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Thread in 'Competition' started by orz, 14 May 2008.

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    timc ------------- 485 03:26:71
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    4th place [​IMG] (nevermind how many are on the board, not important).
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    Special (first and only try tonight).

    S9 Orange @ 10:16:75. My previous bests were S2's in the 650-700 range, and I just came off a Gm run in TGM1 so I felt pretty good this time around.
    Now to do it in TAP with the MAME input lag... I got pretty close with the S7 shot there (quite close to SB), and I know I'm an S9 player, just gotta play fast and go for tetrises.
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    timc ------------- 500 03:31:xx
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    My New Special Record:
    S9 in 9:29:48 (999) and survived the invisible credit roll. (Custom sounds & graphics)
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    Sudden 222 @ 2:25:20

    I'm last place [​IMG]
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    My first time ever reaching 500 in Death/Sudden mode!!

    please update my Sudden mode record. Level 500 in 3:39:93

    Here is the video:
    not sure if that will be viewable unless you have a facebook account.
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    Attention Mods: May I request ownership of the topic so I may update the records? This owner hasn't updated in who knows how long. Maybe it was never even updated.
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    Re: [Texmaster] Special & Sudden

    Digital took the control of this one.

    Because he is a moderator..Him....
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    Sudden: 435 @ 3:20:98 on the newest Texmaster.

    Someday I will reach 500... 300 is doable but the speedup at 400 still gets me on step reset.

    [EDIT] Improvement in Special

    Played for speed rather than grade, I'm sub-10! [​IMG]
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    519 @ 3:24:xx

  13. DeHackEd

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    Credit roll passed.

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    Here's my initial entry. I chose not to lock from 300-500 to properly prepare for the switch to non-locking finesse.

    Amnesia, you have been usurped by a player that lacks beautiful technique. [​IMG]
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    You may only post a record if your next piece was a Z.
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    ccccccccc-ccombo breaker!!!! (sorry)

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    Re: [Texmaster] Special & Sudden



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    Last section broke the 2 second rule.
  19. Amnesia

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    Re: [Texmaster] Special & Sudden

    OOOAAAHHHH !!!! [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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    Guys the last section has no Cool in Ti. The 2 second rule does not apply.
    Instead look at section 400-500, where he very much didn't earn the Cool.

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