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Thread in 'Discussion' started by larrytetris, 29 Apr 2009.

  1. larrytetris

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    So I saw this one person at a robotics competition using a laptop and he had a tetris application.

    I'm not sure what the application is called, so I was wondering if someone recognizes it.

    Two of the modes the application presents is 1) invisible tetris, similar to the bonus level of survival mode on tetris friends (although i'm not sure if the blinking in survival is present), and; 2) a mode with a 4x4 well (the matrix you play on has four rows and four columns; you must average one line per block).

    if someone has a URL to a download site with it, it'd be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks so much!
  2. If he's your friend, can't you ask him what it is? There are hundreds of tetris-like knockoff games with various features out there.
  3. Waitasec... Could this be TC's KevinDDR?
  4. Holy shit! I didn't even notice the "robotics competition" part.

    Unfortunately, it's a bit less likely considering that Kevin's robotics competition in Dallas isn't until this weekend.
  5. Was it this you saw? (or perhaps some kind of skinned version)
    (the second pic doesn't have a 4x4 well, but the blocks are big and you must mostly clear at least one line per block)

    Then it is Texmaster that you're seeking.
  6. Hahaha, amazing!

    I am probably that guy you saw? Yeah, I was playing a little Texmaster and Lockjaw at the last meeting...
  7. larrytetris

    larrytetris Unregistered

    Are you part of exothermics robotics from redmond high school?

    indeed they have a competition at dallas starting tomorrow lasting for five days.
    VEX robotics.
  8. Yes yes, that's me.

    Do you have AIM/MSN? Something? Let's talk! Are you part of that? Are you coming to Dallas? Let me know, I'll explain everything!
  9. larrytetris

    larrytetris Unregistered

    That is exactly what i saw, thanks!

    Actually no I'm not going to dallas. ed, dennis, eric, and franklin are i believe. i've already missed too many days due to other competitions (math, future problem solving etc.) and i'd lose the semester's credit if i went xP

    MSN: larry.penguin@hotmail.com

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