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  1. Is this talking in the scope of just Tetris Zone, or all subsequent games?
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    The standardization of the "weight" of tetrominoes is probably for the same reason that The Tennis Company specifies an official size and mass for a tennis ball.
  3. i agree. tetris games should follow a standard. but i urge this one issue not only because i want to play faster and want others to play faster too, but because players with weak ethics also want to play faster (in which case i don't want them to play faster). and through the use of macros, they will be able to play much faster than everyone else. macros are frowned upon or banned in a lot of competitive games, but there's one easy way to make sure no one uses them in this game, and that's to allow fast horizontal speed-- where macros become useless.

    edit: i think sega age's horizontal speed looks very good. ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KphL8NXAvp0 ). sega's QA can't be any less tough than bps.
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    we're up to 120 video links in the list of videos [​IMG] awesome job everybody.
  5. what about those dtet vids?
  6. Those NETA ones (or whatever they are called) are inhuman. I assume they're some sort of algorithm or something.
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  9. I used to have a music video of a different Hip Hop tetris-related song. I wish I still had it... The chorus went "something something dropping lines like a tetris". Lines being a double entre for their l33t rapping skillz.
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    Is it a natural reflex of TDS player?

    Or have you developed a special ability to perform such a lot of T-Spin??

    ("such a lot of"... [​IMG] That seems wrong in english..)
  11. um, i don't remember. i could probably find it if i sat down and tried. i know i ripped it off of radioblogclub.com. definitely a french artist.

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    I'd say yes, it's a reflex a TDS player acquires. You really have to see a 4p match among high 7k and 8k players to see how the slow gameplay of TDS can be turned into something frantic and fast paced.

  13. ("so many T-Spins" might have been the phrase you wanted)

    After a while, it sort of does become natural to set them up. That was an example of a game where I used a lot. It's the only reason we picked it really, because the speed was far from excellent.

    Most of the complicated setups have to be learned. You need to at least know the structure. With t-spin doubles, which is all I really use most of the time, it's simply spotting them.

    When you play Tetris enough, you get to see how the pieces fit together to stack neatly. T-spins just require a slightly different way of looking at it. After a bit of practice, spotting how to place the pieces to set up t-spin doubles becomes second nature.

    It is with me anyway.
  14. This conformation right ?


    But how do you spot a potential T-Spin triple ?

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    http://www.tetrisconcept.com/wiki/index ... in_methods
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    this is my personal favorite method for making t-spin triples (actually it's easier if you set it up away from the center). it gives you a little flexibility in the setup depending on what pieces you get in what order, though you might have to use your first L or J to make room for S or Z on the sides. there isn't a diagram exactly like this in the wiki but there should be somewhere. maybe i'll add it soon. i learned it from watching Triple Lei's and TKI's videos.

    edit: go to 4:20 in this video [​IMG] was that intentional?

  17. That's the most common, but there's slightly more than that. Mostly using L's and J's when there's a block missing either side.

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    Rosti's referring to the situations where the overhang is already set up. I really should get to adding them onto the TSD Setups page.

    http://www.tetrisconcept.com/wiki/index ... %29_Setups

    The individual setup is missing from the TST Setups page but I'm sure we can add that in quickly.

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