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  2. Does anybody know if they will be doing live streaming this year? Also where are the finals taking place? I looked at the show schedule and it looks the seminar rooms are already booked for other events. Too bad that was a nice location. :(
  3. FYI, the double tree hotel no longer has the expo rate available. I was way too late on that. Just recommending if you haven't reserved a hotel yet (and not crashing with wasmachstdugern) to hurry to get the Red Lion rate while it's still available.
  4. i'm such a sucker i could be convinced to house a few more... :rolleyes:
  5. hey guys....me and my brother were thinking about booking a hotel next to the convention center...but everything is sold out :( ...the next cheapest option is somewhere by the airport...????..i dont know anyone from portland, but if someone was willing to lend a couch or floor to me and my bro.. we would be extremely grateful....... i know terrys place is filling up, just wondering if there was anyone else out there....
  6. I was able to book Red Lion yesterday for only $89 per night - their website said sold out but when I called them they apparently had at least one room left at the Expo rate.
  7. ok ill try to make some phone calls...thanks!

    i got the 89 dollar rate!
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  8. Hey David, when are you guys arriving? Inn @ The Convention Center is apparently booked solid on Friday, but they do have room checking in Saturday and out Monday. It's like $70 a night. It's nothing spectacular, but it's a place to sleep at night. A good handful of people stayed there last year.
  9. thanks for the info Alex....we are arriving friday afternoon so we ended up getting the expo rate at red lion...89 bucks a night...not too bad for 2 people...
  10. Cool, good to hear. :) See you there!
  11. Sad to say that I'm not going to be able to make it this year. :\ Sorry to the few that were expecting me to attend. I hope everyone puts on a great show and enjoyes themselves!

    Also, if this is something that ends up getting a stream somewhere, please update the board (as I will if I find something). I'd love to watch even if I'm not there.
  12. the not cali team is taking some hits... :(
  13. I would be interested in finding a nice piece of floor to sleep on for a few nights, if anyone has any floor space still available (will pack my sleeping back if so). But seriously, I can sleep on floors. My mattress is absolutely the firmest mattress I have ever slept on, and I sleep on floors very comfortably. Or wherever.

    And also, I have never seen an ocean before. I will have a rental car, and am definitely going to check out that thing before I leave town, if anyone is interested in that.
  14. Is there going to be an unofficial not cali team vs. cali team contest? Or is it official?
  15. Its primarily in my head, but i think vince commented on it favoribly so... maybeish??
  16. Playful as it might be, I'm extra bummed not to come rep the Midwest. I won't go on and on about it, but I'm trying to come up with some more "modern" ways to arrange regular competitions, particularly due to how scattered we all are. I know a few are like minded in this way, so we'll get another thread up in the next few weeks to try and hash some things out...
  17. I think the fairest way might be to take a lesson from high school cross country:

    total only the top 5 qualifying scores on both sides and whatever is higher, that team wins. head to heads (or trying to include all players in qualifying) from both get hard due to inconsistency in total number of people.

    But top 5 from each side (or top 7 maybe) in qualifying, totaled, would work.
  18. ben's last idea would work. should be a very close race.

    is anything happening on friday night? down to grab some drinks if any of you are down.
  19. I had spearheaded just a couple... actually, they went ok... i was just too lazy to continue. With so many new good players though we really should. I also like not having to be the one to determine a date/time although i would certianly try to do it and CERTAINLY help cajole others to.

    We always just hyjacked harddrops tinychat:

    http://tinychat.com/harddrop (easy to get a lot of concurrent streams)

    and used this gdoc:


    make people enter thier own scores... no moochers!

    the rules were usually something like play 5 18's total the top 3 (easy becasue they stay there anyway unless you cant beat lance hahaha)
    then a 19 thing of top 3 games with 25 minutes for game starts. So various people could "win". Like, someone could win the 18, another could win the 19 and still others could get the highest single game. what it lack though in certainty it has in completeness i think.

    Sidebar: I think this sidegame is fun, me and john byram play it at the bar: each play 10 B mode 19-2's each win gives a plus 1, each tetris gives an additional plus one, highest total wins...
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