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  1. Special Ti:


  2. Agreed. If I can survive long enough to get three consecutive section COOLs without using hold, Amnesia (or "TAP Master #3") can most definitely get through the whole game with all section cools and a high internal grade using hold.

    Also, keep in mind that only section COOLs matter in regards to your grade. Tetris COOLs and Special COOLs are just for show.
  3. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Stop..Give me a break.. [​IMG]
    I was sure to have understood...

    Section COOLs give you 10 grads..Intern jauge gives you 8-10 grad ?

    Tetris COOLs give you 10, and the staff roll gives you the last until Gm..

    Everything is wrong in my mind !??

    So I don't need to do 3, 6, 4, 4, 4,... tetris during the game ??

    Please try to definitely make me understand with one post because I will become crazy !! [​IMG]

    Example : Yesterday I watched and analysed my rank m5 on

    Heboris 20G G4..

    And I thought :"RRhhaa..I did only one tetris on the first section.."

    So if I had performed 3 instead 1, I would not forcely have been m6 ? [​IMG]
  4. On Ti and Texmaster, there are three grade modifiers.

    1. The Internal Grade Points will get you up to 17 grades, which is enough to go from 9-S9. It's almost exactly the same as in TAP.

    2. The section COOLs will get you up to 9 grades, because one isn't given out in 900-999. This is the only COOL that will advance your grade. This, combined with the grade points, will get you up to 26 grades, which is enough to get you from 9-m9.

    3. The staff roll will further boost your grade based on your performance and based on whether it's disappearing or invisible. This will get you from Master to Grandmaster.

    That's it. Heboris G4 is totally different, because it was created before anyone knew anything about Ti's grading system.

    So basically, if you can get the M-roll in TAP, you have a very good chance of getting m9 and the invisible staff roll in Ti and Texmaster.
  5. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake



    Just a remind :

    jago is TAP M, and TI m8

    c_t is TAP M, and TI m7

    I am TAP M, and...m2 ? [​IMG] or m4 if you prefer..

    And trust me we are serious!! [​IMG]
  6. K


    i really enjoy texmaster for TAP :

    Special (Beta1) : S9 in 8:31:~~

    Sudden (Beta1) : 723

    Special Ti (Beta2) : M2 in 7:12:38

    Sudden Ti (Beta2) : ---

    musics are great ! thanks Report !
  7. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    I guess no max speed curve for this m2 jago.. [​IMG]
    I am septic..And bored, sometime I perform a super begining with almost only tetris and good section time, and the speed doen't increase at 400..

    And other game with a poor number of tetris and some accident, I get it..

    I really don't understand..

    Jago if you have some notices to add about the differences between texmaster special ti and TI Master, it should be very usefull..

    mushroom, it is your last word :

    Tetris COOL

    A "Tetris COOL" appears when the player has made Tetrises in excess of a certain number of times. The required number is 3 times for 0-99, 6 times in 100-199, and 4 times for all subsequent sections. Tetrises that span across sections are not counted for the previous section or the new section. This means that for a Tetris to count towards a Tetris COOL, the player would need to make the move by level *93.

    A Tetris COOL can be triggered twice in the 0-99 section if the player makes 6 Tetrises, double the number required to get it once. In other sections it is practically impossible to make double the number of required Tetrises.

    [edit] Section COOL

    A "Section COOL" appears at around, but not exactly on, level *80 when the player has reached level *70 within a specific time. It may appear right before a piece spawn, or along with a line clear.

    It is strongly suspected that the player's grade is incremented by 1 when he triggers a section COOL, and then enters the next section. The grade increment occurs not when the COOL is triggered, but upon the section change following it. As an exception, a section COOL does not appear in the 900-999 section.

    When I compare the 2 games of Kotetsu (m1) and edo (m5), I stay very septic and I am sure that some conditions are still unknow.. [​IMG]
    I will begin to seriously work on it..I will do some simple test..

    Curiously, Bou increased his DRS rank on Heboris since I told him how to have the tetris cool..I also got my m2 on texmaster in following at my best the tetris conditions..
  8. Keep in mind that a tetris advances your level by 6 in Ti, so if you're going for a tetris COOL and you're playing fairly fast, then you're naturally going to get the section COOL as well.

    Also, the lock delay indicator at the bottom of the screen will turn blue around *80 or so if you get a section COOL. In all cases, the speed curve skipped a section whenever I succeeded.

    One more thing: In Ti, the grade increment takes effect on a section COOL only if you complete the section. In Texmaster, the grade increment is immediate (so when the lock delay indicator turns blue, your grade should instantly go up by one).

    edit: Okay, another more thing:

  9. S9 - 999 @ 8:50:21

    Today on a random game of Special Ti. I only actually went on it by accident instead of Sudden Ti.
  10. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Edo -------------- M5   903  05:50:31 
    Jago ------------- M2   999  07:12:38 
    Amnesia ---------- M2   999  07:24:90 
    Kotetsu ---------- M1   999  06:39:10 
    I am sure I will be boring with this notice, but if texmaster is so close to the real TI,

    why should jago keep this M2 instead of his current best M8 ?

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    The speed timings are very accurate. The grade system may still be way off.
  12. The "master_extra.c" plugin for Hebomini seems to be a far more accurate approximation of Ti, upon a couple of games on my mom's Windows-based laptop and a quick perusal of the source. Unfortunately, I lack the skills required to shoehorn it into the C++ version of HeboUE so I can play it on my Linux PC, and it doesn't help that gamestart.cpp is a huge mess to begin with. Not that Texmaster is a bad game (it's a great game), but Heboris's customization makes for a more pleasant experience.
  13. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Sorry I understand anything about the working of this add on..I use Heboris C7..Is it a problem ? When I install the hebo0020 in my heboris main folder, there is no changing during the game.. [​IMG]
    Please !! what I have to do ??
  14. You have to get the original, non-U.E. Heboris and unzip hebomini on top of it. Then use the plugins program to select "plugins_extra\master_extra.c". Then run HEBORIS.EXE.
  15. I broke 400 (just) on Ti Sudden at school today. Screenshot tomorrow.


    Scrap that. Just got 420 @ 2:22:25

    Video uploading.

    EDIT2: Uploaded
  16. K


    yeah i suppose.

    In Ti, once i reach 800+ i'm pretty sure to always get a m+ rank.

    witch mean, amnesia your m2 probably worth more on the Ti original game [​IMG]
  17. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    100 0:58:56 4 Tetrises
    200 0:49:75 6
    300 0:51:18 4
    400 0:51:88 4
    500 0:50:58 3
    600 0:41:66 3
    700 0:35:53 3
    800 0:34:51 1
    900 0:36:78 1
    999 0:34:43 0
    Staff roll completed
    rank : m2
    I hope jago..I hope, because it is strange..

    I wait to perform a game with the high speed curve to really see which rank I deserve..Currently I am not enough comfortable with the 500+ of special ti..the 500+ of heboris #G4 is a bit is less roughened.
  18. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    First satisfacting attempt on sudden ti :

    I am still a bit far from the torikan..If I had been in the middle, that would have been something like 500 @ 2:40.. [​IMG]
    Kotetsu you can be quiet for a long moment..
  19. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    kotetsu ---------- 542 2:26:46

  20. kx5



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