Tetris Championship 2013

Thread in 'Locations & Events' started by DonAtreides, 1 Jul 2013.

  1. Don started this thread... then no Don? :(
  2. yeah i was trying to follow his blog for a while and watch his twitch stream but he dropped off. too bad, i wanted him to make a comeback.
  3. I almost wonder if we should discuss the format for next year in some organized fashion. Of course this is one of the best run tournaments imaginable so i speak only minor tweaks like 2 games per time at the tv or double elimination? idk how that even works, but maybe. anyway. we should discuss that somehow as a group of folks, but maybe it should be less than uber public if we do too. Or do we even need to... things are pretty solid as is too. well, i digress.
  4. I agree with you Ben. Tetris for most of us doesnt just happen in 1 or 2 games...I think the qualifying round is ok, just need more TVs, but the best 2 of 3 is somewhat flawed....some really good players are getting bumped early because of droughts, of bad luck, or not being warmed up/into the game yet. I think maybe 30 mins with the average of you top 3 scores would be cool...Its still fun however it goes, but i think the top tetris players want/need more time to show what they are capable of........any other thoughts out there???
  6. Level 9 is for n00bs!
  7. At this point, there is no need for this to be anything less than a Level 18 tournament.

    I was thinking about the single game attempt when qualifying: there should be a 60 second rule that allows the player one minute to restart his or her game. That way you can avoid a short epic fail, and also if you feel like you got one of those lemons you could try your luck with a new game.
  8. since this competition hinges on a 3 game average why dont we do that as a qualifying score? you can take as many attempts as you wish all day, but we average your highest three and use that as your qualifying score. i also like the idea of having a little time to play a game to warm up, so maybe we can alter the process a bit: let us play three games when we sit down?


    every time you sit down to play you have to power off/on the machine and wipe scores. you play until the three scores (not sure what they are but is something along the lines of 10000, 5000, 2000) are replaced. this way you can warm up, drop bad games early and not have them exceed the three already existing scores, and you get to play a series (which will make us all happy). you then must use all of those scores as your average and qualifying score.

    is this reasonable? it seems so to me. it also more accurately reflects the nature of the game and the format we use during competition and it also downplays luck, which some of us got (ahem, robin :) ) and some of us didn't (ahem, me).
  9. I don't know how much it matters, but powering off the machine also means refreshing the randomizer state.
  10. why would it matter to reset the randomizer? does it keep information between games or something?
  11. Yes, the randomizer collects entropy over time. The main random value is constantly shifting, so the timing of events affects the pieces generated. There is also a counter that tracks the number of pieces dealt, which also figures into the selection. However, both of these cycle on fairly short intervals: the main random value cycles every ~9 minutes of game time (or ~2 minutes on the level select screen, for Reasons), and the piece counter cycles every 256 pieces.
  12. Never give up! Never surrender! ;)

    Sorry guys, life got in the way unfortunately. I regret not trying harder to make it, but ultimately I suppose it couldn't be helped.

    Once my score becomes a little less embarrassing, I'll start streaming again. I managed to put in a good 10 hours this weekend and I feel like it really paid off (though my high score remains unchanged). It's only a question of time though until I turn that corner for 400k and then, the moon!

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