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Thread in 'Discussion' started by jujube, 28 Mar 2007.

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    Let me just say that, due to your posting that link, I have to hate you now. You may have just gotten me back on a shmup kick...time to go play Touhou 10, then some Dodonpachi, some Progear, some Fever SOS, and...damn you.

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    whew nice videos. we've been playing 4p matches (maybe not as impressive as those) over at blockstats. come on over everybody and bring your DS.

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  5. I just tried it and it's hard... got 55.55 after a few attempts...
  6. Yesterday's TDS 4P session.

    You'll need to download divx's plugin to watch it online though. Or you can download and play it with your regular video player.
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    I've been trying this too, although sometimes i forget myself and go for a tetris.

    A 20x9 block is 45 pieces. 45 pieces in 18.6 seconds is ~145 tpm, with slow DAS, sideways speed and frame animation delays, plus a SZ start and a few minor hesitations! It's a very impressive video.

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    That was a very fun match. I can't believe I was playing so wrecklessly though, T-spinning when I shouldn't. It made for some pretty crazy situations. [​IMG]

    The last match was so close. It was unbelievable that I got out but misdropped and died. Could have made a huge comeback with all those BtBs. [​IMG][​IMG]
  9. jujube

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    DIGITAL makes me look like a noob [​IMG]
  10. Here's a really amazing video of a MasterM run in Ti, completed in 5:07:something.. and if that wasn't enough, the player is playing really aggressively towards the end of the invisible roll, locking manually and everything. o_O

  11. tepples

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    That video pwns all.

    But 5:07 and still not Gm. Has anybody ever made a bravo during the [invisible]-roll?

    EDIT: clarified
  12. I assume you mean the invisible roll, as opposed to the "5 seconds" roll or the big mode roll.

    Big mode I've seen. Happens in the official video, I think. Not seen it in the other 2. That would be fucking insane, though...
  13. K


    WTF ??!?

    ??????????? ???

    ???? ????? ?? ??

    ? ? ???(?)? ? ? ?

    ??/?? ????(?)?/

    ? /?? ? ??__? / ?

    ??????_?_? ??

    |????? ? ? ?? ? ?

    |????????| ?? ????

    it never came to mind that somebody would be able to do such aggressive manual lock during invisible staff roll !?! definitly insane ...
  14. who is that "tetristgm" ??? how can one ever survive in invisible mode that long ???? i cant imagine. must be some sort of "he can see the matrix"... completely incredible. if this is not fake, than this person is half a machine. sort of a kim-puter...

    do you know him? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kim_Peek

    (no offends, just pure respekt!)[/img]
  15. jujube

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    this is my favorite quote from that article:

    "In listening to recordings he can distinguish which instruments play which part and is adept at guessing the composers of new music by comparing the music to the many thousands of music samples in his memory."


    i wonder if after watching several hundred tetris players he could watch a new video from one of those players and guess who was playing.
  16. I have browsed around a few of the best TGM3 player's website and seen their stuff. They are all very good players. But there are only two that can match this speed shown in the video... And they can match it, and do even faster.... below 5 min! So it is not fake.

    Why they can perform such aggressive play in instant invisible roll may be because of the red I piece and how it can be roteted. In TAP, you can't do that many tetrises.

    One more thing, cheating in TGM3 is not possible.
  17. What about some sort of modified Colin Fahey AI system? Complex, but not impossible
  18. jujube

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  19. K


    It is good that the top rank don't have the same name on both game. It could require the same skill level. But priceless to be rewarded on original.

    I agree it is not impossible, for somebody who want to demonstrate "something". I don't know if we can call this a cheat btw...

    If we really want to know the result of an "ultimate perfect play" then we can do it by statistic calculation. Finally the only thing this machine would reveal is Gm rank reward requierment (if it exist of course).

    but it don't like the idea of a machine demonstration running on a program (game) designed for humain reflex limit capabilities. It would simply kill the magic. So i prefer discover it from a human...

    Of course a good way to know the unknow rules that demotivates top players, but a video demonstration should never be released to large public.
  20. yeah, it would kill the magic, but don't say you wouldn't watch it!

    btw, while we're on kim peek, last night i watched a really interesting google videoized documentary about Daniel Tammet. he can do stuff like recite pi accurately 22500 digits, learn a new language in a week, quickly solve incredible math calculations, etc. but what i found most interesting was the short segment where they visit a japanese abacus school where teachers train children of four years old, and by adolescence, they can solve incredible calculations amazingly fast with an "imaginary" abacus.

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