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  1. tetris on a "Chip & PIN (EMV) terminal":


    well. and you were thinking your pin numbers are save? tetrominoes will be fighting back for all your smashing them to the floor with hard drops, soon....
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  3. Are you that desperate to get your video watched? [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] yeah, i only put about a million tags on it that had nothing to do with tetris [​IMG]
  5. I dislike Tetris Zone videos. I've never played the game, and that probably accounts for most of this, but I really just can't find them impressive because of the total lack of speed. Even the best videos seem incredibly slow, and I just can't watch them and be astounded by the skill, which I can be by LJ or TGM videos.
  6. I don't think the music helps. It just feels so... uninspiring...
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    [​IMG] sorry but you sound like 90% of the people that comment on TGM videos at youtube. no i'm not comparing tetris zone to TGM, not by a long shot. but yes, you have to play the game. i thought the same thing about NES tetris videos until i played it for myself.
  8. I have played the game on the other hand, and, um, Bah.
  9. Yeah, I've tried the game once at a friends house, found it desperatly slow.

    Like, yesterday, I gave tetris plus a go. Reached 999 999 on the first try lol
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    well then someone come on and get 600,000 in tetris zone master mode [​IMG] the DAS is slow but you'll have to make back-to-back-to-back-to..etc. tetrises with fast lock delay in the last few levels.

    to be honest, if anyone doesn't like the game i don't know why they would watch my video for more than a second. but i suppose i could have indicated it was tetris zone in my original post.

    anyway, for the record no one should be ashamed to post a tetris video here [​IMG] especially if they're #2 in the world, for whatever reason(s) (people don't like the game, no one has heard of it, no one likes that mode, whatever). i didn't really expect any response to it.
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  12. I love the way the japanese superplay vids are presented ! nice music, lot of explanations with slow motion and so on.
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  14. The Tetrix (A parody of a shot from " The Matrix ", time bullet in the subway. Characters are totally "squared")

    especially cool: the green screen tetris visuals in the first few seconds

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    cool the 3rd edition in the series [​IMG] i'm still playing from time to time.

    how do you get a 30 minute video on youtube? and how large was the file?

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