Records: [Texmaster] Sudden Ti - 1200-1300 Time Attack

Thread in 'Competition' started by Amnesia, 8 Mar 2008.


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    I could and then misdrop to die a few seconds later. [​IMG]

    Or I could just not lock, but play as though I was manual locking from 600-1000 to finish more often. The lock delay seems to kick in just as I get a piece to a certain location so I don't have to lock or worry about mis-timing rotations.
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    That looked impossible to play at this speed 6 months ago, now, even if I am still looking for some speed upgrading, SHIRASE 1200 just looks insane, but doable.

    saves file :
  3. Amnesia

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    A toi Rosti... [​IMG]

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