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Thread in 'Competition' started by lee n, 19 Oct 2008.

  1. Jeff

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    She played you 4 times...won three of them. She was using my avatar at the time, but yeah, we just hovered around 6000. It was strange, she'd be so focused on beating you that her concentration was almost zen-like...then lose to people who were in 6k-7k range: just because it wasn't your avatar she was playing against

    We (ok by We I meant my gf and her alone...she tests her tetris skill with professional pride =T) wanted to ensure prizes, but it feels like even 6k isn't enough of a guarantee, what with all the stiff competition that's been online as of late. But man, iphys, to win one game gets you 8 points at that level? After last night, did you come out ahead or behind what you started with that day? Because we were losing 1 game out of every three at 6000, and we basically didn't move up in rank at all for a couple of hours, but a loss at your level means that you'd have to win the next 12 or so, no? o_O
  2. There's actually someone else on there that I saw a couple days ago with almost my identical Mii, so she's going to be disappointed if she faces that one. I don't know if it's just a coincidence or if that person was actually trying to look like my Mii for some reason. It's 7 points for a win and 112 points for a loss once you get to 8500, so you have to win 16 games for every loss to stay even. I finished down about 80 points last night -- not sure if it was because I was misdropping more than usual, or because the competition is improving.
  3. I played that guy a few times today. He sucks. He disconnected on me after I beat him a few times.
  4. Woohoo, I just got connected to Davey for the first time finally, and I actually managed to beat him and get my points. First I made him wait the whole countdown to punish him for his DCing ways. Then I avoided any T-spinning so he wouldn't suspect I had a chance of winning, and when I had a nice shaft of garbage I TSD-tetris-tetrised him so fast he never had a chance to DC on me in time if he tried. He was at 8510 points, and I knocked him down to 8398, assuming the point loss got registered on his console too while he was in the midst of trying to DC no doubt.
  5. Ed_

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    Just found these forums, and had two things to say:

    First, I'm incredibly impressed with some of the people who post here. Before playing online, I was the big Tetris fish in my small gaming pond. It's amazing to see how good some of you people are, and the different strategies being used in competition. So congrats to all of you who are better than (that's quite a few!) and thanks for showing me some new tricks while offering the occasional beatdown.

    Second, glad to hear that some of the really talented people are also disappointed with the cheating taking place. I mean really, it's just a friggin' game: take your points when you win, and take your lumps when you lose! The worst part is seeing how many of the cheaters would be good players even without disconnecting to protect their scores. After a frustrating night of dropping about 200 points (in large part because of one or two people who would disconnecting before losing, costing me about a dozen games worth of wins over the past hour), I'm delighted to hear iphys' story.

    Here's hoping that 6742 is good enough for some Wii points, and that you all keep playing and enjoying the game long after the tournaments are done.
  6. Apparently he's not just a cheater, he's a fool as well. He updated his leaderboard after that loss and recorded his new, lower rating.
  7. Hey, Ed. Welcome to the boards!

    Heh, heh, I can't believe he updated his rating. I wonder if he DCed part way through losing the points, because the numbers don't quite work out. If he'd won another game after losing to me, he would have been at 8408 instead of 8407, so maybe he DCed at the point where 103 of the 112 points had been deducted.
  8. Lenna

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    Ugh. Davey. I wonder if he was the guy with a 8400-ish ranking I saw who managed to disconnect right before the points got awarded one time that I won. (And I got no points. Grrr.)

    Yea. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one frustrated here. Is it just me, or is nearly no one ranked lower than a 5000 thats actively playing? If so. it would seem like everyone continuing to play would only drag each others' scores down.

    Unfortunately, I still have RL stuff to finish, so I don't know if I want to invest a few more hours to try bump myself to the 6000s. It looks like a 6000 is good enough for top 100 right now (only 75 people at the moment are there), but then again you never know if there's 100s of people keeping their ranking secret until the final day to swarm the server with updates.

    Yeah. This round just doesn't feel very fun.
  9. Davey is a bald white guy with no eyes and a big grin with big white teeth if that helps. I have had two games disconnect after I've lost, but the last time that happened I was around 8100 (it was against a girl though). I assumed those disconnections happened due to lag because the other person was still playing after I lost, but lately it seems like almost every game I lose the other person plays on for 10 seconds afterwards without a disconnection happening. I also notice the games I play where the other person's screen freezes at some random time in the game (rather than suspiciously right as they're about to be topped out) sometimes I have to play on for over a minute now before the disconnection screen finally comes up, so I don't know if they changed the parameters for how much lag leads to a disconnection, or why it seems to be different the last few days.

