Tournament: Tetris: The Seattle Grandmasters [Friday 7/17 @ 6pm]

Thread in 'Competition' started by KevinDDR, 26 Jan 2009.

  1. So this is the last Seattle thread.

    Tetris: The Seattle Grandmasters
    July 17th, 2009 @ 6pm

    presented by Masterman Vending, Acme Bowl, Hard Drop, Tetris Concept, and Kevin Birrell not Henk Rogers or TTC

    Acme Bowl
    100 Andover Park West
    Tukwila, WA 98188

    Entry Fee: $10 for both tournaments combined.

    This tournament will run on two games:


    - Versus mode double-elimination bracket.
    - Master? Easy? Shirase? (TBA) seeding.
    Prizes: $100 + 100% of entry fees returned to players in prizes! Other potential prizes include gifts from our sponsor, Masterman Vending. They are arcade industry veterans with 30+ years of experience, so I'm sure something interesting will be dug up for a prize. Past examples have included arcade game marquees, rare posters, and even a a god damn Racing Force cabinet.


    - 2 player Versus double-elimination bracket.
    Seeding will be carried over from the TGM tournament, as the entry is combined into both. By entering one tournament, you have agreed to enter the other as well.
    Prizes: $50 + 100% of entry fees returned to players in prizes!
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  2. Oh man. I'd go if I could.
    Would Ti be played using ARS or SRS? I'd love to see more versus mode videos make it onto youtube.
  3. Muf


    Versus mode allows each player to choose their rotation system.
  4. Oooh, I would soooo much participate... if there wasn't an ocean between me and Seattle.

    How about submitting this announcement into some major gaming site/blog like Kotaku, Joystiq & co ? With a pitch like "Hey, you too can play like that crazy OMG JAPANESE INVISIBLE TETRIS, right here in Seattle".
  5. Ah...great idea! I would do that if I was more confident in my tournament hype building skills; I think I'll write something up tonight, run it by #arika and TC and then submit to all the blogs. We'll see if it actually gets publicized.
  6. If you can fix that problem then I'd be there as well.

    Problem is that it's about 500 to Vancouver from Manchester, and if I were to go to Seattle directly it'd be 900 and I might as well just buy Ti myself.

    EDIT: Though it'd appear it's only 450 from Liverpool for a return. Which seems possible if it's not a horribly inconvenient time for me.
  7. The tournament can be anywhere from March to even as late as June/early July. If anyone from out of the country wants to come (Rosti, PetitPrince, Amnesia, Muf, Meroigo, I'm looking at you guys! Others too), give me a date and barring major complications I'll try to set the tournament for that time period.
  8. In fact, I just uploaded a Vs. video from last night's meeting:
  9. Buuuuuuuuuump!

    Tetris: The Seattle Grandmasters

    Mid to late July.

    TAP, TGM3, TGM1.

    Waits the zealot...
  10. I wanna go to this [​IMG]

    I have family that lives in Seattle... maybe I should convince my family to pay a little visit [​IMG]
  11. Seeing as I'm not going to AX or Comic-Con, I might check this out. That is, if I get a job so I can pay for hotel, plane, etc.
  12. Got my plane ticket.
  13. Kevin's gf here, probably attending.
  14. Actually, *I* got the plane tickets. We'll both be there!
  15. Very very cool!

    Anyway the event is confirmed now. Here you go!
  16. bump!

    Looking forward to it...I'm practicing my Tetris DS. :)
  17. So! I'm in Seattle tomorrow!

    Hopefully it's more lively in person than this thread would suggest. :p
  18. Ai


    Have a good trip and have fun all of you!

    Make sure to destroy all ARS records on the Ti! ^^
  19. Okay! Tetris: The Seattle Grandmasters is OVER!

    Here is us standing next to the (dead?) Ti machine.


    From left to right: Colour_thief, Merpy, Myndzi, Kevin Birrell, Ezzelin, Mat, TWF.
  20. CT's eyes are red like EVIL DEMONS... maybe that's how he got his skills, he sold his soul to the devil :p

    Also, thanks myndzi for keeping us up to date with the livecam, that was great :D!

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