Tournament: Tetris Party Tournament (Wii)

Thread in 'Competition' started by lee n, 19 Oct 2008.

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    cheers to the patients you guys have for continuing on with this mess of a tourney. my position held in the top 100, i'm glad i ducked out after the first weekend. I would have been cussing out my TV too much
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    What time today does the tournament actually end? I'm currently barely hanging in there at 94th, but I don't think I'll have a chance to move up any further, as yesterday's session was an absolute disaster that ended up losing me another 200 or so points (I didn't update after that, naturally). It's been frustrating dealing with disconnects, but I've also found this tournament to be rather exciting, mainly because I've been so close to dropping out of the top 100 a few times only to pull myself back up. I also had to laugh a few times when someone disconnected in the middle of a match, then ended up against me for the next match, at which point they disconnected again before even starting the match - I'm glad to know that I'm good enough at this game to strike such fear into some people. [​IMG]
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    it ends at UTC 00:00 for me thats 5 PM I'm on MST (UCT-7) (currently the same as california daylight time)
  4. I lost three times last night and I'm down to around 8800ish. I just got home from work and won't be able to catch up with only an hour left. I played Davey several times in the past few days (with two different Mii's), and he did not DC when I beat him. He looks to be legit and probably edged me out in the matches we played. Iphys... Let's try to get some matches in against each other, they've always been good battles.
  5. You think Davey is legit? You're sure he just hasn't mastered how to do the disconnect at the last second so that he avoids losing points while other people still get there's? Seems weird that people here and at gamefaqs were separately complaining about his DCs.

    Yeah, we should play for sure! I sent you my friend code a couple days ago by PM, so it should be in your inbox if you didn't see it yet.
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    #99 - awwww yeah! [​IMG]

    I hope everyone doesn't abandon this game now that the tournaments are over, as I'd love to play against some of you. On the other hand, I am curious to try some of the other games I see people talking about here, so who knows. One way or another, I'm sure I'll see you guys around!
  7. 84th and scored wii points in all the tournaments!! Glad that is over.
  8. e-mails were sent with the points. It says on the site I finished 83rd but 69th in the e-mail. So if anyone just missed top 100 by a couple places they still could have a chance of getting wii points.
  9. Tournament #4 Summary:

    Period: April 16, 2009 April 30, 2009
    Your Final Rank: 45 of 100

    and also won in each tournament the 1200 points. thanks alot to for the points!
  10. Woo, got the e-mail. I'll claim my 1200 points and hopefully buy something neat. There's also Cave Story I could just wait for.

    I really should've paid attention to the game earlier; I didn't know they were doing tournaments with prizes until the 4th one started.
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    That's indeed what happened to me. I originally thought that I finished out of the running for the top 100. I think I was 120th on the leaderboard. A few days ago I got an email stating that I finished 100 out of 100 and that I could claim my Wii points!

    I do wonder what happened though. Did they figur out who was cheating and disqualify them or did some of the people in front of me just not bother to submit their score?
  12. Probably people forgetting to submit. I don't think they could DQ people for disconnecting.

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