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Thread in 'Competition' started by rednefed, 16 Jan 2009.

  1. Ai


    Thanks for the input. Faster play isn't the only reason for wanting to learn to play with the C button. Play also looks smoother and cooler when using C. I'll incorporate it in my play when I work on my finesse later this year. I hope I can keep my word this time.

    I'll participate! You go ahead, I'll join you when I've obtained the m grade in TAP Master mode. ^^


    Texmaster Novice Mode 600064 ^^

    I broke the 600000 barrier without the need for an all clear. Around 620000 was possible in this game.

    For those struggling with combos, there's an easier way for high scores if you can complete the mode fast while clearing tetrises. There's no need for need for a CO medal and it can be done with a time above 3 minutes. Even scores above 500000 can be achieved. Here are some examples:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Quite high scores can be achieved if you see opportunities to combo. Try to clear a double or triple (or longer combo) before or after a tetris if you get the chance! I'll see if I can upload a video later.


    I'll upload my current save file during the week. ^^
  2. COL


  3. Ai


    The Texmaster2009.sav file is enough to watch the replays. The other files you included aren't really necessary. Anyway, amazing save file! At first I was like, nice short list of great games. Until I noticed this evening that the games in the save file were performed in about a week. It felt like a truck hitting me. Completely puts me to shame. ^^'

    I still use the same save file from years ago. Most replays in my save file are from playing Novice. I kept all games with a score above 500000 (more than 150 games). ^^
  4. COL


    Thanks Ai although to be honest I had spare time and I played A LOT. After 20 days without any tgm I really needed it ;). My previous tex files vanished (twice :() in hard drive crashes. I can't wait to have that sub 10!! Reasonable target times should be 5:10 for the first half and 4:50 for the second.
  5. COL




    After a couple weeks of failure/ragequitting this happened. Fuck yeah!!!!

    EDIT: replay is in the save file below. I'm currently using ubuntu and haven't figured out (yet) how to make an avi out of it (just wait :p)
  6. Ai


    Great play! That was really beautiful from start to finish. I'm not even sure which is more impressive, the sub 500 play or completing the 20G section in 04:44:96. And so many more impressive Normal games. Congratulations, you deserve every bit of it!!

    I'll try to get you a video tomorrow if you're interested. ^^
  7. COL



    Normal in 9:49:40
  8. Very good! Congrats for this milestone to have been broken again :)

    Do you have the replay?
  9. COL


  10. Very interesting. Thanks a bunch!
  11. First off: belated congratulations on your sub10, COL! The video was quite inspiring. :)

    I finally decided to give this game mode some love the past few days while at the same time beating my old rival clincher (by three tenths :p). Your move, mano B)


    Given the rather poor second half and me level-stopping myself pretty badly, I think sub10:30 is well within reach, so that'll probably be my next update.
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  12. COL


    thank you!
  13. As promised: sub10:30 B)

  14. Nice! Knew you would do it ;)

    And it looks like you can still definitely shave some time off! Any further plans in mind?
  15. Yeah, the second half wasn't too great, I'm sure I could get it below 5 minutes and maybe shave off about 5 seconds from the first half.

    According to your recent thread your current record is 10:16:68 and not 10:19:28 like it says on the leaderboard. That's my next goal :p
    (Also, do you have a replay/video of that run?)
  16. Oh yeah! Crap I forgot.

    That's an old video now that I look at it, I definitely wanted to show only sub 10 but then my hard drive crashed so I strived to be more technical.

    In any case, it looks way cooler than what I thought for something in 10:16:xx... And I can't believe I did not break the record since <_<

    Anyhow, here it is !

     4  Qlex            Gm     999     [URL=""]10:16:68[/URL]     Level stop indicated.
    And I approve of that goal, I think you can def reach it =)

    EDIT : Oh well

     4  Qlex            Gm     999     [URL=""]10:12:78[/URL]     Level stop indicated.
    It's been made just now. You can see how brainless I got, especially being inspired by Morimoto's play. Hopefully I should come to my senses and learn how to stack proprely at some point ^^'
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  17. Thanks for the videos, but the first link is wrong, it shows a 10:23:40 game :p
    It was still an interesting game, though! And it got me wondering: Do you ever restart games or do you always play them out? Personally, if I got a first section >= 1:15:00 like you did in that first video, that's a reset.
  18. COL


    Good job to both of you! And keep an eye on that guy Morimito. I think it is OK to copy him (if you can...)
  19. Arh, got quite a number of videos I didn't upload I guess, now I don't know what to make of all these >_>

    Uploading the good one, though it's not extremely technical like the 10:12 :

    Haha, you didn't forget did you? We had a discussion about it when I was getting to M, and yes I'm a huge fan of playing all the games until the end. Well the most basic arguments I would have about the whole thing is "there's always good and bad it doesn't matter what order, so it's bound to get better if I play it till the end" and "I think my level is really bad more than anything because I lack consistency, I get consistent by playing long games so I just play all the games like they're my last".

    And for that instance it's more of the last argument : I terribly suck at pre 20G. Like, I really do (which is partly why I was questionning Texmaster since I never got sub 1:05 for the first section when I might have gotten it on arcade machine). Not only that, but I have to do that for roughly 3 sections. That's a challenge that's almost impossible but in that case I value life above anything else (cuz I would be dying 95% of the time before the second section), so I just try and get there, and see what times I got and what went wrong.


    Oh and "the masters". You have to survive to get coupons from The Pier21 game center, I mean there's money on the line!

    Thank you! I agree, this guy is the sh*t, I would like to play like him though I think that's gonna be the ultimate challenge lol
  20. Thanks again for the video.

    I actually kinda did forget that. :oops: I think I might actually try your approach for a while and see if I can improve my consistency a bit, because those are good points and it's probably a less frustrating way to play, too.

    Also, since you finish all your games: have you ever calculated your average in TGM1 (or any other mode), over say 10 games?

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