"Tetris Worlds" for PC: Anomalies and Hacks

Thread in 'Research & Development' started by Rich Nagel, 12 Jan 2008.

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    Found a little typo contained in the "BlkColor.ini" (see the "BlkColor.ini" section in my first message in this thread). The stock "BlkColor.ini" file contains an error with one of the RGB values. Under the "[OCEANWORLD]" section, search for the following:


    and change to:


    Heh, no such thing as an RGB value of "83 57 1157" <G>.
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    Since no one has mentioned it on your Tetris site: I added an Easter Egg to GBA Tetris Worlds. If you go to the Marathon menu and click Left-Shoulder and Select at the same time, you'll get a "Popular" mode.

    The "Popular" mode was my best attempt at doing an original-Game Boy Tetris game. It actually doesn't use the Tetris Worlds engine; originally I was going to code it from scratch, but then it became clear that the design was a moving target, so I decided to use the C++ code written for the simulator/mode editor on the GBA directly. It ran like a charm, but the new "Classic Tetris" mode didn't behave the way I thought Tetris should, so I left mine in as an Easter Egg.

    Enjoy. -- Tim
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    Rad, thanks a bunch! I think I recall seeing that info somewhere around the web a long time ago, but you're right -- we should catalogue that on the wiki article for Worlds somewhere. Thanks coming to the site to share it! :)

    Any other things you'd be willing to share about the development process for Worlds GBA?
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    Due to a quirk, IRS is (sort of) possible in that classic mode. In the normal Tetris world modes holding a rotate button will continue to rotate a piece instead of rotating once and not again until button release. But in classic, this doesn't work.

    However, holding a rotate button during line clear delay will have the piece rotate once when it comes out, presumably due to the same behavior that halts the multiple rotating of the other modes. (It doesn't work across pieces, though).

    Useless info, just thought I'd share.

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