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Thread in 'Competition' started by orz, 14 May 2008.

  1. Special - S8 and I failed the game at 938...
  2. Too bad man, but don't worry : it's normal to have problems with this speed gap ;)

    You're improving a lot man! Congrats!
  3. Ahah thanks, I did my first 999 on TGM2+ (played on Mame) monday, I don't have vid, but I'm going to beat my records !
  4. COL


    sudden: 999 in 06:07:90
    special: M in 8:35:51.

    See the link below for replays. During the whole week-end I've spent maybe 1 or 2 hours outside my house lol.
  5. Could you possibly link to each relevant screenshot and video in the ranking itself, for the sake of convenience in verifying each entry?
  6. Found another inaccuracy in Texmaster. Met all requirements, but didn't get an M. :rolleyes: (It probably doesn't take the average of the first half, but instead checks whether section 6 - section 5 <= 2 seconds.)

  7. Yeah, that seems the most probable, which is a shame because of how gorgeous your first half looked. Do you have a video, if I may ask?
  8. Thanks a bunch, always a pleasure to look up those games!
  9. [​IMG]

    This is getting ridiculous. First I get a S9 when I deserved an M in Special, now I get an M when I deserved a Gm in Sudden. :facepalm:
    Since this would have been my second Sudden Gm, I'm not actually bothered that much, but what's sad is that this would have beaten Qlex's 6:26:28 Gm and I would love to be ahead of Qlex on a leaderboard again for once. :p
    So I guess the question is: is this cool to go on the leaderboard as a Gm?

    Anyway, here's the video.
    It was an amazingly solid run; I entered 500 with a clean stack and never got in any serious danger throughout the whole game. I actually started getting the TGM shakes at about 800, because everything was going so super smoothly. Also got gold SK, which is nice. B)

    In other words: I'm prepared for the carnival!
  10. Woah congrats man !

    But the video is private I can't see it :'(
  11. Oops, my bad. It's public now.
  12. Yes, of course! The wiki explicitly gives the behavior for what you have done under these conditions, it's pretty clear you HAVE beaten my record.

    ... Would have? Don't worry, it's not like I forgot to post one of my records!


    I'm so sorry. I should have posted everything =(

    Sudden, and Special as well

    Qlex ------------ 999    06:17:28    (video)
    Qlex ------------  GM    999   08:32:23   (video)
    Yes, that video is truly impressive. I have to say I definitely lack the ability to make this many tetrises, which is surely why I am dissatisfied with my TGM1 plays. To do so many in such a fast mode leaves me puzzled. And yes, it's incredibly solid, I wish I could play like this =)

    That's good to read! I think you're good for that GM during that time period. Keep up the good work, and run to death!
  13. COL


    You guys seems motivated for the next week.
    I'd like to understand how the M glitch actually works because I get it more and more often.
    Of course your performances are legit as Gm's
  14. Thanks guys!

    @Qlex: Dude, you're killing me with your unposted records, I honestly thought I could close the gap on you :( Thanks for uploading the games, though.
  15. 5:35:46
    Crazy run and a new record after 1 year. I had a few solid games these days which were ending near 800 so it was a matter of time. To be honest I didn't expect this particular game to be that fast when I completed it (I waited to see sth like 5:45). There were parts of the game where I didn't lock but not losing time at 99s is also crucial.
  16. Very nice billtsar! That was a pretty solid run!

    As for me, here is this :


    Eventually got that milestone I never thought I could achieve one or two years ago, but I got there so yeah. I don't know what I'll do next, I am thinking there will be blank after my master GM on arcade, but there's quite a bunch of stuff to do here ^^'

    Video is there
  17. I suppose you exclude the 400-500 section... :)

    Very quick 0-300, 6' seems possible!
    And of course the tetris goals never end no matter what level you have reached.
  18. Very nice job, Qlex. I hope you can perform something similar on the real deal. That's not to diminish your accomplishment at all; I know you want it on TAP too though! :p 8:16 is a crazy fast time, really a great job. :)

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