    I agree fewer sub-5000 players seem to be on there of late, so most games are probably leading to a reduction in points. Anyone holding out to update their ranking might find themselves in trouble. I found the competition the hardest the first night, then it seemed really easy the next few days, and now it seems like it has been getting gradually tougher again. At this rate, 6000 should be enough for top 100, and probably some people will be too oblivious to submit their confirmation codes, so even falling just outside the top 100 might be enough. In fact, there might not even be 100 people that bother to submit confirmation codes, so anyone who places anywhere in the top 1000 to get a confirmation code should try submitting it.
  10. I stopped at around 6500 a few days ago. Just for a bit I thought the tournament organizers would be smart enough to punish DC'ers, but I guess that was stupid. It was fun for the first few days when there seemed to be a lot of people playing, but now it seems that every second person is a DC'er, and I really don't care enough to play anymore. I ran into Davey twice the other day... lost to him once, then won and got DC'd and that really killed my will to keep playing. Not to mention TP is far too slow of a game for me to enjoy as much as TOJ or other multiplayer SRS.

    iphys, your story made me smile though. I really hope you take top score ;D

    Also, hi Ed ^^
  11. I currently have a 5800ish rating in 92nd and my rating is 100 above the 100th place guy. 6000 is in 73rd and I sincerely doubt 28 more people are going to be able to pass that with the lack of easy opponents still out there in 4 days. So 6000 should be safe. But, that still wont stop me from grinding it out the next couple days to get as high as I can. I was just waiting for all the easy competition to settle down and have all the good players come out and play [​IMG].

    Does anyone else see themselves still playing Tetris party after the tournament is over? I cannot see myself playing that game much more and the huge frustration of all the cheaters in this tournament made me angry at TTC.
  12. Ed_

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    Is there a way to know what the Mii of top players looks like? I've played against some really good people since getting Tetris Party, but have no idea how they match up with the rankings I see.

    What does TOJ and SRS stand for? TP doesn't seem too slow, but that depends on who I'm playing against. [​IMG]

    As a mediocre Tetris player with only basic technique, I do hope that Tetris Party keeps getting played once the tournaments are over. It's more fun playing against other people than on your own... and as long as there is competition available I'll still be dropping in for a match from time to time. That said, I'm worried that there won't be many "serious" players left for Tetris Party. That's a real shame because they are the most fun to be matched up against (losing means learning, and tough wins are the most gratifying).
  13. SRS is just the rotation system that TP uses... Super Rotation System. TOJ is Tetris Online Japan... here's the thread.

    It seems like you're pretty new to the tetris scene, so maybe you've never played on a keyboard before. It takes a while to get used to, but I found it pretty easy to adapt to, and I know I have more fun in TOJ than I do at TP. TP is slow because of all the time between when you lockdown a piece and when you gain control of the next piece, and the time it takes to clear a line and stuff. I'm sure a lot of people are playing at the maximum speed the game allows.
  14. m:)

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    there is also blokbox for online play.
    we will see if 6000 is enough. i quit playing after getting DC'd on 80% of the time. too annoying and not worth $12
    I stopped at 5996 and am at 70th right now. I haven't played in a week.

    excitebots fwiw.
  15. durga2112

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    I'll still be playing it (though not as frequently), as it is the only console version of Tetris that I currently have, and I still have quite a bit of achievements (or whatever they're called) to unlock. Plus I still want to learn how to do ST-stacking reliably and get my marathon score up to a more respectable value. I probably won't be playing any more World Battles unless they come out with a patch for the disconnection problem, though, as the rankings are pretty meaningless if people can just cheat their way to the top.

    I have noticed your name very close to mine on the leaderboard for much of this tournament. If you'd be up for it, I'd love to play some matches against you sometime - my friend code can be found in the TP friend code thread that is currently a few pages back.
  16. Jel

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    Hey everyone, just found this site and wanted to throw my 2 cents in - as obnoxious as the disconnecters are, I personally find the actual scoring system more frustrating, there's WAY too much grinding involved, I think iphys mentioned the crazy win/loss ratio you have to have to move up once you reach the higher scores. I understand the logic behind it, but there's so many better ways they could have done it. But hey, at the end of the day I'm still just surprised nintendo is doing any kind of organized online activity at all, so I'm enjoying it.
  17. m:)

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    nope, i'll be back to ARS, i don't think i'm even going to finish this one.
  18. Uh oh I think that is a challenge [​IMG]. Yeah if I could find time to play definitely. I will add my name/FC to the thread. You will probably have a better chance of finding me on blockbox. TP distracts me too much from schoolwork that I have a tendency to always be behind in.

    edit: This game's garbage system makes absolutely no sense at all. So I decided that I am going to avoid Tetris Party at all costs. TTC is dead to me now. Bring on blockbox
  19. Oh, for F's sake, Davey has got on there and cheated his way out into first place again. I tried to get on there today to see if I could work my way back up in the last couple days, but some jerk DCed on me on my first game after a long and hard battle, and then I played one more game and realized I just wasn't enjoying it at all anymore, so I decided to throw in the towel after that. I hope you can catch him, Edhuge, although I guess it's pretty near impossible to compete with a lowlife who just DCs all the time.
  20. This is the angry and frustration tetris party causes. Ed was doing decent (I lost to him twice today) so he has my support for first place.

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