Records: [Texmaster] Sudden Ti - Torikan Time Attack

Thread in 'Competition' started by DIGITAL, 21 Feb 2009.


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    Name              Time     000-100  100-200  200-300  300-400  400-500
    DIGITAL -------- 1:57:73    25:61    23:95    21:31    25:85    21:00
    Amnesia -------- 2:14:16    24:93    29:91    25:85    28:08    25:38
    nahucirujano --- 2:20:91    31:06    27:56    27:88    23:35    31:05
    rednefed ------- 2:21:96    29:11    29:30    28:01    27:51    28:01
    KevinDDR ------- 2:27:81    30:15    29:43    28:61    30:71    28:90
    Hey, we have a 000-300, why not take it a step further? My reasons for creating this leaderboard:

    1. It seems quite a few people are able to reach 500 now so perhaps this leaderboard won't be dead on the first day.
    2. For those who have reached 500, but have not broken the torikan, this might serve as encouragement and as a progress meter.
    3. For those who have broken the torikan, this might serve as encouragement to improve on the lower sections.
    4. The addition of the 300-500 sections will test endurance. 5 sections are harder to perform fluke performances on than 3, especially because of the drop in delays.
    5. 300-500 will also test transition ability. If you're not fast enough, you may have to switch to a slower non-locking style. If you're fast enough, you will need to improve your ability to lock successfully.
    6. I needed a place to keep track of my torikan records. [​IMG]
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  2. Do we really need a 6th Sudden Ti leaderboard? These stats are interesting and all but I don't think it's stuff people aim to compete in directly.

    I'm not even exagerating, there's really 6. Amnesia and I group all the one handed stuff in one thread. Maybe a similar model could work for this?

    lol actually there's 7

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    I find creating a new topic generates a fresher appearance and more potential interest. The separate topic distinguishes the purpose of the challenge and makes it clear who I am appealing to. Also, Instead of making a small announcement in the 000-300 thread where the post is more than likely to be missed/ignored or seem underwhelming, creating a topic puts the challenge in the middle of attention. Lastly, I did not want to intrude on the 000-300 thread. I did not feel like passively debating whether this challenge would be successful or not and so I have taken the initiative to create the thread myself. If there is not enough interest, this board will push itself out of the way.

    If this thread becomes more established in the future, a merge would likely be considered. In the meantime, this is an experiment in action.
  4. Since my t-t-t-t-t-torikan breaker run is naturally my fastest I'll just throw out the section times as a reasonable upper bound.
    rednefed - 2:26:28  32:46  29:60  28:53  28:13  27:55

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    Have you broken 500 since then, rednefed? You seem to be adjusting to Ti-ARS really well.
  6. No, I haven't. Been playing SRS randomly and doing other random stuff that you hear me say in IRC.
    And it's not like I played ACE-ARS2 exclusively [​IMG] Ever since joining the forums I've always played step reset alongside move reset ARS, the latter to build confidence at the limits of my playspeed. I think that's why I've been able to improve relatively quickly... either that or I spend too much time playing.
  7. I think a few of these could do with being grouped. I'd say 0-300 and 0-500 at least. It's not like the individual threads are overflowing with scores.

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    Ah, but it's not so much about the necessity of having a separate leaderboard due to overwhelming scores as it is about generating attention and interest. I feel that lumping an infant leaderboard like this together with another would devalue its purpose and not give it a chance to distinguish itself. Give this leaderboard time to mature and when it is appropriate, a merge could be arranged.
  9. Kevin Birrell had 2:27.81 at 500.
  10. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    2:14:16 for me..

    And yes, you will be upset after so many people pushing for a merge, but I am sure that merging only the 0-300 and 0-500 time-attacks in a same thread won't devaluate these 2 challenges..
    (I was even about to propose 0-300 ; 0-500 ; 1200-1300, but seeing that the first idae already makes you angry..I won't say anything else.. [​IMG]

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    Amnesia, can you post the screenshot of the 2:14:16? I have no idea when you did it so I can't add add the section times. And you Rosti, add your record too!

    Oh no, I'm not angry or anything. I'm willing to merge the threads in the future if this leaderboard works out after all. This challenge has not proven itself yet and I don't want to stick it into another thread where it'll likely be overshadowed. Since you are not opposed to adding a 000-500 into the 000-300 thread, then whether this leaderboard thrives or fails, it will probably end up there in the end. [​IMG]

    As for 1200-1300, it can get really arbitrary couldn't it? Why not 1000-1300, 500-1000, etc? I'm afraid it might get out of hand and then we'll end up with a thread full of these challenges, which could potentially be a huge turn off. It's very similar to the reason why I have removed certain rotation systems from the Hebo boards.
  12. Improvement.
    rednefed ------- 2:21:96  29:11  29:30  28:01  27:51  28:01

    DIGITAL Unregistered

    Awesome, you shaved off a couple of seconds! [​IMG]
  14. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake


    DIGITAL Unregistered

    Oh, I remember that game! You and your no hold style...hehehe
  16. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    2:12 yesterday with jago's Senin method.

    This thread is dead i think.
    Can I merge the sudden ti time attack now ? You are convinced that 3 little spread ladderboards are completly forgotten and lost ?

    So if DIGITAL accepts I can handle a compilation with the existing threads :


    A bit like the one handed thread.

    then once I got everything on 1 thread, the 3 remaining can be deleted..
    There was a long time I had not complained for the mess here.
    Now that caffeine has gone, can we think about the organiation in cleaning some "really" useless threads ?
  17. Ai


    Sounds good to me. I'll do it later if it's okay with everyone.

    About cleaning up the competition section, what exactly do you suggest we do? Posts in the Competition forum maintenance thread are always welcome. Still didn't finish the competition board index promised ages ago. ^^;
  18. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    I will do a fucking log work soon, I will make a list of EVERY threads in the competition segment.
    And trust me, I will make you admit that at least 20% of them can be deleted, because :

    -1 : they are doubled and still updated under a more organized form (Heboris and texmaster modes)
    -2 : they are useless or out of subject (no example but I will find some...)

    It is going to be long but I really want to do this, I don't know why.
  19. Hahaha I didn`t see this thread before...
    Well, after checking the few times that I broke the Torikan, this is the best record I have:

    Level 500 in 2:20:91
    31:06 - 27:56 - 27:88 - 23:35 - 31:05

    I got to practice more on the 0-100 Section...
  20. 02:05:26 still no hold

    Game lasted to 699, speed is all i have.....

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