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Thread in 'Competition' started by lee n, 19 Oct 2008.

  1. I tried to turn the sound off to see if it was any more likely that I could get a 53:66 again, but so far no luck.

    I was just talking to a computer geek friend of mine, and he says computers have 2 clocks, interrupt driven, and real time. The interrupt driven clock is supposed to be more accurate than a real time clock, but the processing time depends on the number of higher priority interrupts, so either way there could be error, but if the game is using an interrupt driven clock that could explain why different game settings might influence the time.

    I wonder if just having the Wii console connected to the Internet for tournament competition might also make faster times less likely. I don't think it would be that uncommon to want to turn off the annoying background or walking Mii, yet almost everyone has been getting the 53:68 time. I wonder what backgrounds people use that get the 53:69/53:70 times.
  2. Lenna

    Lenna Unregistered

    iphys, congrats. Though I hate you now [​IMG]

    Seriously, is the difference between a high score or not for this round going to come down to whether or not i turn off additional graphical displays? If so... this is bullshit, and it doesn't seem like a 'skill' competition anymore.

    *tries alternate strategy of trying to resubmit the same high score at the last possible moment to get a higher rank*

    But yea... don't really feel like replaying this round 100 more times just to save 1/100th of a second by saving one frame. I think my thumbs will break off before then.
  3. To be honest, this round is kind of BS regardless. Any competition where there's an easily-achievable "best possible" performance is pretty lame. At least they're giving us a harder stage racer round in tournament 3. :/
  4. Don't hate me -- hate Bill, or whoever posts the last 53:67, heh heh. The tournament is really only about being top 500 anyway, but yeah, it's BS if your time depends on settings in the game that they don't tell you will influence your results when you set them. This round would have been better if they'd done a cumulative time for JLSTZ, because the SZ courses seem slightly trickier, and it would have been harder to pull off a perfect time on all of them, especially if you had to do it all in one go. Honestly, I wish they would have just stuck to standard Tetris and maybe had a Marathon speed run or consecutive Tetrises challenge as one of the rounds.
  5. It's entirely possible that Tournament 3 Round 1 will be a Marathon speed competition. All we know so far is that it's Marathon, endless off...
  6. Hmmm, I hope not, because I'm better at scoring T-spins than doing speed runs, and all 4 rounds would be speed competitions then. Still, I wouldn't mind a Marathon speed run in place of Field Climber, Shadow, or Stage Racer, because at least it's actual Tetris.

    I tried to register my 4th confirmation code, but it still shows round in progress and won't allow me to submit my code yet.

    It looks like for the Co-op you have to go in to multi-player to sign in your 2nd Mii, then go to the Nintendo wi-fi connection to compete; otherwise it shows the computer's face for player 2 and I assume the result gets recorded as "GUEST" or something.
  7. Lenna

    Lenna Unregistered

    I hope not - though I turned off Miis from the last round, so I wouldn't know; and it looked like i uploaded my score.

    I'm more curious to find out if my pathetic score (59k) is good enough to hold up for the top 500 (Yes, I played both sides... did pretty bad around level 6). And... is it just me, or is in-game endless OFF, yet on the ranking website it says endless ON?

    EDIT: Forgot to ask this, but it looks like I got 3rd for round 4 - did anyone else get 3rd? Or did my strategy of submitting my score at the last minute yesterday actually work?
  8. It doesn't even record the name of player 2 on the leaderboard, so it actually doesn't matter whether you go into multi-player first or not. I think I will still do it though, because I hate seeing the computer's face staring at me. It's probably just one of those buggy things that it automatically uses the computer's face since you would normally be playing with the computer in Co-op if you haven't signed in a second player in multi-player.

    Heh heh, I wonder how many of us are playing Co-op with our imaginary friends instead of real ones. I think we'll need scores more like 300K, because the prizes only go to the top 100 for this tournament, and there will be a fair number of people who have real teams capable of getting mostly Tetrises.

