Tournament: Tetris Party Tournament (Wii)

Thread in 'Competition' started by lee n, 19 Oct 2008.

  1. Well there's one thing you can do I guess. If you keep coming up against him, just let the timer start the match and go get a drink to annoy him lol.
  2. Wow, I was just on there, and it was like a Twilight Zone episode. I was at 8063, then had a DC happen with 2 points still left to be awarded and the point scrolling sound playing continuously. Then I lost a game to a Mii with some black headwear that was rated 5000 to go down to 7971, so it was true that I really only got 8 of 10 points from the previous match. Then I went to play another game and the screen froze up for a couple seconds at "REA" while the other player started playing their pieces. After I won the game I somehow wound up with 8083 points like the 100 point loss had never happened. Huh? Could the 5000-rated player have been some sort of hacker or something?
  3. what do you think? isthere theoretically any acceptable solution against disconnecters ?

    * punishing disconnection with point loss? of course, this would cause an outcry by people who get randomly disconnected by their service provider or by the servers of tetrisparty..

    * detecting powerdown of the wii by the powerswitch on the wiimote ?

    * a system that lets rate a gamer as unfair ( you mostly can feel that someone disconnected because he was to loose, and i think you often distinguish fair players who just have shitty internet from DCers) (rating after game ended - redflagging or something can of course cause abuse by shitheads)

    * ???

    tetrisparty should get patched. all in all this DC problem is a serious gameplay bug.
  4. Tetris DS starts each match by silently deducting the appropriate amount of points from each player. If a player disconnects intentionally, it counts as a loss for them. I think it might return that credit if the player is accidentally dropped. However, I suppose someone could unplug their router... so perhaps not. At any rate, this sort of scoring business should be taken care of in part before the match and in its entirety at the moment the match concludes. There should not be an intermediate step that facilitates cheating an opponent out of their rating points, which is what it sounds like is happening here.
  5. I say there should be a point loss. It's the fairest way. Sure, it's annoying on Tetris DS when I accidentally get disconnected, but I think the annoyance is far smaller than it would be if there was no penalty for disconnecting.

    The Tetris DS disconnect system can be exploited in such a way as you can make yourself disconnect, but for your game make it seem as if all your opponents disconnected, meaning you take the full win even if you'd already lost (assuming 4-player).
  6. durga2112

    durga2112 Unregistered

    I had that happen too. I was against a mii that looked like a clone trooper, and the screen froze at "R" for a while. When I could finally start placing my pieces, my opponent suddenly had "earrings" that weren't there before. What the hell? [​IMG] That match ended with a disconnect.
  7. m:)

    m:) Unregistered

    i had half a S appear a few times.
    with the DC thing, I don't care so much if they don't loose their points.
    it's just that you don't win any. you should at least score a win when the opponent DCs.

    it pisses me off when you see the screen telling you that you won only to get zero points.

    i never get DC'd when I am about to loose points.

    I do wonder what is happening in those games where you get beat but the other player keeps playing for 30 seconds or more.
  8. durga2112

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    Just got my email re my points for the third tournament. Wahoo - World of Goo tonight! [​IMG] My boys are going to be so excited - we've been talking about it so much over the last few months, even my 20-month-old says "goo" when he sees pictures of the game. [​IMG]
  9. m:)

    m:) Unregistered

    world of goo is just "ok" imvho. i never got hooked on it.
    I got it in october and didn't finish until january.
    chapter 4 is great fun tho.

    groovin' blocks is great

    bit-trip:beat is pretty good.

    artstyle cubello is great as well.
  10. Yeah, I prefer Bit Trip Beat and Groovin' Blocks to World of Goo. World of Goo is a good game, but the gameplay just isn't addictive.
  11. m:)

    m:) Unregistered

    chapter 4 on goo hooked me, then the game was over.


    i'm done with the tourney i'd rather have fun [​IMG]
    this game kicks ass
  12. Gradius Rebirth and Bit Trip Beat have been my tournament purchases so far. I need to get a bigger SD card before I can pick up much else, haha.
  13. zarvok

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    Yeah... I haven't had much time lately and I just started playing last night. The disconnects were ultra frustrating. Put in a few hours and got up to 5400 or something, but it should have taken much less time.

    I also got my third tourney prize (even though I had no time and skipped the last part of it, I ended at 120ish). Spent mine on super punch out on the VC... the screenshots of the new wii punchout have me feeling nostalgic
  14. I still have a NES and Tyson's Punch-Out and a SNES and Super Punch-Out. If they screw up the Wii version I'm going to cry, because that's the only game I'm really looking forward to on the Wii right now.
  15. m:)

    m:) Unregistered

    pac man is great with my sanwa stick!
  16. Jeff

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    lol, so my girlfriend was playing on my tetris party to rack up some points...and a guy with 8600+ comes in and wrecks her. Hi, Iphys!....

    Then she re-matched him and beat him...sorry about the 112 point loss (!)

    Short of TC'ers, we haven't seen people do t-spins during play that effectively =T sorta scary when we hear the sound and get 4 lines of garbage lol


    So my boyfriend wanted to play a few matches. he goes "let me play a few but if it's iphys then you're taking over"
    so I go to the kitchen to throw something. I hear a ding, the one where you match w/someone else.
    he yells out my name, and says "come here, I wish i was joking!"

    gg's sir
  17. Haha, I totally agree. Pac-Man Championship Edition with a Sanwa is "da proest," as they say in some circles. :p

    Namco should port PMCE to some platforms other than X360. Maybe they'll put it on a Namco Museum at some point like they did for Pac-Man Versus -- which made the jump from a GCN exclusive that required a GBA -> GCN connection to being available on the DS Namco Museum.

