TetrisParty T1 Round 2 Field Climber Tips and Tricks

Thread in 'Strategy' started by jjdb210, 15 Dec 2008.

  1. che_lives

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    lol.. i havent been able to finish.. meh.. ill start practicing more three days before the deadline.. i really dont like this game.. and to think that third tournaments going to be from lv11-20.. sht!
  2. There is no level 11-20 for Field Climber: you're joking, right? OMG, imagine trying to play this game if you had to do it with a full screen of start-up garbage and play it in 20G without crushing your climber. I think the shadow mode in the 3rd tournament is what's going to stump a lot of people, because it's one of the most advanced ones.
  3. Sigh people are too good at this mode -_- (wow chris 4:xx is sick). My goal for this tournament was to place top 10 overall lol. Doesn't look like that's gonna happen, seeing as I'm terrible at Shadow mode too.
  4. Yeah, I don't think I'm going to make top 10 either, because speed is not my strong point and these last 3 rounds are all speed. At least we placed well in the one round of the tournament that was actual Tetris though.
  5. che_lives

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    oh ok.. thats a relief.. i saw that in the third tournament the T race is advanced, the shadow one is like a lv20.. so i figured that they were making all the other modes hard as well.. so the climer and the marathon arent going to change? or is it marathon endless?
  6. It's still endless off for Marathon in the 3rd tourny, so the first two rounds should be identical.
  7. m:)

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    it's still a long way from 500 people finishing this round, 223 have finished so far.
    I'm feeling safe with my 10'30" i don't like this round enough to keep at it.
  8. Woo! 5'07"xx! If "Ginomap" (#2 on the leaderboards) posts here, I'm coming for you. [​IMG]

    I'm starting to see how sub-4 minute times are possible. Once you really get good at "popping" the climber upwards, everything seems easier. Even the garbage on the later stages doesn't seem so bad, because you realize that not all of it really has to be cleared; usually you can skip much of it through skillful popping.
  9. che_lives

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    ----wants to send his wii to billmaan.. so hell finish the mode for him.. =)
  10. durga2112

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    Whoa, does it ever! I just tried it myself, and while I wouldn't say that I'm "really good" at it yet, I managed to cut my time down by about 2 minutes - from somewhere in the 9:40's to 7:41. Awesome. [​IMG]
  11. Haha I admire you guys for your patience in this. I played today and I think I've just about had it with this -_- I was under 5 after clearing level 8 and then ran into the most vicious lvl 9 I had ever seen, so I'm just gonna call it quits for this round I think. Good luck to the rest of you [​IMG]
  12. Jeff

    Jeff Unregistered

    A few general tips I've found:

    If you're aiming for just good times, aim roughly for 2 minutes by stage 5. If you can clear stage 5 with 2:20 or less, you should be in good position for the rest of the stages for a good time.

    Lines are good for popping the climber upwards, but tricky because the guy wanders around on it.
    All the other pieces are very good for having the climber 'jump' up one.
    Try to burn/store/waste the cubes, they're generally very useless, haven't found a good use for them yet.

    as for squishing the climber: the way it works is if you're dropping a block on him, he will move to one of the 8 adjacent squares around him...if there's no space around to move to, game over. So keep that in mind when you're dropping blocks ON the climber.

    One more thing, the climber always climbs for higher points first, flags second. So if there's a hill he can climb, he'll make a beeline for it. Heck, he'll even climb up FIRST, realize there's a flag to fetch below him, then climb DOWN to get it before going back up. Big time burner there.

