line clear" and couldnt get less than 2 minutes :S
  12. ryanheise

    ryanheise Unregistered

    Here is my attempt at TGM emulation.

    And here is the replay of my Death record (I'm no expert yet [​IMG] )

    Thank you tepples for the preview piece sounds which I used in my theme! But the "I" sound is not quite right. Anyway, to avoid copyright issues, maybe we should standardise on our own preview sounds?

    I'm still working on other game modes. Question: If I make a 3 minute speed run mode, should it be ranked by points or by lines? If the former, then should the game reward a) multi-line clears, b) speed, c) combos, d) twists?

    The theme which I used is available here but without the music included. To fit 10 background images into the theme, I scaled them all down to 320x240 and then compressed them down to 4k jpegs each which still looks surprisingly good. Instructions for modifying themes is on the preferences page for the game in case anyone wants to improve on that theme.

    Next thing I want to do is to make the applet automatically become larger when you resize the page. Then if you have a larger monitor, you can play at a larger size.
  13. m:)

    m:) Unregistered

  14. ryanheise

    ryanheise Unregistered

    That sounds very interesting. I haven't added a "fading tetronimo" gimmick to my engine yet, so when I do, I'll keep this idea in mind.
  15. ryanheise

    ryanheise Unregistered

    I am happy to announce a new release.

    * Code is optimised to download fast.
    * Large themes can be loaded directly from your hard drive without impacting on download time.
    * Keyboard processing (perhaps the most important thing) has been heavily optimised for Linux. Windows and Mac always worked, but most Java games do not behave on Linux. E.g. Hold down a rotation key on Blokkendoos under Linux and it will incorrectly and randomly rotate several times without the user actually repressing the key. Fixing this is hard; The traditional solution (waiting a few milliseconds for the next key event) to this relatively unknown problem, which I used previously, introduced a key release lag on Linux of 1 frame (1/60th of a second) which I have been told by expert players is noticeable. After tracing the source of the Java system itself over the past month, I finally figured out how to manipulate Java's keyboard processing under Linux to give effectively instant response time (or as close to it as is possible). Therefore, I am confident this is the best Java implementation for Linux.
    * I have uploaded a new site design which allows you to zoom into the game area to make the game run with larger dimensions. This is useful when running the game on larger monitors. The graphics has been optimised so you should not see lag even at higher resolutions.
    * There is a new 20G mode which uses the Japanese rotation system. It is similar to T.A.Death, although it uses different timings and introduces rising garbage towards the later levels. You can use the wizard to disassemble the exact timings and level details for this mode.

    Finally, because of the new feature that allows loading themes from your local disk, it is now possible to load TEXMASTER themes into the Tessellate engine! Even animated backgrounds will work, although I have not tested the performance of that on Windows, only on Linux where it appears to run smoothly.

    Just put the following file (named theme.spec) into your data directory of TEXMASTER and then point Tessellate to that same directory.

    credits=Theme design|Whoever
    This will load all of the TEXMASTER resource files from known locations. Maybe you'll need the font.ttf file which you can get from the electronic theme (downloadable from hi-games.net). Otherwise, you could delete all mention of font.ttf from the above file.

    If you want to set music loop points you will need to also add musicLoop= (a comma-delimited list of loop points for each section, corresponding to the "music" property).

    To make this work, you should also (at a minimum) create a greyscale block.gif file depicting a block. As wel, it is good to also include a transparent overlay-grey.gif file which contains the well border and the backing behind the score displays and the score/time/next labels. This is easy enough to create in photoshop.

    So basically, put that(/those) files into your data directory and it should work.

    I hope you enjoy these new features! And if there are any Linux users, let me know if you notice anything strange still. I'll also be away on vacation for the next week so hopefully things will run ok while I'm gone.
  16. m:)

    m:) Unregistered

    the I piece wont rotate for me in the new 20G mode when it's on the floor.
  17. ryanheise

    ryanheise Unregistered

    Hi m:)

    The new 20G mode uses Japanese-style rotation with wall kicks but without floor kicks. As you have noticed, the "I" piece is not so easy to command, but it is possible once you know a few tricks. This very challenging rotation system is described in full detail at this wiki page
  18. m:)

    m:) Unregistered

    yeah i'm a newb. so you have to rotate the i before it spawns in this one.
  19. ryanheise

    ryanheise Unregistered

  20. ryanheise

    ryanheise Unregistered

    I have made a new release with:

    - support for the IcedTea JVM.

    IcedTea is a buggy replacement for Sun's JVM that is common on 64 bit Linux systems. It cannot display fixed-width fonts properly, it cannot mix two or more sounds together simultaneously, and it cannot send cookies to the server. The last one is particularly unfortunate since cookies are used to detect that you are logged in.

    But, if you do use this JVM, the latest release now contains a workaround that should allow you to play and post highscores (although as mentioned, you will not be able to hear both the sound effects and the background music at the same time, you will hear only one or the other).

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