    Anyway, to get back on topic, when does this round end? I haven't been playing at all on account of school -- not to mention that Tetris Party has low priority in the list of things I do spend my free time on. :s
  18. Lenna

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    It ends on the 30th. Though knowing how the tournament's been, it tends to sometimes end a few hours earlier or so. (Or maybe its cause I live in the same location where the company is, and they figure everyone is to the east of Hawaii?)

    I dunno. I really don't like this round, theres too much 'luck' involved. Luck with the pieces, luck with getting paired with easy opponents, luck with even just not getting paired up with too many gods (had a bad streak with some random 8400 rank person who could've been iphys - though I managed to beat a 8000 rank once, somehow)

    But yea, I hate the ranking system. It literally discourages you from challenging people of a higher rank than you, since low and high rank people are worth the same. Thus, my theory of how it works:

    The wifi rating is basically dependent on your % chance of winning a match against any random person. What percentage corresponds to what wi-fi score? I decided to try writing a small program in C to answer that, and my results are the following:

    0.000000: 499
    0.010000: 498
    0.020000: 549
    0.030000: 1050
    0.040000: 1319
    0.050000: 1536
    0.060000: 1765
    0.070000: 1947
    0.080000: 2105
    0.090000: 2256
    0.100000: 2396
    0.110000: 2562
    0.120000: 2710
    0.130000: 2849
    0.140000: 2966
    0.150000: 3077
    0.160000: 3201
    0.170000: 3304
    0.180000: 3394
    0.190000: 3500
    0.200000: 3586
    0.210000: 3697
    0.220000: 3785
    0.230000: 3861
    0.240000: 3935
    0.250000: 4013
    0.260000: 4066
    0.270000: 4149
    0.280000: 4211
    0.290000: 4277
    0.300000: 4337
    0.310000: 4398
    0.320000: 4469
    0.330000: 4524
    0.340000: 4562
    0.350000: 4616
    0.360000: 4674
    0.370000: 4722
    0.380000: 4777
    0.390000: 4827
    0.400000: 4870
    0.410000: 4927
    0.420000: 4963
    0.430000: 4983
    0.440000: 5016
    0.450000: 5048
    0.460000: 5068
    0.470000: 5104
    0.480000: 5149
    0.490000: 5199
    0.500000: 5257
    0.510000: 5289
    0.520000: 5346
    0.530000: 5379
    0.540000: 5425
    0.550000: 5453
    0.560000: 5487
    0.570000: 5510
    0.580000: 5543
    0.590000: 5582
    0.600000: 5609
    0.610000: 5658
    0.620000: 5715
    0.630000: 5764
    0.640000: 5815
    0.650000: 5879
    0.660000: 5946
    0.670000: 5991
    0.680000: 6033
    0.690000: 6099
    0.700000: 6154
    0.710000: 6208
    0.720000: 6297
    0.730000: 6348
    0.740000: 6423
    0.750000: 6493
    0.760000: 6562
    0.770000: 6628
    0.780000: 6719
    0.790000: 6808
    0.800000: 6893
    0.810000: 6986
    0.820000: 7097
    0.830000: 7198
    0.840000: 7306
    0.850000: 7430
    0.860000: 7520
    0.870000: 7647
    0.880000: 7773
    0.890000: 7932
    0.900000: 8087
    0.910000: 8239
    0.920000: 8402
    0.930000: 8559
    0.940000: 8744
    0.950000: 8949
    0.960000: 9173
    0.970000: 9398
    0.980000: 9590
    0.990000: 9877
    1.000000: 9999
    How to read it: The left number represents the chance you have to win a match. The right number is an approximate expectation of what you can expect your wifi rank to be, assuming a large number of matches. To compute these numbers, the algorithm was something like:

    - Iterate for each percentage value from 0 to 100%:
     - Do 1000 iterations of the following:
      - Using the ranking table at , simulate playing 10,000 matches over and over with the given % chance of winning, and determine their ending score.
     - Take the average of the iterations and spit that out as the ranking
    (Yes, I know 0 and 1% winning chance are below 500, which I don't think is possible. I figure its just an unlikely border case)

    Anyways, its interesting to note that if you're 50-50 on winning, your average expected rating is really 5250, not 5000. I'm not sure why this is the case, but it might be something to do with the fact that 4500-4999 gives you more for a win than a loss, or something.

    But yea, I guess my other point is that it doesn't seem like theres too many people playing online for the tournament - and as a result, it feels like sometimes I'm playing against the same people over and over.

    Just need a little more patience before I ever hit top 100...
  19. Well, there can't be _too_ much luck with the pieces. It is a bag randomizer, after all. Although I'd agree things are at their fairest when both players get an identical sequence of pieces, you're still pretty well off with an identical distribution.

    As for the rating system... I feel you there. It is a total joke. Look at Tetris DS or BlockBox if you want to see an example of a rating system done right. Things are supposed to be balanced based on the current ratings of both players.

    Thanks for reminding me about how stupid the rating system is, haha. That pretty much cements my lack of interest in this round.
  20. Hey, Jeff. Is your girlfriend in the 6000's? I was on there for 3 hours straight last night and lost 3 or 4 games, so I don't exactly recall now.

    People's ratings will probably be slightly higher than the expectation, since you can update for your maximum ever rating rather than having to go by whatever final rating you get. Even a player that wins half their games could probably random-walk their way above 5500 at some point with a string of better-than-average games.

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