Records: [Texmaster] Special & Sudden

Thread in 'Competition' started by orz, 14 May 2008.

  1. No worries, we arent in a rush, you can add me on skype if u want > goofer19
    I know u had better things to do ;)
  2. Very nice, what is your config and when are you stopping to lock the piece ?
  3. I lock all the way, especially in the last section I try to throw the pieces as fast as I can to finish it earlier.

    X,C for rotation, arrows for left-right and lock
  4. Aren't we all? Congratulations, that is shocking indeed :D
  5. Thanks Qlex! I just played Special again after 2.5 years and got this. Hard task to survive the invisible roll, of course the 24'' don't represent my level.

  6. COL


    Congrats Billtsar!
    Your sudden/death abilitues are totally insane!
  7. Well, if you want to get GM on Special as well, I think you know what to do next ;)
  8. cleared 5-6 lines B)

  9. [​IMG]

    Played very safe in order to get S9 out of the way. I might try to improve the time later. Now I gotta tackle Special Ti and get an m9+ there I guess :/
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  10. [​IMG]

    Played on last year's carnival's account out of laziness, I got this today. Not a new time record, but a tetris record. The ultimate goal is 30 or more, but 28 is pretty decent as well.
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  11. Pulled a Qlex Forgot to post this one from three weeks ago:


    Wasn't man-locking after 500, but had a very fast 500 break. I also got 25 tetrises and cracked 200k points, which is neat.

    Note: I found out that for some weird reason records can get transfered if you're playing on multiple accounts. I haven't figured out the exact reason yet, but in the process I managed to wipe all the records :rolleyes:. So best not to use more than one account.
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  12. You pulled... a... I dunno wat ur talking about î_î

    Good job! I can't believe you're making tetrises this consistently. Having 25 is really good! Do you have a video?
  13. [​IMG]

    I like how 999 GMs are listed above 999 "M"s even though the time is slower.
    Anyway, here's a video of the 6:14:68 GM.
  14. COL


    I hadn't seen it. That's quite impressive Steadshot!
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  15. Yes, seconded! It's really quite a thing that you can manage to keep your stack this clean in such a quick situation as this one... You should try and give Morimoto a challenge :D
  16. I'm trying, but getting over 50 tetrises still seems crazy to me. o_O I'll probably have to take a good luck at my stacking again and try to get rid of more skimming.
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  17. COL


    sudden: 999 @ 05:52:66
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  18. Nice! Can you upload a video/your save file?
  19. COL


    I've updated my signature.
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