Records: [Texmaster] Special & Sudden

Thread in 'Competition' started by orz, 14 May 2008.

  1. COL


    is this real?
    Congrats man!
  2. DeHackEd

    DeHackEd green Gm

    Yes it's real.

    There's also a surprise if you click the screen shot iteslf.
  3. Holy shit, congrats! :D
  4. DeHackEd

    DeHackEd green Gm

    Fixed the AVI cutting off prematurely.
  5. Congratulations, and thank you for sharing the video with us! =)
  6. new record with too much stress


    Well done DHE!
  7. Well, that's it.

    I DID IT!
  8. COL


    I can't believe you're already able to perform things like that. which came first? death or master?
    How long have you been practicing invisible roll?
  9. Oh wow, both of the GMs? Congratulations! :D Enjoy your days of infinite happiness!
  10. Damn, congratulations on beating the invisible roll, must be a relief since you were so painfully close before.

    Also, congrats on the second Sudden GM and the time improvement by 7 centiseconds :D
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  11. Thanks to you guys, wouldn't have tried this hard it without you =)

    Death came several days before (also have one other video pending), but I got Master GM today. I had been practicing invisible for quite a while, I would play 1 or 2 hours per day for a week, then I would stop. I started a very little bit when I got invisible in TGM3 (so I guess I would say at least 8 9 months ago), then 3 months ago it got more serious, I would try that really often.
  12. This is very likely a dumb question, but where/how did you get the original TGM music onto Texmaster? I used to have instructions and links but it seems like the ones I used are all dead...

    Apologies for cluttering up the thread.
  13. I already told you on Youtube, but this deserves another congrats my friend, really amazing Qlex, congrats ;)

    He uses my customized Texmaster version ;)
    Send me a PM if you're interested ;)
  14. K


    WOW ! congratulation Qlex and Dehacked !!!

    Glad to see more and more player completing the Master M-Roll ! proving it's not esoteric or impossible :)
  15. DeHackEd

    DeHackEd green Gm

    No. No, it is esoteric and impossible.
  16. You love him, don't you? :p
  17. Good stuff! I'm starting to really like your style, there are a lot of inspiring ideas. Keep this up!
  18. Thanks! Actually my style is a bit awkward. Instead of doing overhangs I prefer to create holes which I can fix later or replace a hole with another one closer to the wall. Which (in theory) is not the optimal strategy of course...
  19. COL


    Your style is very surprising. Your normal mode videos show you are in fact able to stack cleanly and make lots of tetrises, but in sudden you choose to play quite differently. of course 500 speed force the player to adjust his strategy but in your case it is a totally different approach. And it is efficient so why change ;)

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