Tournament: Tetris Splash Tournament (Xbox 360)

Thread in 'Competition' started by a1r gear, 10 Apr 2010.

  1. To KevinDDR, klee310eh (your next opponent) sent a message to you on xbl. What day will you be free to play?
  2. So yeah I got shut out by Blink yesterday, as expected. :p There was one close game during warm ups and one close match during the real deal, but I was unable to steal a win from beastly Blink this time around. :)
  3. slow pace in matches this week.

    A1R GEAR beats Vaialofa 10-8
  4. Slow indeed. I'm still waiting on 2 matches to be played before I even know my next opponent.
  5. Sorry Colour. I'm trying to speed the matches as fast as possible by sending out messages to the players that are need of completing their matches.

    FSY49, your 1 month subscription will end at June 18 i believe unless you subscribed to another month.

    TXPyroAce defeats xxnecroxx 10-3
  6. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    I've been in touch with savage dingo, and hopefully we'll be playing our match this weekend. If I win, I'll get to play Kitaru!! yay!

    I really ought to give you a massive thanks once again for giving me that free 1 month code; I'm having great fun on live, and I'll definitely have to stop being such a cheapass and pay myself for another month or two.
  7. KevinDDR, you have until Wednesday to play your match. I've given you more than a week to let you schedule and play your match with your opponent. She's been waiting quite a while to play your match
  8. To Edo and Kitaru, you guys decided what day you're going to play your matches?

    To Colourthief, Try to play x YungSilk x ASAP. thanks

    some updates:

    Sozemane over TXPyroAce 10-8

    xxnecroxx over DeadBug369 10-8

    x YungSilk x over SubcultureENT 10-4

    I've also extended the 4th round winner's bracket deadline to June 21.
    Same Goes to the participants in the Loser's Bracket.
  9. I'm going home tomorrow, where an Xbox and TV await. :) So, if not then, the day after that.
  10. Kitaru 10-6 Edo
    Good games! Trading matches throughout. We'll have to play again some time soon. :)
  11. kitaru, your next opponent is: EcHo x M3sSiAh
    I think he's online at the moment, so you could send him a friend request right now if you like.

    Well played Edo! I hope you had fun playing in this tournament.
  12. Hey guys, sounds like you guys are having fun. Wish I didn't have to drop out of it. Hopefully next time.....
  13. Kitaru 10-8 EcHo x M3sSiAh

    Very good games! Intense matches all-around.
  14. Sozemane defeats A1R GEAR 10-2

    PassNotJ defeats Klee310eh 10-8

    PassNotJ defeats Revenger J 11-9
  15. Vaialofa 10-1 Kitaru

    ggs :)
  16. colour_thief 10-1 MEMNOCHNYC

    Good games, we had one last almost 6 minutes.
  17. colour_thief 10-8 Big Mac

    Really intense games! Macdonald's was actually in the lead for all of his 8 points, and then I managed to barely edge him to 10.
  18. What the hell happened to this? D:
  19. Yeah I'd really like to know as well!

    All I know is I left on vacation for one week and come back to find my opponent hasn't even friend requested me... So I then friended him, but then got no messages or anything... And I messaged air gear asking what was up with his tourney and got no response...... :(

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