Records: Tetris & Dr. Mario (Mode A)

Thread in 'Competition' started by Amnesia, 10 Jun 2009.

  1. Question. NES Tetris has some important differences between NTSC and PAL versions... what about SNES? Are they comparable?
  2. I finally broke the 600k! 616.245 pts (297 lines).

  3. The game timings weren't adjusted as in the case of NES, so they're relatively comparable (insofar as PAL being a ~83% speed version of NTSC, giving more time to react).
  4. Thank you!
    I'm playing the NTSC. So... maybe the scores of this thread should be kept separate?
  5. They weren't at first, but it wouldn't hurt to at least have them tagged for now. Maybe they can be completely separated out later.
  6. Ok, these are my guesses:

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  7. Nice work! Updated.
  8. Slight increase in lines today. I got 313 during the last run of the stream. Gotta work on that score, though...

    Update: Strike that! New PB in score AND lines today! SNES Tetris - 556,492 @ 317 Lines
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  9. Well done, Ben! Got some solid runs going after 29, that's exciting stuff!
  10. Updated!

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  11. Today I got a good run on my special vs hacked mode: link :biggrin: Read the description for more info...
  12. Very impressive first post! :D Welcome to the forums!
  13. Wow, indeed, very well played!
  14. 341? Why yes, yes I will take that as a new Line PB...

  15. Nice work BD. There were a couple of great saves in there. It was certainly fun to watch! Congrats.
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  16. Thanks, Getzie! It was a hard fought 29+, but worth it! Sitting in the number 3 spot for lines feels pretty satisfying. :D
  17. Took long enough to get this... :p

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