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Thread in 'Competition' started by TetrisMattress, 23 Jul 2010.

  1. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Please can you describe me what is this video ?!
    I can't watch it currently and I am impatient to discover the championship movie.

    ohh I see, my friends from TwinGalaxy..:rolleyes:
    I think that you should go for it Kitaru ! :biggrin:
    I bet 100 € on you world champion of Tetris Nes, because you are the only one of use who practiced this game recently..
    End of the story..
  2. I am not competing.
  3. It is a little unclear, but I think the bet was placed on me.

    It is also a little unclear, but he is joking. :p
  4. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    No I am not joking at all..

    I just want to be sure that when someone new arrives here to announce such a contest, he is conscious that he enters in the place where the best western tetris players of every categories of games compete the whole year on special versions 1000 times deeper than Tetris on NES.

    It is a lack of respect for our skill and history to announce that the world tetris classic champion will be decided on a limited place of USA, on such a limited game like Tetris on NES.
  5. I see where you're coming from with regards to geographical difficulties, but I'm finding it pretty funny that someone that got their start on a remake of NES Tetris -- that had a worse randomizer, at that -- is being close minded about the game selected.

    There are pretty much two choices for an 80's era Tetris tournament, and they are NES Tetris and Sega Tetris. Sega Tetris isn't especially popular outside of Japan. They picked NES Tetris. Both are excellent games. Get over it, haha.
  6. I think what Amnesia is trying to say is that having the "world champion" of Tetris be decided by a contest on the NES version a little presumptuous considering that he is coming into the area dominated by the best Western players of TGM.

    He's not saying anything particular about the game (other than its lack of depth, which is debatable) but rather about the title at hand.
  7. Guys I just am showing you what I am working on. It is called Classic Tetris (not Tetris classic which would mean something different) for a reason. I am old school and believe that the NES version(and Gameboy) was what made Tetris big. If I played your version I would be making a film about yours, but I am just sharing with you something that will only make Tetris bigger.
    Amnesia I have heard of you and respect the videos I have seen of your game. I'm sorry I have offended you with sharing my movie/contest. If any of you come to I promise you will be greeted like guests regardless of your wording for projects or choice of game version.
    Good luck
  8. Haha, don't worry. Amnesia's just silly. I think the video is great and I can't wait to see the movie. Although I'm not really a NES Tetris guy myself (played it a couple of times and pulled off 600k+ then never touched it again), I'd like to see the contest and the movie!
  9. God I hate you haha. At least I have TGM1 on ya for now. :twisted:

    Anyway, seconded. Amnesia is prone to being a bit dramatic. This case is especially silly considering how much Tetris + Dr. Mario he used to play, haha.
  10. yeah, just don't pay attention to what amnesia posts lol
    that video was DAMN funny, as said before, made me want to see some more :)

    PS: where did you find the old nintendo championship footage ? I'd kill to see such classic and rare videos
  11. perhaps we are thinking of this disagreement in the wrong light... some of the best documentaries I've seen have that one character in them who does nothing but spew vitriol for the topic at hand... if amnesia (an apt name considering the forgetfullness of NES tetris' awesoness) hates the concept, instead of nothing at all, lets interview and get amnesia in the movie!!!!

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