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Thread in 'Competition' started by orz, 14 May 2008.

  1. Thanks a bunch!

    I now got eventually better at keyboard again... I guess I'll have to get that supergun, arcade stick and get practising for real at home... I hope I can be fit for Eindhoven!

    I really should have that arcade machine ready... For god's sake...

    5:55:78... Just wat.

    Wow... GM in 8:14:61... I dont even. I guess I am much stronger on keyboard than on stick now... I just need to be tetrising more and actually get back home to try my hand on my PCB more often in order to get dat arcade GM done
  4. So, This is my first post for Texmaster. I think I might go back and try using MAME again...

  5. SoliDeoGloriaAA : Wuuuut, I just came in here it seems. I thought your run was nice! I don't know what your actual record on MAME is (the leaderboards is saying 9:15 or something), but I think it's pretty good still! Do you have technical/lag issues with the game?

    In any case, trying to squeeze some invisible+death practice so I can try GM in Japan one last time before going to my road trip of East Asia... Can't wait to finish all my homeworks!

    For some reason I actually managed to get at last a 32-line clear in invisible (hope I know how to count), that's nice. For some reason also, a Death 500 in 2:53:43 just popped, with 400-500 being sub 30 seconds. I did not expect that, now I guess I'm eventually being absolutely satisfied of a lot of my runs now. That supergun will not wait any longer when September comes by...
  6. It's always a touch strange because I play on my keyboard. I've actually never played with a joystick. It's possible that there is, but I don't notice any lag personally speaking.
  7. Alright! If you wish, you could post a video, I would watch it with pleasure. Even if you don't, consider pressing F8 before taking a screenshot so people can see your section times :)
  8. [​IMG]

    FINALLY!!! Sooooooo close to that damn GM
  9. Niiiiice man! I would actually be curious about a video, do you have one?
  10. Wow, congratulations! That's a huge achievement! :D
  11. Finally I can start using this thread after completing normal and advance

    Next goal Special. Still alot to work on:


    edit: ah image is a bit small and not worth to click on to dl: It's s4. next post will be when i hit S6
  12. Nice man! I do believe you will make nice progress on this mode. Keep stacking ;)
  13. Sorry for spamming, Just did S6, and i was still at the ground, then i messed up badly.

    weird section time development here ... :


    tnx for faith Qlex ;P
  14. [​IMG]

    Oh yea, I jus completed it for the first time, too bad it was just S8
  15. Lol, I just go have a bite and what do I see. How dare you goofer :D

    Good stuff!
  16. Yea, well Im reading the rules now to get better S9. M or GM, looks rather confusing. I do have a feeling GM won't be possible for me, so gotto figure out how to get M ...


    So basically I can't get s9 if i do the 999 levels in more than 8.45 ?
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  17. You can't get M if you do slower than 8:45, S9 works like another grade, and it's similarly as hard to do S8->S9 as S7->S8 or S6->S7! But if you fulfill a lot of crazy conditions (including total time < 8:45), you might get M!

    Here are the requirements :)
  18. Hmm, here is my record of an S5. S5 sucks ofcourse but I do have the feeling my technique improves slightly there.
    maybe u can analyse if ur bored ;p

    I do play with one hand, I think thats a big handicap for these games, especially when locking the piece and in combination of higher gravity, maybe I should try play with a stick
  19. Nice, you've done it! Sorry, not a lot of time for commentary, but I swear I'll get to it when I have time

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