Records: Tetris & Dr. Mario (Mode A)

Thread in 'Competition' started by Amnesia, 10 Jun 2009.

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  2. hahaha, this made my day!
  3. 608643/296 for me. Hopefully I'll get better as this was only about my 10th game, but it seems similar enough to NES that I don't see a large growth opportunity. 700k should be doable... Or rather quite easy as Thor says.
  4. I really need to get a SNES with unglitched controller ports and a copy of this game. :s
  5. Since I promised to get something up on NES and hadn't delivered yet, I thought I could live with putting this SNES run up for now. :\ 348462 @ 302 lines. Happier about the lines than the score, but still... :)

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  6. again, i join this conversation late, and will undoubtedly be overshadowed by superior talents... yet i still offer my humble submission. my GF and i saw the record at twin galaxies a while ago and pulled out the old SNES to break it, which i did in the first attempt, which admittedly wasn't that great a game (see attached image). little did i know a whole devious, neurotic subculture lurked on these forums that put those TG records to shame. the image is my lines reord (29B) but my high score is 42o something. i actually have a video of that i will post soon.

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  7. @joshua tolles- fucking rad video! 392!?! in-sanity. love it.
  8. "This video is private." :(
  9. should be fixed. sorry!
  10. on a related note: i bought an NES dr. mario today from my local mgic card shop and will be playing soon. hope to beat/match ben's roommate's records!
  11. That, sir, is nasty. O_O Well done!
  12. Definitely, crazy stuff! Congrats Ben!
  13. @ben- is a SNES maxout possible, in your humble opinion?
  14. No... I mean yes, well, it depends <-- that my rought answer.

    The longerish one is that a person will not out do about 750k or so prior to transitioning to level 29 so the question is really about how playable level 29 is, and it is a little playable. It actually might feel like an easy max for a hypertapper like thor, but for a non- tapper the odds get long indeed. I would really just be burning lines if i survived for a long time on 29 so it would take like 250 lines just above 29 with this game to make. Technically not impossible, but practially impossible. If i ever pony up for the game genie like josh has i might get better at surviving, but even being better at it is no guarantee for a long string of lines. A third caveat is simply the size and strength of the classic community. Although very few play this version at the moment I have a feeling that if enough did the resulting points competition would bring us to maxout, eventually. One thing i know for certain is that at some point, someone will likely put this score to shame.

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