Tested Input Latency of TGM1-2-3, Tetris Friends, Playstation Sakura.

Thread in 'Research & Development' started by JonnyFacepunch, 20 Aug 2015.

  1. Muf


    It hasn't been attempted, but a theory is that the Celeron CPU in a Type-X is too weak to support any kind of processes running in the background alongside the game. Even getting a lot of fireworks in Easy mode is already enough to bog down the game on the original Type-X.
  2. TGM3 can be ran on taito type X2 with Intel Core2 Duo. Wouldn't that suffice for mouse input script? ---> arcademodbios.com confirmed TGM3 works for Taito Type X2
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    yeah that should work as long as it has ATI card. Nvidias do work too if the right driver is installed.
  4. I see. Have you ever tried to build your own clone Taito Type X with JVS I/O and windows embedded XP before?
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    Please read this thread before things get out of hand and this thread derails.

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