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Thread in 'Competition' started by Amnesia, 10 Jun 2009.

  1. Oh yeah. I forgot to mention that. The color palette is only good for Levels 00 through 10. SNES uses the same color scheme for Levels 12 through 19, and same colors for 20 through 31. I am still experimenting around with satisfying color schemes for those two big blocks of levels.

    Kitaru suggested maybe hacking the ROM and re-assigning the color schemes, assuming there is a table for it, it might not be too hard to fix if one could actually find the table.

    Also, I forgot all about B-Type and 2-player modes. Those still need to be fixed, too.

    I have a really cool idea (I think it is cool anyway) for the Level 20-31 color scheme, if I can't figure out how to reassign the color palettes for those levels.

    I don't know much about how the sound works, but I would like to change the sound of a Tetris into the original NES sound effect :D
  2. Here is my maybe final version (unless I can learn more about how sound effects are made, which looks ridiculously complicated from what I have seen):

    Levels 00 through 29 are replicas of NES (I corrected the issues with Levels 11 and up), with my own personalized special twist for 30 and 31 ( same color palette for both levels). The first version I posted didn't have the correct backgrounds for B-Type or 2-Player versions, but this one does.

    From what I have seen of the sound effects operation, it would take a massive amount of code re-writing to alter just one sound effect (if I picked just one to do, it would be the Tetris sound effect, and that one is a loooong sound effect). Unless someone knows about a sound editing tool for SNES roms (and NES roms), I don't think sound alteration is going to happen :/
  3. A new PR for me? I think 683 was still my old PR. Ever so slight improvement. I can't believe I failed to do anything significant after transition :/

  4. New PR for me, and I ALMOST got Ben. Oh yeah, new world record for lines, too ;)

    717279 @ 397 lines
  5. Great job. 700k and 397 lines is a heck of a deal!
  6. I played a 510 979 some days ago, but it seems that as a new member I can't post the link :(
  7. Muf


    I'm chasing after you approving all the posts that get stuck but I'm not superman :p
  8. Oh sorry, I thought there was some rule who told new members can't link their own youtube channel :)
  9. Muf


    It's spam protection. Newly registered users, when they post a link, need to have their post approved manually. Most of the time there is someone to respond within 12 hours of the post being made, so people hardly notice. It's prevented bots from filling the forums with spam quite a number of times already.

    You've engaged quite a bit already, so I'd expect the restrictions to be lifted from your profile by now, meaning you can post links without getting stuck in the spam filter.
  10. New high for me: 563.953 pts (289 lines). Tough drops in the beginning, but Tetris God did not punished me :p Now my goals are to learn a bit of killscreen and break the 600s.
    And I had some free time, so I thought to make an "unofficial" upload of the leader board :biggrin: I also added links...

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  11. 592.657 at 295 lines, with an idiot misdrop at 28 :|

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  12. Hey, nice score Simba! Keep up the good work :D

    Hmm, I think I might be getting a bit overdue to play some Tetris & Dr. Mario :sneaky:

    - Jono
  13. 525058


    I have no proof for lines, but it was 294 :)

    Level 29 is unplayable for me, with much luck 4 lines ;)
  14. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Thank you Simba for the enlarged leaderboards, when I have 10min I will make a nice uploaded one on the first page..Where does this come from ? Can I trust it ?
  15. Hi Amnesia :) I just picked up yours and added all the scores posted after your last message in this thread. I hope it can save you some time!
  16. That table looks solid I think with the following mistake:

    608643/296 <-- Bo
  17. You are right: I fixed it :)

    Nice scores Stiban!

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