Tournament: Tetris Party Tournament (Wii)

Thread in 'Competition' started by lee n, 19 Oct 2008.

  1. So I wonder how many people were holding out to submit their high scores on the last day... 406k doing ST stacking for singles instead of doubles. BTW did anyone get rewards for first tournament yet? It says my final ranking is 32 but it doesn't say how to get rewards.
  2. m:)

    m:) Unregistered

    i would imagine another week before we get the prizes.. i got 85th

    *rewards will be delivered via email
  3. zarvok

    zarvok Unregistered

    Yeah, the rules say it might be another week or two and that we'll get an email.

    I finished 12th - does anyone see a list of the overall top scorers somewhere?
  4. I couldn't find anything on the site about the top overall finishers. It does say under #10 in official rules you can send a request for the winners of a tournament. But, they might just give you the top in each round not the overall
  5. Jeff

    Jeff Unregistered

    thanks on how to get the code, i thought i was missing something when i got my rank...

    speaking of which, rank 9...thank god for field climber!
  6. Just in case anyone was still wondering, I did finally get an "all clear" off a triple to verify that the bonus is indeed:

    400 x (1 + number of lines cleared) x level number

    so apparently they are simply using the T-spin scoring formula to calculate the all clear bonus.
  7. My points just came, and they have to be claimed in 10 days, so check your inboxes.
  8. durga2112

    durga2112 Unregistered

    Cool, I got mine too. It's weird, though - it says I was 35th out of 500, but I don't remember ranking higher than about 49th in any single round. Oh well.

    Now I just need 100 more Wii points for World of Goo. [​IMG]
  9. I think with people missing rounds or not entering confirmation codes or only aiming for 2000 points, there were probably not a lot of people with over 3000 points, so people could rank much higher than their individual performances just by doing consistently well.

    I'm going to get World of Goo too -- just need my points from the Co-op tourney, and then I'll finally have enough.
  10. durga2112

    durga2112 Unregistered

    I was hoping to get points for the co-op tournament, but alas, my wife and I only placed 282nd. I'm still very proud of that ranking, though, as I have nearly 20 years more experience than she does - we learned to play pretty well together, and I've certainly never had more fun playing Tetris. I've found it amusing reading about all you guys with your dual controller setups, but I didn't want to try it that way. [​IMG]
  11. m:)

    m:) Unregistered

    got my points despite living in an ineligible state [​IMG]
  12. Just out of curiosity, how many points did everyone end up with? It says I was 11th with 2842 points, but I missed 985 points when I missed the Shadow deadline, so I'm just wondering where I could have ended up.
  13. i had 3208 at 90th place on the 'my ranking' page of TP tourney page, but my email quoted 85th place. that is weird if you placed higher with a lower total score.
  14. It sounds like they ranked you based on your actual placings rather than how many points you submitted confirmation codes for, so maybe the confirmation codes were just a bunch of meaningless nonsense. Did you initially try to submit your confirmation code when it wasn't being accepted? Maybe they gave people slack because of that.
  15. It says on the website that I came in 32nd and in the e-mail it says 28th. The website ranking is probably the ranking you actually came in but, the e-mail ranking is the ranking you received based on the total points where you submitted a confirmation code. It says I scored 3612 points in total
  16. yippi, i got 1200 wiipoints, too!

    my ranking:

    Tournament #1 Summary:
    Period: December 1, 2008 January 31, 2009
    Your Final Rank: 38 of 500

    (europe region or such - i am from germany)
  17. m:)

    m:) Unregistered

    3230 and my 85th turned to 80
  18. That is weird o.o

    Tournament #1 Summary:
    Period: December 1, 2008 January 31, 2009
    Your Final Rank: 11 of 500


    If I had gotten it in on time, I would have had 3827 points, so I guess they did count my Shadow score?
  19. That's ridiculous, but at least you didn't get ripped off for missing the deadline on the silly confirmation codes. It seems to suggest they never needed to have the confirmation codes in the first place if they knew how many points you earned in shadow anyway.

    I'm still wondering if the reason the Endless ON Co-op mode only went to 100 lines is because they meant to limit the winners to top 100 and limited the lines to 100 by mistake.
  20. Yeah I'm happy I guess =x This whole tournament has been a mess.

    Endless ON scared me when I first saw it... an endless competition would turn into an endurance test, since I'm sure there are a few pairs out there that could last indefinitely, even if they cranked it up to 20G.

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