    ...I don't think I'll be beating my 4 minute time, but if one of you rustle up the leaderboards, I might give it a shot [​IMG] I just want top 500 for prizes tho.
  13. What about stuff like this? You won't necessarily get two O pieces in close proximity, but this shows their potential usage.
  14. You can do this, but it may not be your best choice. If you want to pop him upwards, you need to drop the O just before the climber starts to climb. If you drop the O after he starts to climb, then he'll finish climbing, then turn around and climb up the O. This is inefficient -- in the time it takes him to climb the first piece, you should be able to discard the O and find something else you can use to pop him upwards once he stops climbing (in fact, in the situations you've linked, any other piece will suffice). In practice, he'll usually start climbing something immediately after a pop, which means you wouldn't have a chance to pop him with an O.

    edit: for example, given the pieces in that link, here's what I would have done.
    - Wait for him to reach the apex of the T. While he's doing this, get rid of the O.
    - Drop the S directly on top of the T. He'll pop up onto the lower end, and start climbing up.
    - Once he reaches the top of the S, drop the Z on his head. As before he'll pop up, then start climbing.
    - While he's climbing the Z, discard the O. etc.
    He'll reach the same height as with the staircase strategy, but spends only about half as much time climbing.
  15. Easy way to deal with this if you're ever in this situation is to block the climber asap with a wall so that he heads back towards the flag. As soon as he hits it, use the item and keep building.
  16. Jeff

    Jeff Unregistered

    Even if you think you'll do better in the future rounds (shadow and piece racer), remember that others are thinking the same thing. Even if field climber isn't your best, at least try to get a >100 rank. As a rule: If you score better than rank 125 on each round, there is no way you can be shut out of prizes. At the rate this leaderboard is filling up, sub 6 minutes is probably good enough.

    Couple more things regarding getting lines while on him: If you get a line on the climber, that line does NOT count as something crushing the climber. So if you have a J/L piece and it's going to go right ON the climber, count the # of lines you're going to get!
    If you're getting 0-1 lines, he's a goner.
    If you're getting 2-3 lines, he's in the clear, keep going!

    Same thing applies to S/Z pieces, but with one less line:
    If you're getting 0 lines and you're dropping it on him, he's toast.
    If you're getting 1-2 lines and you're dropping it on him, he's still ok.

    As for the last two pieces...

    If you're dropping a LINE on him, follow the following:

    If you're dropping a line on him and you're clearing 0-2 lines, he's toast.
    If you're dropping a line on him and you're clearing 3-4 lines, he's ok.

    If you're dropping a cube:
    If you drop it and don't get a line, he's done.
    If you get at least one line, he'll be ok.

    By the WAY: The above ONLY applies to vertical dropping of the pieces, AND if the climber has ABSOLUTELY no where else to go. If the climber will have a space next to him (that means any space around him, there's 8 possible spots), he will ALWAYS be ok, and not crushed.

    PPS: BILL! NICE TIME O_O Think you can best it again? [​IMG]
  17. Sure, but not by much, and I'm not really sure I want to try. [​IMG]
  18. Nice times, guys! One of you should try to go sub 4 for the bragging rights: you're so close. I might try a little more to go sub 6, but this game is kind of a drag to play, and I don't think top 500 is going to be a problem because it looks like most people have given up on even completing this round.

    The thing you should add is it depends on which lines you clear. For instance if you clear rows 1&2 or 3&4 with an I on top of your climber he's dead, but if you clear 2&3 (and I think 1&3 or 2&4?), your climber can pop up through the space created during the delay for the line clears and then pop up through the last row. Same thing if you clear the middle row of 3 rows with a J/L. I find dropping an S/Z on its tail is safe if the climber is under the higher side of the piece, because then he pops diagonally through it by going one square up and one square sideways (you have to be absolutely sure he's finished climbing up when you do it though) so that way the 2 squares on top of him don't crush him.
  19. Chuck

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    I don't know if this is helpful to anyone but I have been keeping track of my fastest times for each level. Here they are:

    Lvl1: 12.04
    Lvl2: 26
    Lvl3: 44
    Lvl4: 1:04
    Lvl5: 1:25
    Lvl6: 1:50
    Lvl7: 2:59
    Lvl8: 3:34
    Lvl9: 4:35
    Lvl10: 5:19

    Keep in mind those times from levels 1-9 aren't from the same game I played that I got a 5:19 on Level 10, but were the fastest times I've gotten through those levels regardless of my times on other levels.
  20. So far my best on level 1 was 11:72, but everything else I start diverging from you by a few seconds per level. Guess I'll try to give this one more shot to go under 6 minutes today . . . assuming the wi-fi is working again.

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