    Yeah, it looks like they lied to us about it being endless ON (not that I've made it to 150 lines to verify that the game truly ends there). They don't seem too careful about double-checking the details for the tournaments. Even the 5-minute rule is dumb, because there are speed demons capable of completing the Marathon in under 5 minutes if you got 2 of them together, and it's pretty easy for anyone to make it to 5 minutes by simply not dropping the pieces.
  9. zarvok

    zarvok Unregistered

    It looks like we all got 3rd. The bit about the tiebreaker is probably just therein case there are overall ties.
  10. Actually...

    I suspect they broke ties in order of who submitted their score first (i.e. exactly the opposite of how they said they would). The game did tell me that I placed first, but after entering my code on the website it says I'm second. (I was tied only with iphys, and submitted my score second.)
  11. Aha, so that's how I got the 1000 points. I can't believe they've been so bad with the details on the web site. At least it doesn't make any difference to the final results for me and Bill, but there are going to be a bunch of ticked people that read the rules and waited only to get screwed out of a lot of points. Well, maybe they'll fix it after the complaints roll in.
  12. zarvok

    zarvok Unregistered

    Hmm... I'm not so sure. I just double checked and I was wrong. I'm rank 90, with 911 points. I was one of the first 5 to get the second best score, so I think they must have broken my tie the way they said they would.
  13. Jeff

    Jeff Unregistered

    LIKE ME T_T;;;

    edIt: rank 44, 957 points. submitted on 29th of January. so later is better, sadly enough, it seems.

    as to the next tournament: are they asking for score run, minimum live for 5 minutes? really confused as to what the 5 minute requirement is...

    my gf and i already have an offline score of 212k, after dry-running a few runs, some on endless off, and some games starting @ lvl 15...So i think we'll be ok!
    I make her do all the t-spinning work (at least for the early levels), it's only fair because she beats the pants off me in tetris -_-;

    If you're really pining for a partner in Toronto, post up!...maybe I'll help you out [​IMG] if it doesn't kick me off the leaderboard, that is [​IMG]
  14. zarvok

    zarvok Unregistered

    This is really annoying, too. It will probably cost me a few spots in the overall standings. It makes way more sense to give everybody with the same score the same rank, and break ties in the overall scores (where they will be much less common)
  15. m:)

    m:) Unregistered

    i got 917 points, rank 83

    I submitted my score last week, at around position 130.

    seems kinda random
  16. Someone at gamefaqs says that Co-op only actually goes to 100 lines for the tournament, which might explain why the scores are so low so far. If it's true, scores will probably only be half as high as if it were 150 lines, so you might only need around 150K to make the top 100. I haven't made it to 100 lines, so I can't verify. If it's true, it's amazing that they've managed to bungle things for the tournaments as much as they have.
  17. m:)

    m:) Unregistered

    the tourny's about as random as the tie breaker. [​IMG]
  18. I just tried restoring the background to default and turning my Mii display on, and I still get the 53:67 no problem on stage racer, so maybe that has nothing to do with it afterall. Maybe the 53:67 Bill got was the equivalent of the rare 53:66 that I get, rather than anything to do with the game settings, but I still don't understand why my console seems to be .01 seconds faster than everyone else's.
  19. m:)

    m:) Unregistered

    quite possibly a lot of people saw the high score, achieved it, and never tried again.

    however, i haven't looked at the leaderboard i recall you saying no one posts .67's?
  20. Yeah, I'm sure more people would have tried to get a 53:67 if they knew that it was possible. Still, it must be incredibly unlikely for people to obtain it, if 200+ people got a 53:68 between the 2 tournaments with none of them happening to get a 53:67 before getting a 53:68. Bill said it took him many attempts to get it, whereas I got it on my first actual attempt at a perfect score in the tournament and get it about as frequently as I get 53:68 in local play, so I don't understand why my console seems to give faster times. Just the fact that I have scored three 53:66's that get recorded as 53:67 in the records suggests my console is giving me times that shouldn't be theoretically possible.

    It's harder to get a perfect time on the advanced courses, but there are thirteen 53:68's on the leaderboards (mainly on the J/L courses that are slightly easier), and just my two 53:67's on the J/L courses.

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