Tournament: Tetris Party Tournament (Wii)

Thread in 'Competition' started by lee n, 19 Oct 2008.

  1. cosmonaut

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    by the way, cosmonaut is back.
  2. zarvok

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    So I notice that on the leader board for the first round, I'm in 24th, but in the "my ranking" section of the website, it says I'm 23rd. Has anyone else noticed something similar?

    I also noticed that both the America and Europe regions have one player way above the rest of the field on the leader board, in both cases at 883k and change points. I know in the American region that player held the top score from very early on in the tournament.

    Maybe Nintendo planted this top score? That would explain why my leaderboard rank is one lower than my "my rankings" rank, and the similarity in the top scores in the two regions.
  3. tepples

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    Or maybe the top scorer is being investigated for cheating. Or maybe the top scorer lives in a state with laws against this sort of contest.
  4. zarvok

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    These are, of course, possible - and not just of the top scorer but of anyone. However, if there were cheating investigations ongoing, I would guess our ranks on the "my ranking" page would still say pending. And, in the case of state law, I'd sort of be surprised if nintendo is tracking this now and updating their ranks (how would they know, anyway - IP addresses change and aren't always accurate at that level), rather they would just cut them out at the end.

    Mostly, I'm curious - do european players have the same one-off thing going on?
  5. Whoever wasn't counted, it wasn't #1. I'm 10th on the leaderboards and in "my ranking". It'd have to be someone ranked 11th-23rd.
  6. m:)

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    my suspicion is people playing on two accounts on the same wii. I live in one of these states, and am still given a ranking. asks for the mac address on your wii.
  7. I heard someone on the Europe board say they finished 20th but were ranked 19th. We were hypothesizing that perhaps someone that participated was from an ineligible location, but being as eligibility is based on residence, I don't know how they would know where you actually reside. The top scores seem very legit to me, so I'm pretty sure they weren't planted or obtained by cheating.
  8. m:)

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    I went up three places myself in the last round.
    I also saw some posts about this over on gamefaqs. i have a different handle over there.

    You can only win once per wii, so you could place with two accounts and have one stripped away.
  9. che_lives

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    im in 15th.. it says 14th.. i made a new profile and got a point to see out of how many...
    *edit* out 4,247.. it got a bronze medal ?? i didnt notice.. that you get "medals" 1-30 gold? 31-500 silver? 501-4,247 bronze? i wonder..
  10. Ah, I was guessing the number of competitors was closer to 5000 people, but it's nice to know how many there were. Probably most of the people that failed to make the top 1000 are no longer competing in the tournament, especially with Field Climber to dissuade people.

    I didn't notice that it was a medal -- it just looked like some sort of seal showing that the results were finalized. I wonder if they made the top 500 gold, then silver, and everything after 1000 bronze.

    So what are people hoping to spend the 1200 Wii points on anyway? I was hoping the prize would be 2000 points and then I could have got World of Goo, but 1200 points is 300 short. I'm hoping they're going to allow people to win more points in the other 3 tournaments, because it wouldn't be such a weak prize if you could stock up and potentially get as many as 4800.
  11. che_lives

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    idk yet.. im just happy that i might get the tetris game for free.. lol
  12. Art Style: Orbient looks like it might be a good choice -- it's well rated and only costs 600 points. I'd also suggest LostWinds (1000 points) if you don't have it yet.

    So I've been wondering why they're having the 2 independent tournaments for Europe and North America, because it would make for a better competition to just have 1. Do you suppose it's because technological differences lead to a slight difference between how the PAL and NTSC versions of the game play, such that it's not strictly fair to compare the results?

    BTW, I tried playing a game of Co-op with the computer and uploading my score in the records, but it wouldn't upload my score. It makes me suspect that we probably are going to need human partners in order to compete in the 2nd tournament. I don't know why they would disqualify the computer, because it's probably harder to play with than a person you can talk to, and it has an annoying habit of wanting to put all the pieces on my side of the screen at the start of the game and then topping out on its side of the screen in the higher levels even when there's still lots of space to put pieces on my side of the screen -- I can only play so well to save it from its own incompetence. Hmmm, wonder if there's a way for me to play with 2 controllers so I can just play the Co-op by myself and try to get enough T-spins to maximize my score before it gets too fast to manage 2 pieces at once -- if only I had more agile toes.
  13. m:)

    m:) Unregistered

    I got a silver and placed in the top 200

    the art style games looks cool. I'm interested in all of them.

    NES DK jr is really tempting. i don't know why i dont have that on my wii yet.
  14. Hmmm, maybe gold was top 100 then.

    I think I just discovered the craziest thing since playing Wii tennis with 2 Wiimotes. I put down 2 classic controllers on a pillow, and used my fingers to push the buttons on the top controller and my thumbs to push the buttons on the bottom controller to play Co-op mode. I only managed to make it to 30,000 points, but the really cool thing about playing in Co-op mode is you can do it all in T-spins since there are twice as many T's per line you have to clear. My main problem was accidentally hitting up when my fingers were going for left or right.
  15. m:)

    m:) Unregistered

    now thats got to get hectic. I'm to convince my wife to try and learn to play with me.
    I think I could get her working a section.

    that one is endless on correct?
  16. Yes, I believe it is endless on. So far the record for local play is under a million, so it must be hard to get 2 competent Tetris players together.
  17. m:)

    m:) Unregistered

    it is strange to play, player one gets L,J,o and sometimes I while player two get z,s,t and sometimes I
    you share the hold piece. and i might be trippin' but it really seemed like we shared the I's
    i convinced the wife to sit and play, lol, it was harder then i thought. we got 20 lines after half a dozen tries.
    if i can get her just a little interested she'll play with me more.
  18. Yeah, I noticed something weird was going on with who got what pieces when I played with the computer, but I forgot after playing by myself. I gave up on using the hold piece with the computer, because it was too frustrating constantly thinking I was holding one thing only to discover I was holding something else. At least playing by myself I could just always hold T. Maybe you should get your wife to be player 1, because it would probably be easy enough for her to make nice stacks with those pieces if you just get her to stack L's together and J's together so that she never makes anything awkward out of them.
  19. Hmmm, maybe I was wrong about playing with the computer, because when I went to update my score after playing with myself, it used my score with the computer instead of my lower score I got competing with myself. Strange that it didn't update before, because the update button wasn't greyed out or anything. I hope that means they'll let us compete with the computer, although that still kind of sucks, because I can't find any way to force the computer to be player number 1 so that I can get the T's and do T-spins -- might just have to settle for trying to get Tetrises, which is pretty hard unless you specifically make walls for your Tetris column to stop the computer from taking singles on you. I wonder if they planned the co-op tournament for February thinking everyone will spend Valentine's playing this with their s.o.
  20. che_lives

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    nah.. i think gold was just the first 30ppl.. the ones in the leaderboard.. 31-500 silver.. theyre giving away 500 prices.. so..

    ill have to beg my friend to play with me.. its going to be hard.. "hey, want to spend a few hours playing tetris and try to top the score?"

    hes pretty good.. he doesnt really like tetris.. his rating on the ds was like 6700..

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