Tournament: Tetris Splash Tournament (Xbox 360)

Thread in 'Competition' started by a1r gear, 10 Apr 2010.

  1. Yeah, I sent a message to kawl1 and accepted his friend request, but I haven't seen him online yet. Kevin said he hasn't been able to get in contact with his opponent either, if I recall correctly.
  2. I'll talk to your opponent and kevinddr's opponent. If they don't respond before sunday, then i'll let you guys advance.
  3. Yeah, I also messaged Boingloing on HardDrop and got no response.
  4. yo kevin, boing was online today. did he message you?
  5. Kawl and I should be playing this weekend.
  6. I just beat DeadBug360 10-0.
  7. well now it's kevinddr vs colourthief in the 2nd round
  8. Welp, I hope Kawl is on later today. :<
  9. edo, it seems ginomap will be online today
  10. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    ok, I just played my first round match against GinoMap, and for anyone interested, I got beaten 10-2. I also had an audience of a1r gear, vaialofa and miss stress to witness my humiliation... and they captured it all on video :'(

    Anyways, a1r gear, seeing as you saw the whole match, have you got any tips you can give to help me suck less?
  11. Well, you seem to be miss dropping a lot. You could take advantage of your miss drops by setting it up for a t-spin or a combo. Also if you're playing a player that averages 40+ lpm, it's best to stack low during your games. You seem to stack mid-high before sending it to your opponent. Be observant of where your opponent's grid is currently at. There was 1 round where gino was at the top for about 15 seconds. If you see your opponent is at the top, it's best to go all out and do a 3-4 line combo added with a tetris or t-spin. The best tip, though, is to keep playing and practicing.
  12. No sign of Kawl. :<
  13. his last day to appear is monday. If he doesn't, you advance
  14. Ugh, I'm studying Monday. I have two finals Tuesday. It is going to be a pain in the ass if he doesn't show up today.
  15. fsy49, you're playing brass junkie

    kitaru, when is your last day of finals?
  16. I'm free at last. I'm probably playing kast98 tomorrow. I've seen him online a lot looking at, but I was mad tired on Wednesday since I had been studying all night, and I was out at the arcade all day today.
  17. 10 Kitaru - Kast98 0
  18. To colourthief and KevinDDR, what time are you guys playing your match today?
  19. We're playing it about now.
  20. I just beat KevinDDR 10-2, then lost to a1r gear 10-6.

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