Records: Tetris with CARDCAPTOR SAKURA!!

Thread in 'Competition' started by Edo, 6 Jan 2009.

  1. None of the first row has changed, but here's all my scores now:

    TOTAL TIME : 03:57:65
    FIERY STAGE (??????????) : 00:02:06
    SWORD STAGE (???????) : 00:05:70
    JUMP STAGE (????????) : 00:03:91
    FLY STAGE (???????) : 00:06:68
    MIRROR STAGE (???????) : 00:12:81
    WINDY STAGE (?????????) : 00:10:40
    FLOWER STAGE (????????) : 00:05:12
    ERASE STAGE (????????) : 00:11:54
    EARTHY STAGE (????????) : 00:53:63
    SHADOW STAGE (????????) : 00:10:59
    MAZE STAGE (???????) : 00:05:12
    ILLUSION STAGE (???????????) : 00:07:82
    WOOD STAGE (???????) : 00:09:22
    THUNDER STAGE (????????) : 00:04:54
    GROW STAGE (???????) : 00:12:47
    SHIELD STAGE (????????) : 00:05:46
    WATERY STAGE (?????????) : 00:10:20
    ERIOL STAGE (????????) : 01:00:38
  2. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    It's okay guys, no need to worry, I know how to spell "fiery". The game uses at least 2 different misspellings of the word: Ai has already pointed out one; the other, which is the one I went with, is shown on the card when you complete the stage itself.

    Here are my latest times, all from today:

    TOTAL TIME : 03:37:63
    FIRERY STAGE (??????????) : 00:01:96
    SWORD STAGE (???????) : 00:05:59
    JUMP STAGE (????????) : 00:03:62
    FLY STAGE (???????) : 00:06:58
    MIRROR STAGE (???????) : 00:11:99
    WINDY STAGE (?????????) : 00:09:98
    FLOWER STAGE (????????) : 00:04:99
    ERASE STAGE (????????) : 00:09:74
    EARTHY STAGE (????????) : 00:51:50
    SHADOW STAGE (????????) : 00:08:78
    MAZE STAGE (???????) : 00:04:97
    ILLUSION STAGE (???????????) : 00:07:69
    WOOD STAGE (???????) : 00:07:68
    THUNDER STAGE (????????) : 00:04:25
    GLOW STAGE (???????) : 00:11:95
    SHIELD STAGE (????????) : 00:05:24
    WATERY STAGE (?????????) : 00:09:15
    ERIOL STAGE (????????) : 00:51:79
  3. Ai


    I couldn't read it from the card after completing the stage, that's why I looked in the gallery. And it seems in the anime/manga it's also FIREY.

    So this is what happens when the experts get serious. Very impressive! I'll do my best and try to stay within a minute of the leader, but at this point even that seems close to impossible.

    I have a hard time unlocking the extras in the graphic gallery. I'm missing the last 3 images of the first gallery, a few spirits in the second one and I don't have anything in the next 2. Any idea how I can unlock them? Thanks in advance! ^^
  4. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    Everything in Gallery 1 is obtained by playing Story mode. The final 3 images are game over screens, you have to let the 20 minute time limit expire within 1) the first 8 stages, 2) the next 8 stages, 3) the last 2 stages.

    Everything in Gallery 2 except 14, 21, 23, 24, 26, 32, 33; is also obtained by playing Story mode.

    From Gallery 3, graphics 23-28 are obtained by playing Story mode.

    Everything in Gallery 4, plus the rest from Galleries 2 and 3, is obtained by playing vs. the CPU.
  5. Well done Edo! You've really raised the bar there. [​IMG] I keep wanting to discuss starts and whatnot with you but you're never on IRC. Have you looked into mamacon? I'm really confused as to the point of 2 controllers for single player time attack.

    Also I just thought you should know that your avatar dances really well to the stage select theme. [​IMG]

    FIERY STAGE (??????????) : 00:01:99
    SWORD STAGE (???????) : 00:05:59
  6. Ai


    Thanks for the information edo. I will try to unlock everything tomorrow!

    Oh and I'm looking forward to the fierce battle between you 2. ^^

    From what I understand from the explanation they give in the settings menu this is an option they say will give parents (hence mamaCon) the ability to help out their little child that isn't familiar with the game. I haven't tried it yet though.
  7. JUMP STAGE (????????) : 00:03:83

    Seriously Edo, is there something I'm not getting? I think I'm outclassed here. In stages where I'm pretty sure we both have functionally equivalent optimal seeds, I put serious effort in and can't approach your times. Is my technique that far behind or are you producing 20G on demand with mamacon or something? I like to think my timing is pretty good, so I can only be losing time between sonic drop and locking.
  8. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    No need for mamacon - the game accepts 8-way input, so you can slide the pieces about whilst holding up, forcing a pseudo 20G.

    Ai, you'll probably find this interesting:
    This page in particular gives details for how to unlock all the artwork in the gallery.
    I was going to give the link the other day, but for some reason the page wasn't loading. If you have similar problems getting the page to load, try again later; it seems to be an intermittent thing.

    Another page:

    The strategies on these pages aren't particularly ground-breaking, and most likely you will have already devised similar strategies of your own, but still, they're worth a read.
  9. Ai


    Thank you very much edo!!! Very useful links, especially the one with detailed information on how to exactly unlock everything in the game. I have unlocked a little more earlier today and with this information I will have no problems getting the rest this weekend. ^^ I'll also look into the strategies suggested to see if I can improve a little more. Next objective is to get under 04:30.

