Tournament: Tetris Party Tournament (Wii)

Thread in 'Competition' started by lee n, 19 Oct 2008.

  1. m:)

    m:) Unregistered

    player 2 gets z,s,t player one get L,J,square and you share I's
  2. I realise that, but are each player's subset of pieces given out by the bag?
  3. jujube

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    why would they design the game this way? it sounds..boring.
  4. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    It seems that one player gets bags of [IJJLLOO] and the other [ISSTTZZ]. I might verify it for sure some other time. One advantage of this build over the standard Playing forever pattern is that the STZ player can build a bit slower, meaning the step where the JLO and STZ stacks change sides isn't needed.
  5. The IJJLLOO and ISSTTZZ bags sound right, because I noticed sometimes you could get 3 of the same thing in a row, which never happens with the normal 7-piece bag. I guess that means you could potentially get 4 of the same thing in a row -- ugh.

    It's annoying that they made this decision, but I think they wanted to try to force people to cooperate rather than playing their own separate games on each side of the screen, not that it makes a lot of sense that they decided to then give each player the pieces that are most compatible with each other. Mainly it ticks me off, because when you play with the computer it gets all the T pieces, so it's impossible to do any T-spins unless you can steal them from the hold and get them into a T-spin notch before the computer puts something else there, and the computer just loves to commit suicide by stacking STZ on top of one another.
  6. Ok... give me a longish video of TP doubles, and I'll transcribe it. 5 minutes should be enough.
  7. Here's some details on the Co-op tourney: ... 41384.html

    1200 Wii points for the top 100. It says it's a competition for highest score and lowest time to complete 150 lines and you have to survive 5 minutes, so I don't quite understand how all that's supposed to work. The details on the website said it was endless, but 150 lines suggests it's endless off.
  8. Does it? I'm pretty sure all it suggests is that it'll be keeping track of lines cleared, which is no new news. :p

    This is what I got out of that: Endless, must survive at least 5 minutes, and time/score upon passing 150 lines will be recorded.
  9. ...but why wouldn't they use the final score, since Endless Off seems to test how long you can last rather than how fast you can go/how many points you can score. This way why not just play Endless Off?

    So I totally did not get my confimation code for Round 3 in on time =( bawwwww
  10. The deadline was just 5 hours ago I guess. Those confirmation codes are troublesome, but you should still be fine for top 500. It will be interesting to see what the cut-off will be for the top 500, because I'm guessing it will be below 2000 with all the people missing rounds or confirmation codes. At the very least they could have given people till the end of the tournament to just submit one confirmation code for all 4 rounds.

    You don't happen to live in Halifax do you, t-block? I'm looking for a partner for the co-op tourney.
  11. Yeah I know I'll still place. I'll just add the points I would have gotten to see where I would have been and that's good enough for me. Still mad at myself though =(

    And no, I'm in western Canada, or I'd totally help you out. I'm gonna have to start training my sister for that @.@
  12. m:)

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    i tried to train my wife, it didn't happen [​IMG]

  14. zarvok

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    yeah, congratulations iphys - pretty impressive, I really assumed it just wouldn't be possible in the online version.
  15. I don't know if it's some random thing I'm doing different or something unusual about my console. Half the time I get 53:67, and half the time I get 53:68, and once in a blue moon I get 53:66 (but it only gets saved as 53:67 in the records of the game).
  16. Wow, iphys, nice job there. Sure is lonely at the top, huh? [​IMG]

    So if I understand this right, people entering the co-op tournament play doubles locally, and then send their scores later. You can't co-op with people over wifi, I guess?
  17. I recorded if you want to see what I did:

    Yeah, I don't think Co-op in going to work with partners over wi-fi, but they really haven't said much about how the competition is going to work.
  18. For anyone who wants to try to get a 53"67, I would suggest turning Mii display, BGM, and SE off, and setting the background to "none". After making those changes, I just got my first 53"67 (after many 53"68s). My money would actually be on Mii display being the culprit, since in the past I'd already tried playing with no BGM or SE, and with the plain background.

    Of course, it could also be blind luck.
  19. I'm pretty sure it's not specifically the Mii display, because that's the thing I changed most recently, probably only a week ago, but turning everything off might be the best bet if it saves on the processing time.
  20. Well, I did only play two or three games with Mii display on, but with no sound and a plain background. I might have just gotten unlucky.

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