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    You need to have a Director account to post those long videos.

    Nice video TL. I always enjoy watching "replays" hehe. It's funny how he started stacking higher when you beated him in that first game. Reminds me of what I do when I lose. [​IMG]
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    The score is good and high because combos are easier to get in 5-wide, and a GM on any game is an achievement, but overall, the video isn't as crazy as I expected. There doesn't seem to be a lot of DAS charging. And why do the tetrominoes come out half a block over(!)?

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    DASing can be dangerous in big mode with only one preview. You can't afford to make a wrong placement. But the player didn't DAS at obvious times and also rotated the wrong way in some instances, so I guess I agree with you that the video wasn't as crazy as I expected.

    I'm also guessing that the spawning position is meant to give the player a helping hand, kind of like a hold piece. Can't have that T get stuck in the center with such a low ceiling.
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    i'm only questioning the I piece placement at 5:18 game time. can't expect someone to be perfect though [​IMG] ...or maybe that was the best spot, it just seemed awkward.
  8. Big mode, played well, does require some very counter-intuitive placements. I recommend people who haven't already to give it a try, it's actually surprisingly different from regular Tetris play.
  9. I think it's related to the fact that they move sidewys half a block per step, meaning that using DAS and wallkicks is a must.
  10. the behavior was fixed in TAP btw, so that big pieces move horizontally in 2-cell increments.
  11. I don't understand why it's the player 2 that seems to be always winning lol
  12. In the event of a time out, the furthest level wins. In the event of a tie, the defending player wins. By random coincidence, "player 2" was defending for the 2 failures (time outs). For the other 2 videos, the "player" who reaches level 100 first wins. In fact for the final video this was "player 1". [​IMG] It's possible to clear lines together for a draw, but my timing was slightly off.
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    that's awesome ct [​IMG][​IMG] can't wait to see you play doubles mode by yourself. i've tried it in tetris unlimited but that was much easier for sure. i was able to reach level 9 though (starting on level 1), if anyone wants to challenge that [​IMG]
  14. K


    yosh !! you asked me if i had seen your video, yeah !

    very cool ! at first i though it was simply identical keyboard control layout in both player on mame !

    Arghh can it be possible to play and complete a real double mode like this ?!? [​IMG]

  15. Yeah, I actually controlled the joystick and buttons from my Astro City to do it. [​IMG] I wish I had a means of recording my hands as I play... Would make for a much more entertaining video.

    Did anyone catch how in the first 2 games, the geometry of the 2 screens diverged and then converged again? That's my favorite part. [​IMG] That and the fact that all my mistakes in Death Mode were made by both hands at the same time. [​IMG]
  16. Thanks, I hadn't seen that in a while. That's actually more or less exactly how I position my hands to work the controls... I was questioning my technique after reading about the one-handed Death player that pinched the shaft of the joystick with the base of his thumb and index finger. Unlike VTF-INO though, I don't have the option of lifting my hand from the stick to hit the middle button when I have to use DAS+IRS. That's especially tricky with the left hand, but I can do it. [​IMG]


    High quality video for those interested:


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