    It seems the person from the site managed to complete normal mode in 03:20:74. ... _time.html

    So you 2 know what to do! Most times are pretty close to the top times on our leaderboard. The big difference is created in the 2 longer stages. Getting under 3 minutes looks very unlikely.
  10. FIERY STAGE (??????????) : 00:01:85
    SWORD STAGE (???????) : 00:05:25
    JUMP STAGE (????????) : 00:03:60

    Now that I know how to play with fake 20G things are much less depressing for me. I think I can actually provide competition now! [​IMG] In fact we must be approaching the absolute limit on the simpler stages... It would be interesting to have a TAS'ed point of reference.

    By the way I've been using entirely my own strategies so far, though I expect (especially on the simpler stages) everyone is doing approximately the same thing. But while we're on the topic of strategies, I thought I'd remind people of Arika's official video:

    I remember it being quite impressive years ago when I first saw it, but I don't want to watch it now until I've fully devised good strategies for every stage. If someone watches it and has time to kill, I would appreciate knowing the times it got as a point of reference.
  11. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    TOTAL TIME : 02:56:93
    FIERERYER STAGE (??????????) : 00:01:69
    SWORD STAGE (???????) : 00:05:37
    JUMP STAGE (????????) : 00:03:64
    FLY STAGE (???????) : 00:05:60
    MIRROR STAGE (???????) : 00:09:96
    WINDY STAGE (?????????) : 00:09:79
    FLOWER STAGE (????????) : 00:04:41
    ERASE STAGE (????????) : 00:08:51
    EARTHY STAGE (????????) : 00:36:43
    SHADOW STAGE (????????) : 00:07:97
    MAZE STAGE (???????) : 00:04:64
    ILLUSION STAGE (???????????) : 00:06:97
    WOOD STAGE (???????) : 00:07:32
    THUNDER STAGE (????????) : 00:03:67
    GROW STAGE (???????) : 00:08:99
    SHIELD STAGE (????????) : 00:04:42
    WATERY STAGE (?????????) : 00:07:20
    ERIOL STAGE (????????) : 00:40:35
  12. Ai


    That video is insane! Sub 3minutes!!! Thanks for sharing.

    So to get fake 20G I just need to keep holding up for sonic drop? This and the video will be very helpful to improve my times. It would have been great if one could select the tetromino sequence to use to clear a stage. ^^

    So far we had FIRERY, FIERY and FIREY and the one you used has all three incorporated to play safe I presume? [​IMG]
  13. Thanks jujube! There's definitely something going on in the video I'm not getting if FEIRERBY can be completed in 1.69 seconds. Also whoa, I can't believe I beat two of those times.
  14. TOTAL TIME : 03:52:69
    WINDY STAGE (?????????) : 00:08:93
    FLOWER STAGE (????????) : 00:04:95
    MAZE STAGE (???????) : 00:04:63
    THUNDER STAGE (????????) : 00:03:69
    SHIELD STAGE (????????) : 00:04:35

    A few new scores from me. No patience for seed farming today, so I just polished levels where I know I have a competitive seed. My windy stage time is actually quite a bit faster than the Arika video.
  15. Zaphod77

    Zaphod77 Resident Misinformer

    Seed farming is the key for the first level.

    The hole on the right is obviously filled with a single i, the hole on the left is obviously filled with a single J, and the player in the video got I,T,J.
  16. Zaphod, if you play more you'll realise it's the "key" to every level. This game is equal parts puzzle, randomizer farming, and technical execution. Even once you've got the right pieces in the first stage, the perfect strategy is not trivially obvious or else I wouldn't have had to work for my 1:99. Even now that I know what do do speed is for now eluding me...

    TOTAL TIME : 03:37:20
    FIERY STAGE (??????????) : 00:01:80
    ERASE STAGE (????????) : 00:10:95
    EARTHY STAGE (????????) : 00:48:79
    WOOD STAGE (???????) : 00:08:83
    WATERY STAGE (?????????) : 00:08:62
    ERIOL STAGE (????????) : 00:52:44

    I've still been too lazy to farm better seeds. Mostly I just tried to trim the fatter times today. It's enough to bring me back into first overall by a small margin. [​IMG]
  17. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake


    I am not really motivated to push for time attacking on keyboard..Here is my 3 first one.

    EDIT : #4 #5 #6 :

  18. Ai


    I didn't even know about the new leaderboard format until now. And it seems like we have a new overall leader! ^^

    @ Amnesia:

    Okay now I really believe that you suck royally when you play with keyboard! Those are all terrible times!!!

    00:09:43 for the first stage? Clearly you are doing something wrong. Even if you use firm drop you should get a time faster than that. And don't forget you can change the piece sequence if the tetrominoes you currently get aren't optimal for the situation.


    I see the guide I put togheter a few months ago isn't available anymore. I'll upload it again later today. It may be useful if you want to know more about the menu options.

    EDIT 2:

    Thanks edo! I have a slightly updated version with a better presentation which I'll upload later. Also corrected a few mistakes.

    Would someone be nice enough to explain to me how I can easily get fake 20G. I tried all sort of things in the first stage, but I'm unable to get under 00:02:50.
  19. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    I actually uploaded it for Amnesia a couple nights ago, here's the link for anyone else that wants to grab it:
    EDIT: link is redundant; grab Ai's latest version instead (3 posts down, or check the 1st post in the thread).
  20. It's been a while since I played, but I think all you have to do is map up to a button. I seem to recall it working slightly better with mamacon turned on and mapping the stick to player 2 so that you can lock while holding down the 20G button (player 1's up mapped to a button).

    That's only really needed if you play with a 4-way stick, or possibly even keyboard. If you're playing on a pad, the game has 8-way controls so you don't have to do anything fancy. Just hold up as you press left or right and when you lock you'll let go of up automatically.

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